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Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

What China can teach the west about digital democracy

China is a repressive country. It’s also a laboratory for democracy in the digital age.

The end of anonymity? Trump and the tyranny of the majority

Worldwide, there is an administration-sanctioned attack on anonymity, online and off.

Liu Xiaobo and the struggle for democracy

A moment of silence for Liu Xiaobo's death, and the cause of personal freedom in China.

Time for the west to fight for the exiled

Today’s autocrats are displaying a growing audacity in their willingness to pursuing dissenters everywhere, blatantly disregarding national boundaries in the process.

Back to the future: the rebirth of a classical approach to democracy and education in a post-modern society

Education – combined with technologies  – seems to have triggered a sea-change in the contract between government and those who are governed.

The IMF on inequality: beyond organised hypocrisy?

So far, the nature of Christine Lagarde’s speeches and the discussions I had with Fund staff this week suggest that there is more work to be done.

China and the embarrassment of western democracy

The trouble for democracy does not come from Beijing, or from globalisation, or from abroad, or, in Britain, from immigration or from Europe. It resides at home.

Los costes de ignorar a China

Según el economista mexicano Enrique Dussel Peters, China se está convirtiendo rápidamente en el FC Barcelona del comercio internacional y es crucial que sus socios latinoamericanos lo entiendan. Entrevista. Português English

A long road: domestic violence law in China

After 20 years of campaigning by women’s rights activists, China now has its first domestic violence law. The challenge ahead is to make it work to guarantee the safety of women and children.

Amidst Trumpian disorder, China eyes up its opportunity

Mao once observed, “everything under heaven is in utter chaos. The situation is excellent!” Will China prosper in the era of president Trump?

After the Umbrella movement, Hong Kong now faces an identity crisis

One of the original founders of Hong Kong’s 2014 democracy protests thinks that increasing dis-identification with Chineseness, on both the level of culture and politics, is pushing the city-state towards uncharted territory.

Two years after the Occupy protests, Hong Kong’s Legislative Council sees a generational shift in politics

Recent elections have injected new demands for self-determination and ideas of localism into the heart of Hong Kong’s law-making body.

The Australian Senator for Beijing?

“Perhaps his mistake was to say something sensible about Australia's relations with China, not something we normally expect from our politicians.”

China’s instrumentalization of terrorism

In China too, people feel less uncomfortable when told that police on the streets are there to protect them from dangerous “others,” rather than to protect the state from them.

China y América Latina: relaciones estratégicas en tiempos de cambio

Es palpable la preocupación en China por la incertidumbre que generan las crisis económicas y políticas y los cambios en América Latina. English Português

Projeto de aquedutos chineses causa rejeição na Argentina

A falta de transparência nos contratos entre a China e a América Latina converteu-se numa prática normal. Os aquedutos de Entre Rios, postos em causa pelos riscos ambientais, são exemplo disso mesmo. English Español

Argentina: el asunto de los acueductos chinos

La falta de transparencia se ha vuelto la norma en los contratos entre China y América Latina. Los acueductos de Entre Ríos, cuestionados por ambientalmente riesgosos, son ejemplo de ello. Português English

Argentina: the Chinese aqueducts affair

Lack of transparency has become the norm in contracts between China and Latin America. The Entre Ríos aqueducts, questioned for being environmentally risky, are a good example. Português Español

China's "leftover women" and the left-out system

Can a skin brand “change your destiny” in a socially empowering way? A video titled ‘Marriage Market Takeover’ seems to have done a good job, but not without an underlying agenda. 

Redefining relations between Latin America and China

According to a new report by the OECD, Latin America will have to redefine its relations with China if it is to resume economic growth. Español Português

A América Latina terá que redefinir as suas relações com a China

De acordo com um novo relatório da OCDE, a América Latina terá que redefinir as suas relações com a China se quiser retomar o crescimento económico. Español English

Hacia una redefinición de las relaciones de América Latina con China

Según un nuevo informe de la OCDE, América Latina tendrá que redefinir sus relaciones con China si quiere reanudar su crecimiento económico. English Português

Will booming India topple China in Latin America?

Much like China since the turn of the century, India is increasingly looking overseas for raw materials to fuel its breakneck growth. Español Português

¿Destronará la India a China en América Latina?

De manera muy similar a China, su rival económico en Asia, India mira cada vez más al extranjero en busca de materias primas para alimentar su vertiginoso crecimiento. English Português

A Índia desbancará a China na América Latina?

Desde o início do século, assim como a China, sua rival econômica na Ásia, a Índia tem olhado cada vez mais para fora em busca de matérias-primas para alimentar seu crescimento vertiginoso. Español English

“We will not treat you like Africa”

Four specialists discuss the social and environmental impact and the perspectives of the partnership between China and Latin America in 2016. Español. Português.

“Nosotros no les trataremos como a África”

Cuatro expertos discuten el impacto social y ambiental de la asociación, cada vez más activa, entre China y Latinoamérica en 2016. English. Português.

"Nós não vamos tratá-los como a África"

Quatro especialistas falam sobre o impacto social e ambiental da parceria cada vez mais activa entre China e América Latina em 2016. English. Español.

Life with a dissident in China: searching for ‘horizontal freedom’

The role of women in house churches in China reminds us of both the social malleability of religion and the complexity of female agency.

Hong Kong’s angry young millennials: an interview with Joshua Wong

The student protest leader has been the centre of western media attention, but he’s not without his critics within Hong Kong’s Occupy movement. Joshua Wong tells us why his struggle for democracy isn’t over yet.

China and the coming crisis

Look to China, if you want to locate the downfall of capitalism. It could happen a lot sooner than we think.

Digital capitalism: stagnation and contention?

Capitalist development has undergone – and inflicted – violent historical dislocations in the past. So it is with digital capitalism today.

Beijing tightens the screws

The Chinese state is now more ideological and more repressive than ever since the days of Mao.

President Xi Jinping, this is how you can win the Nobel peace prize

From his new position of power, Xi Jinping can show that China is a generous emerging power, rather than a vengeful revisionist state.

Behind China’s witch-hunt for ‘market manipulators’

China may pay lip service to free markets. But in the mind-set of its officials, free markets can only be free as long as they serve the interests of the Chinese Communist Party.

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