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En Liang Khong

En Liang Khong is openDemocracy’s assistant editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

New Turkey and the double failure of the non-European intellectual

When the west has monopolized everything signifying success, beauty, veracity, rationality, humanity, history – everything positive on this earth, what remains for those to become who feel wounded by the west?

An open letter on the attempted coup in Turkey

Open letter to: Ms Federica Mogherini, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President of the European Commission

To: Mr Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

July 18, 2016, Bourdieu and France

Where are Durkheim and Bourdieu when we need them?

My 350 on BREXIT: Last call for new leaders?

We could yet be thanking the UK for saving us by the alarm bell.

Very Turkish abduction from the seraglio and crocodile tears of the ‘West’

The international “friends of Turkey” bear a great deal of responsibility for Turkey’s predicament, a fact that the crocodile tears they shed today could not easily conceal.

Sur: against state violence in Turkey - an interview with former mayor Abdullah Demirbas

As a richly articulated living history, Sur shattered the stereotype of the Middle East as intellectually backwards and culturally empty. A call for international support.

My 350 on BREXIT: From an immigrant’s perspective

It‘s utterly heartbreaking for me to see my British friends, once having been patriotic and loving their country, now want to leave Britain.

My 350 on BREXIT: Calais and post-Brexit Britain

We are no longer an empire and yet the legacies of imperialism are present every-day.

A question of leadership

The ‘new politics’ Jeremy Corbyn proclaims must be an explicit agenda of institutional change, not simply a change of style at the dispatch box.

My 350 on BREXIT: Asking the wrong question

We need, like my daughter, to start rebelling against the monodimensional models of identity we are asked to conform to.

My 350 on BREXIT: Ode to Joy

Custom has divided humanity, but it is the magic of humanity which can unite it again.

My 350 on BREXIT: The duty of members of parliament according to Edmund Burke

Parliament has to undertake the work involved, especially if the matter is extremely complicated.

ISIS delenda est

The harsh Roman response to the Carthage problem is not adequate to address the threat of terrorist groups in this era.

My 350 on BREXIT: Take back control?

Global capitalism is more out of control than ever before.

My 350 on BREXIT: The will of the people in post-truth times

Negotiating with the EU may well prove much less challenging than negotiating with ourselves.

My 350 on BREXIT: Bremain hardly perfect

Reasons frequently given for opposing the outcome of the British referendum have not all been so reasonable.

Brexit: a dismantling moment

We have reached a turning point with an uncertain outcome, in which the British and European dimensions are two sides of the same coin.

When our watchdog becomes a bloodthirsty attackdog, be wary

Jeremy Corbyn has been variously described in the British press as unelectable, comic and highly dangerous. How should a healthy democracy respond to politicians pursuing a different kind of democracy?

Paris after Orlando: gay prisoners of racial prejudice

This erasure by journalists and politicians has highlighted the lasting homophobia of French society. It served also as a reminder of how fragile the tenuous progress made for gay rights is.

My 350 on BREXIT: European identity beginning

“Against all the odds, a European identity is emerging, even in Britain.”

My 350 on BREXIT: Not my country

The referendum was subverted into a push for ethnic cleansing. No-one stopped it and no-one will undo it now.. WHY?

My 350 on BREXIT: the state of the union

As narcissistic children of relativism and post-modernism, what else can we resort to but the faith in our own dreams, our own narratives?

Brexit, the Somme and football

Often it seems that the deep historical roots of people’s experiences of exclusion go unconsidered.

A European foundational assembly

In an important ongoing discussion on Can Europe make it? on what it would take to democratise Europe, one radical suggestion for a way to establish the necessary community.

My 350 on BREXIT: Electoral reform

"Not everybody has a say in how Britain is run and devolution alone cannot remedy this."

My 350 on BREXIT: A wake-up call for the International Development sector

“There can only be one answer …if the international development sector is to reclaim lost credibility and relevance in the communities that voted leave.”

My 350 on BREXIT: Fighting for youthful minds in Latvia

"The British example should be a lesson for all of Europe  -  to remain united and at the same time not to lose its national identities."

My 350 on BREXIT: Responsibility

"I am entitled to shout this from the mountaintop since I have been asking since the referendum was called: How are political decisions made in this country?"

My 350 on BREXIT: The will of the people

“All the wars in the former Yugoslavia started with a referendum.”

My 350 on BREXIT: The trouble with sovereignty

“Brexiteers’ sovereignty tapped into the colonial nostalgia and delusion of grandeur that is still part of its national consciousness.”

My 350 on BREXIT: Beyond retrofit politics

"Hard as it sounds, Brexit should awaken us to the urgency of resurrecting the big questions, and once again contesting our future."

My 350 on BREXIT: An indictment of nationalism

"If Brexit has one lesson for us, it’s that the status quo isn’t quite as unshakeable as we may think it is."

Death, Rocard and the demise of European social democracy

The Big Tent model has given way to a fight to the finish between ideologues and pragmatists, both further and further away from the “People” they are supposed to represent. 

My 350 on BREXIT: Earthquake

“For my part, my sentiment is not just embarrassment, but shame. That we should choose the coward’s way of turning on the EU in its moment of need.”

The dilemma of the European Left

We must, without ceding to the old myths of totalitarianism, restore meaning to the ideal of sovereignty.

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