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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Guatemala: el reto democrático

Tras haber logrado, con movilizaciones sin precedentes, derrocar a un presidente y una vicepresidenta corruptos, Guatemala tiene ahora ante sí un reto que comparte con las democracias en el mundo. English  

Guatemala: the democratic challenge

After the unprecedented mobilizations which led to the overthrow of a corrupt president and vice-president, Guatemala now faces a challenge shared by democracies around the world. Español

Political eruption in Guatemala

Innovation cannot be understood without its context. Recent developments in Guatemala help to explain emerging innovative proposals. Español Português

Femicidio en México y Guatemala

El término “feminicidio” ha sido utilizado por feministas en México, y el término "femicidio" lo ha sido en Guatemala, para referirse a la complicidad del Estado con el asesinato de mujeres. English

Transformar la justicia para las mujeres en América Latina

Más mujeres son asesinadas en América Latina que cualquier otra región del mundo. Solamente en Guatemala, más de cinco mil mujeres han sido asesinadas deliberadamente desde el año 2000. English

Transforming justice for women in Latin America

More women are murdered in Latin America than any other region of the world. In Guatemala alone, more than five thousand women have been deliberately killed since 2000. Español

Femicide in Mexico and Guatemala

Feminists in Mexico and Guatemala working on femicide also use the concept of ‘feminicide’ to draw attention to state complicity in the killings of women. Español

Erupção política no Guatemala

A inovação não pode ser entendida sem o seu contexto. A trajetória recente do Guatemala ajuda a explicar as iniciativas inovadoras que emergem fora. Español

Erupción política en Guatemala

La innovación está siempre relacionada con su contexto. La trayectoria reciente de Guatemala ayuda a explicar las iniciativas innovadoras que emergen fuera. Português

América Latina: da cosmopolítica à tecnopolítica

Uma característica específica dos novos movimentos sociais latino-americanos é o seu sincretismo: a cultura do 15M/Occupy Wall Street mistura-se com cosmovisões indígenas ancestrais. English Español

Guilty: what the Sepur Zarco trial means for women’s rights worldwide

Survivors of wartime sexual violence in Guatemala have secured a landmark victory in the Sepur Zarco trial: a win for international human rights in a domestic court.

Latino high schoolers could be deported to "certain death"

Several North Carolina Latino high schoolers have been arrested and are expected to be deported, despite strong opposition from both the teachers and school boards throughout the state. Español Português

Estudiantes latinos ¿deportados a una "muerte segura"?

Varios estudiantes latinos de Carolina del Norte han sido detenidos y, pese a la fuerte oposición de las autoridades educativas en todo el estado, podrían acabar siendo deportados. English Português

Guatemala: first trial for systematic violations of indigenous women

The case of the indigenous women of Sepur Zarco, who have suffered from sexual violence, finally comes to court in February. They will be testifying against impunity. Español

Guatemala: juicio por violaciones de mujeres indígenas

El caso de las mujeres indígenas de Sepur Zarco, víctimas de violencia sexual, será por fin juzgado en febrero. Para acabar con la impunidad, ellas darán su testimonio. English. 

Macri e o pêndulo latino-americano

A América Latina encontra-se num estado de confusão que se deve à crescente desconexão entre um demos em transformação, com uma diversidade de exigências, e um cratos com pouca porosidade para dar respostas. English. Español

Macri y el péndulo latinoamericano

América Latina se encuentra en un estado de confusión que se debe a la creciente desconexión entre un demos en transformación, con una diversidad de demandas, y un cratos con poca porosidad para dar respuestas. English. Português.

¿Somos todos Guatemala?

Jimmy Morales, un cómico televisivo, ha sido elegido para sustituir al presidente Otto Pérez Molina, quien renunció a su cargo el 3 de septiembre bajo una gran presión popular. Guatemala es la expresión radical de una crisis que afecta a casi todos los países de América Latina. English. Português.

Aren't we all Guatemala?

