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How states can constrain resort to political violence

Recognising there are political elements to any campaign of militant violence makes it less ‘terrifying’ for society and is crucial in developing measures to constrain it. 

Who is accountable for Gaza reconstruction?

The latest war in Gaza brought not only vast human suffering but devastation to its already pummelled built environment. Yet UN-sponsored reconstruction is proving agonisingly slow.

After the war: Jewish-Arab relations in Israel

The war in Gaza did not only wreak huge damage on the strip—it added to the polarisation of Israeli society too.

On structural violence in Palestine

The structural violence, economic inequalities, and pervasive injustice that characterise Palestinian society under occupation have created a crisis of the spirit.

The battle to preserve Bethlehem's cultural heritage

Open Bethlehem is a campaign to revive Bethlehem's legacy as a diverse, culturally rich, and entrepreneurial city, after decades of being suffocated by occupation.

A fresh look: towards an Israel-Palestine two-state solution

A two-state solution is still possible in Israel and Palestine, but it will take a more aggressive strategy - one that focuses on the religious-nationalist right on both sides, and on concrete steps towards nation-building in Palestine.

Ceasefires in which violations never cease: what’s next for Israel, Hamas, and Gaza?

For a century, the Zionist colonization of Palestine has proceeded primarily on the pragmatic principle of the quiet establishment of facts on the ground, which the world was to ultimately come to accept. It has been a highly successful policy.

The World Bank in the OPT

The World Bank’s relationship to occupied Palestine is an unusual one, and one that has not been particularly effective in terms of its stated goals. This is partly due to limitations of its mandate and of the ‘development for peace’ paradigm.

Palestinian refugees: homes in exile

In Palestinian refugee camps, the right of return now encompasses, and stands for, a wider universal demand for freedom, dignity and rights - including the right to go back or to stay, and to move across borders.

No 'normal' for Gaza

International attention is focused on Gaza thanks to the brutal Israeli offensive, but the real problem has always been daily life under occupation.

Film review: 'Omar' and the nature of colonialism

A review of Omar (2014), the most recent offering from the Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad, which portrays the reality of life under occupation.

In Israel, as in Gaza, human rights are the last line of protection

Plain and simple sadness is a natural human reaction to the killing in Gaza. But we are told such emotional reactions must be politically calibrated.

Palestinian unity should not become a victim of Israel’s war on Gaza

If one of the motives of Israel's war on Gaza was to crush the nascent Palestinian unity government, it may have failed. For the sake of whatever peace process is still possible, Palestinians need to stay the course.

Objectivity vs. neutrality on Gaza

The Palestine-Israel conflict poses a moral dilemma for journalists. But being objective does not necessarily mean being neutral, and being fair does not mean refraining from making a judgement.

International legal obligation to end trade with settlements

If the political will to bring about justice and peace is lacking, the answer lies in international law. Ending state trade with Israeli settlements is not an economic sanction, but a legal obligation.

Rays of hope in Gaza: 13 Israeli and Palestinian groups building peace

The safety and security that every Palestinian and Israeli child deserve can only come about if all children's rights are secured. Here are some of the people trying to make that happen.

Gaza: The Jewish Right and the Muslim Right

The war in Gaza has strengthened both the Muslim Right and the Jewish Right; while the results have been disastrous for the people of Gaza, they aren't good for the people of Israel either. Meredith Tax asks, what does this mean for the two state solution?

Reflections on the collective punishment of Gaza

The likelihood that 7000 homes in the Gaza Strip have been used as storage facilitates or military outposts is very slim. When you see the numbers out of Gaza, consider your own context. Look around at the houses in your neighbourhood and imagine the scale of destruction.

Memoir of a war survivor

A Palestinian tells of a life that is death before death in Gaza.

"Two peoples, one future"

An interview with Glyn Secker of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, on the history of JfJfP, his views on the ravaging conflict in Gaza and the international community's response, and the distinction between Zionism and Judaism. 

Raise the right to resistance

Debate around the Palestintian-Israeli conflict needs to be framed around whether Palestinians have a legitimate right to resistance.

Peace and the Israeli right

It is dangerous to argue that the peace process is dead, but it cannot be revived while the Israeli right is in power.

As Israel-Palestine descends into violence, what should Europe do?

The latest effort by the Israel-aligned US to renegotiate the asymmetric power relationships of the Middle East has inevitably failed, with brutal violence following; it is time, as an alternative, for the EU to generalise the rule-based constraint on Israeli action it has tentatively essayed.

Understanding Israel’s corrosive influence on western democracy

Western states' involvement with Israel has resulted in outcomes which go against the principles for which they supposedly stand, and against the wishes of voters. Israel's perpetual instability means this is unlikely to change any time soon.

By misdiagnosing Israel-Palestine, donor aid harms Palestinians

No amount of aid can bring about a just, positive, and lasting peace, until the fundamental injustices of occupation and dispossession are seen for what they are.

Israelis and Palestinians: time to acknowledge the other’s trauma

The US-sponsored peace negotiations on a two-state solution have failed, again, as they will always do until monopolistic narratives of victimhood are abandoned.

Harper’s discordant notes

Unlike the US, Canada has always had a positive reputation in the strife-tone Middle East as an impartial broker and peacemaker. Until now.

On the “legitimacy” of the colonization of the Palestinian territories

The commonly propagated support for Israeli settlement of the Palestinian territories is based on a selective use of the history of the region, as well as a problematic interpretation of international law and on the exploitation of a powerful feeling: fear.

False syllogisms, troublesome combinations and Primo Levi’s political positioning on Israel and Palestine

Twenty-five years after his death, Primo Levi's legacy has been the object of many debates and reinterpretations. Distinguishing his true words from those forcibly put into his mouth is a crucial step towards understanding the thought of a major witness of the horrors of the twentieth century.

In Memoriam Juliano Mer Khamis

Juliano was a man standing his ground with his arms wide open. openDemocracy salutes his memory.

Advocating the two state solution: the best bet?

We need to convince our governments and the EU to invest in a political strategy that reverses the destructive dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They need to understand that respect for international law is not a detail, but lies at the very heart of the conflict.

Time for inter-Palestinian reconciliation?

After the breakdown of the diplomatic process and the emergence of a youth movement, has the time for rapprochement between Fatah and Hamas come?

A Reluctant Zionist

Most articles about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict take a side. This piece is different. The future of Israelis and Palestinians is together.

Struggling with Gaza power

As darkness descends on more and more parts of Gaza, and temperatures soar, another kind of darkness is creating havoc with people’s equilibrium

Tunnels of Opportunity

Our correspondent in the Gaza Strip visits a car workshop that has just got going again
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