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Julian Richards

Julian Richards is managing editor of openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Reclaiming the right to life: hunger strikes and protests in Denmark’s deportation centres

This movement aims to make public the consequences of this politics of dehumanisation; politics that ‘kill slowly’ which are structurally produced and legitimized by law. 

Migration in historical perspective

On the rise of Islamophobia and rightwing parties, the ideology of nation-states and other barriers to self-understanding. An interview.

Repeal Denmark's blasphemy ban - a petition

Denmark’s blasphemy ban was recently revived when a man was charged for burning the Quran. Signatories argue that an expression grossly offensive to religious believers merits protection as peaceful 'free speech'.

Exploring two Alternatives

openDemocracy meets up with Denmark’s fastest-growing political party, Alternativet, and The Alternative UK, who inspired by them, have just launched their own ‘friendly revolution’. Interview.

Getting to Denmark: how hidden money corrupts Danish politics

It is high time to wake up to the reality that Denmark is the only remaining country in the Nordics, and virtually all of Europe, with hardly any laws to ban the crippling influence of money on politics.

Pork meatballs: Denmark’s latest bulwark against migrants

What is behind the recent wave of nationalistic "pork politics" in Denmark?

Blame games

The perpetrators of the attacks on the London Underground in 2005 were also born and raised in Britain. So much for the British-French dichotomy.

Giving the word: the making of a refugee newspaper

A refugee lawyer from Kobane and a Danish newspaper editor explain why one of Denmark's media platforms was handed over to a group of refugees for a day.

Drawing the line between free speech and online radicalisation

Two court rulings in Denmark and Norway reveal the contradictions at the heart of the European debate on free speech versus incitement to terrorism.

Is there an Alternative for Denmark?

The outcome of Denmark's general election on June 18 could depend heavily on the success of a radical new party called The Alternative.

To curtail mass surveillance, you have to be pragmatic: an interview with Jacob Mchangama

Strong civil mobilization fronted by the think tank Justitia prevented the Danish government from introducing unbridled mass surveillance. Justitia's Executive Director tells us how they achieved this.

Scope-creep in Denmark

It takes vigilance to prevent the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen from exacting not only the lives of two innocent people, but also the freedoms and human rights enjoyed by Danish citizens.

I am not Charlie

The Danish cartoons were assembled to humiliate a vulnerable minority. In subsequent debates, the idea of freedom of speech has been subverted to undermine the right of Muslims to speak up on their own behalf.

The UK and Denmark: growing public euroscepticism

The UK and Denmark are two of the most eurosceptic members of the EU, but can the two countries' eurosceptic movements be compared?

Who decides how European elections work: the party or the electorate?

There may be only one European election, but how the candidates in each country are elected can be quite different. Euro elections landscape, 2014.

The same creed: a conversation about Scandinavian democracy with Bo Lidegaard

"In my eyes, there is nothing in the Scandinavia model that suggests that we cannot compete. Actually, there is a lot to suggest that we are the most competitive social model on earth". Interview.

The green machine of Copenhagen

When machines break down, don't throw them away, fix them. Anders Koefoed has declared war on “planned obsolescence.” This is the third video in our Everyday Stories series, showcasing people who are adding more meaning and sustainability to their lives. (Video, 5 mins)

Aid local councils, not the Syrian National Coalition

Countries wanting to aid the Syrian revolution must focus on local councils like that of Manjib, not the Syrian National Coalition, and act together.

Good morning, Danish citizen! You are not welcome here...

The Danish People's Party are resorting to increasingly ludicrous stunts in order to try and turn the Danish people against their immigrant population

A dramatic intervention

Of course, American support for costly drama is welcome, and helps keep the UK in the game, but the fact is that US-commissioned drama is simply in a different league.

Young and good looking: the saviours of Europe’s Left

They are young. They are good looking. They are well spoken. They may just be the saviours of the European Left.

Europe needs principles for intervention

Why is Denmark involved in Mali? European leaders should clarify when, why and how to participate in military interventions and warfare abroad. Emerging security challenges in nearby neighbourhood regions, together with a waning Pax Americana, are obliging Europe to reconsider its future global role.

A European Spoon River: migrants without names, without voices and without rights

As economic logic supplants all other considerations in crisis-ridden Europe, the plight of immigrants who knock on the doors of Fortress Europe becomes inextricable, often ending with tragic consequences.

Christmas trees, Islam and right wing populism: a Danish Christmas story

‘Christmas takes ages and costs a lot of money…’ goes a popular Danish Christmas carol. This year, Christmas started early and revitalized old debates about failed integration, cultural incompatibility and Islamization.

Headscarfs and homosexuals - feminist ideals in xenophobic politics

When the protest against a lecture by the controversial Islamist Bilal Philips risked being hijacked by Danish populist forces, it was a vivid reminder of what happens in practice, despite declarations by right-wing populist leaders.

Speak clearly and drive a big motorbike - on the road to equality in Danish politics

Politics will always be a man’s world if you listen to the men, says Danish MP Liselott Blixt. She told her own story about why she entered politics and getting elected at an international parliamentary conference in London on gender and politics

Innocence of America: orientalism, hooligans and radicals

This is not a debate about “blasphemy”, about freedom of expression; this is a debate about a carefully orchestrated provocation, hate crimes and murder. Is it too much to ask that Americans be a little less “innocent” and that all the players who provoked these violent and surreal events be held accountable?

Danish clients dump G4S because of security company’s ties to Israeli occupation

After pressure from Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) activists, several Danish clients have terminated contracts with British-Danish security company G4S for the company’s role in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Watch whistles being blown and frack by proxy

The Centre for Investigative Journalism (CIJ), based at City University, London since 2003, offers training courses and online resources to practising journalists as well as guidance for potential whistleblowers. Since 2010, this has been complemented by an annual film festival showing some of the best recent films in the field.

Denmark, the imperfect Europhile

Is an EU based on accommodating differences and allowing exemptions suited to bring Europe out of the crisis? A good answer may come from Denmark.

A prayer for Denmark

Denmark's 2011 election is upon us. Considering that the nation has been run by a right-wing coalition for ten years, and with the far-right DPP being pushed out of mainstream politics, what lies in store for Denmark?

Playing politics with Schengen

The European Commission has been at the forefront of criticism of France and Denmark for re-introducing border controls. This was not because they in fact threatened Schengen but because such decisions undermine the Commission’s power as the executive of Europe, argues Polly Pallister-Wilkins

The coordinated attack on multiculturalism

Centre-right parties across Europe are announcing the failure of multiculturalism. We are witnessing a co-ordinated revival of Enoch Powell's idea of the aggressive outsider out to dominate the rest; only now race and immigration are being played out on the terrain of culture and religion

Culturalism: culture as political ideology

More unites than divides Left and Right in the fierce debate on multiculturalism, argues Jens-Martin Eriksen and Frederik Stjernfelt.

Iran raises nuclear tension with long-range missile test

Iran raises nuclear tension with missile test launch. Israel reacts angrily to Tzipi Livni arrest warrant issued by British court. US jail to hold 100 Guantanamo inmates. Amnesty International condemns Australia’s asylum policies. Danish police tear gas climate protestors. All this and more in today’s security update.
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