Jimmy Morales, a television comedian, has been elected to replace president Otto Pérez Molina, who resigned on September 3 under massive popular pressure. Guatemala is the radical expression of a crisis affecting almost every country in Latin America. Español. Português

Somos todos Guatemala?

Jimmy Morales, um comediante de televisão, foi eleito para substituir o presidente Otto Pérez Molina, que renunciou ao cargo em 3 de setembro sob enorme pressão popular. Guatemala é a expressão radical de uma crise que afeta quase todos os países da América Latina. English. Español.

Guatemala in limbo

The impeachment and arrest of President Otto Pérez Molina is a shrewd move by the Guatemalan elites to save the criminal bosses currently running the country. Español. Português.

O Guatemala no limbo

O impeachment e a detenção do Presidente Otto Pérez Molina são um astuto conjunto de movimentos das elites do Guatemala para salvar os chefes criminosos que atualmente lideram o país. Español. English.

Guatemala procesa a un presidente, pero poco más

La condena del ex presidente Efraín Ríos Montt sentó un precedente para la exigencia de responsabilidades a los jefes de Estado. Pero en Guatemala las estructuras de poder de la dictadura militar permanecen en su sitio. Publicado previamente en States of Impunity. English

Guatemala prosecutes a president, but progress falters

Guatamala's conviction of former president Efraín Ríos Montt set a precedent for holding heads of state accountable, but the power structures of the country's military dictatorship remain in place. From States of Impunity.

Women in prison: the particular impact of prison conditions

On life in prison generally, the most common complaints across five countries were about hygiene and space.

García Márquez and "the Latin American who came in from the cold"

Former Swedish deputy foreign minister and UN ambassador Pierre Schori remembers circumstances and characters, including the late prime minister Olof Palme, that linked him to Gabriel García Márquez, in the work they did on Latin America.

Militarism and non-state actors: ‘the other invasion’

'What they call transnational development companies. For us they represent death and destruction’, yet when it comes to the pursuit of justice through law, too often activists are on the wrong side. Jennifer Allsopp reports from Belfast at the Nobel Women’s Initiative Conference.

The genocide trial of Rios Montt

In March began the trial of ex-Guatemalan dictator Rios Montt, who is accused of having orchestrated genocide and crimes against humanity during his 1982-1983 rule. While the trial is an achievement in itself, obscure legal battles make its outcome highly unpredictable.

The struggle for Maya land, oil, and gold.

After two very recent attacks on Maya community leaders in Guatemala, the challenges faced by the lawyers applying domestic law and international indigenous rights legislation to these conflicts are revealing, as legal concepts are reinterpreted by governments in indigenous communities across the Maya region of Central America. View slideshow.

In the shadows of globalisation: drug violence in Mexico and Central America

The wave of violence afflicting Mexico and the northern triangle of Central America (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador) is caused by three developments: changes in the global drug market, the effect of the war against organised crime and the international financial crisis, making the problem not just a criminal one.

Stay alive: turning around a failing war

A deep strategic rethink is needed to reverse the dismal failure of the war on drugs and gangs, particularly in the way this has been fought across Central America and the Caribbean. Intimate community engagement and integral policy approaches are crucial steps in moving on from the bankrupt iron fist.

Fortress elite: criminal revolt and civil resistance in Guatemala

Guatemala’s elite, which has tried since 1996 to engage in politics to ensure that democracy produces conservatism and economic libertarianism, is now expressing some unorthodox ideas. The most radical will say over the dinner table that the answer to the security crisis is more violence.

Gangs and wolves: violence and vulnerability in a global economy

Forces of globalization provide the link between the areas of extreme criminal violence in poorer countries and the random attacks carried out by fundamentalists in the west. On all sides, economic interconnectedness has brought wealth to some, criminal opportunities to others, and vulnerability to everyone.

Border zones and insecurity in the Americas

Border zones are potential incubators of conflict. Criminal gangs exploit weak state presence to forge a parallel state and prosecute their criminal enterprises sustained by fear, violence and brutality.

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