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Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Sahel: north-west Africa’s security weakest link

In addition to terrorism, the Sahel faces a host of thorny intertwined issues, which if not dealt with could plunge the region into chaos.

Redefining the poor as “terrorists”

Most so-called “terrorist” activity is a by-product of neoliberalism’s on-going crisis and its marginalisation of a growing proportion of the world’s population. 

“Kind sirs, stop beating your wives!”

Day-to-day, Chadian women are beaten, humiliated and crushed beneath the weight of traditions. However, women were not predestined to be their husbands’ punch-bags, says Kagbe Rachel. Chadian women must be treated with dignity and respect. 

Chers messieurs, arrêtez de battre vos femmes!

Quotidiennement les femmes tchadiennes sont battues, humiliées et écrasées sous le poids de traditions. Pourtant la femme n’était pas prédestinée à être le sac de frappe de son mari. Il faut que la femme tchadienne soit traitée avec dignité et respect, dit Kagbe Rachel.

Le système éducatif tchadien en pleine décadence

91% de recalés à l’examen du baccalauréat 2012 au Tchad pour seulement 9% d’admis. Réorganiser le baccalauréat n’est pas la solution. Il faut revoir le système éducatif et sensibiliser les différents acteurs à une prise de conscience.

Education in Chad: in a state of decline

This year in Chad only 9% of students passed their high school leaving exams. Reorganising these exams is not the solution. We need to re-examine the whole education system, encouraging all those involved to wake up and take stock, says Kagbe Rachel.

Wasted lives: why do Chadian women still die in childbirth?

Government attempts to reduce the excruciatingly high maternal mortality and stillbirth rates in Chad are failing. Qualified medical staff paid reasonable salaries and health auxiliaries are needed, not infrastructure, says Kagbe Rachel

Vies gâchées : Pourquoi les tchadiennes meurent-elles encore en couche?

Les efforts déployés par le gouvernement pour réduire les taux catastrophiquement élevés de mortalité maternelle et de mortinatalité au Chad ont été mal orientés. Ce dont nous avons besoin, ce n’est pas la construction d’infrastructures, mais de médecins spécialistes qui reçoivent un salaire décent et d’auxiliaires de santé, dit Kagbe Rachel. 

US imposes fresh sanctions on North Korea

US imposes fresh sanctions on North Korea. Sudan's Bashir defies arrest warrant. British PM concludes his first visit to Washington. Suspected rebels attack Russian power plant. All this and more in today’s security briefing.

Sudan and Darfur rebels sign ceasefire deal

Sudan and Darfur rebels sign ceasefire deal. Ailing Nigerian leader returns to Nigeria. Escalating dispute over Falklands Islands goes to the UN. Family of US activist to sue Israel. Turkish officers charged over coup plot. India reports border shooting ahead of talks with Pakistan. All this and more in today’s security briefing.

Too many refugees, too little water

A photo essay on water problems in Eastern Chad

Operation Moshtarak a crucial test for Obama's Afghan war strategy

Operation Moshtarak a crucial test for Obama’s Afghan war strategy. Protestors clash in Sri Lankan capital. Sudan-Chad deal raises hope for an end to Darfur insecurity. Israeli warplanes bomb southern Gaza. Iran makes arrests before revolution rally. British judges order release of secret torture evidence. Nigerian footage shows uniformed men shooting unarmed men. All this and more in today’s security briefing.

Rains fail again in east Africa

Repeated failure of rains in eastern Africa demonstrate the link between climate change and security. Yemeni security forces foil an al-Qaeda plot. Two Colombian rebel groups announce possibility of alliance against government. The end of much-criticised UN-backed Kimenia II operated in eastern Congo is announced. The Philippines prepares for evacuation ahead of predicted volcanic eruption. All this and more in today's update.
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