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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

¡Berta Vive! Lecciones de la resistencia en Honduras

Seis lecciones clave de cinco dirigentes hondureños para llevar adelante una lucha que es global, en el primer aniversario del asesinato de la líder indígena Berta Cáceres. English

Un año después del asesinato de Berta Cáceres, proteger el planeta sigue siendo una actividad mortal

Apenas dos semanas antes del aniversario del asesinato de Berta Cáceres, el líder comunitario José Santos Sevilla moría en Honduras en medio de una oleada de asesinatos e intimidaciones. English Português

A year after Berta Cáceres’ murder, protecting the planet is just as deadly

Just two weeks before the anniversary of Berta Cáceres’ bloody killing, community leader José Santos Sevilla died amid a rising of tide of murders and intimidations in Honduras and elsewhere. Español Português

Um ano depois do assassinato de Berta Cáceres, proteger o planeta continua a ser uma actividade mortal

Apenas duas semanas antes do aniversário do assassinato de Berta Cáceres, o líder comunitário José Santos Sevilla morria nas Honduras no meio duma sucessão de assassinatos e intimidações. English Español 

Berta Vive! Lessons from Honduras on resistance

A year on from the assassination of indigenous leader Berta Caceres, five Honduras leaders give key lessons on carrying forward the global fight.

Obama keeps on deporting Central American teens. What will Trump do?

“I am glad the cards are now on the table and there is not a hidden agenda. Because then we can fight accordingly.” Español

Obama sigue deportando a jóvenes centroamericanos. ¿Qué hará Trump?

"Me alegro de que las cartas estén sobre la mesa y de que no haya una agenda oculta. Ahora podremos luchar en consecuencia". English

La voz de Berta Cáceres se ha convertido en la voz de millones

Un graffiti en las calles de Honduras reza: ”Berta Vive!” Hay adolescentes cantando mientras marchan – “!Berta Cáceres Flores vive en el corazón de todas las rebeliones! “ Berta no murió, se multiplicó. English

The voice of Berta Cáceres has become the voice of millions

Graffiti on the walls in Honduras - Berta Vive! Teenagers chanting as they march - Berta Caceres Flores, sown in the heart of all rebellions !  Berta didn’t die, she multiplied. Español

Honduras: the battle to protect women human rights defenders

Protection of women human rights defenders must be based on recognizing not only their existence, but also their contribution to creating better societies.

$10,000 for Honduran Teen’s Conditional Release from a US Immigration Jail

In testament to the overwhelming public support for a Central American migrant teen, the money was quickly amassed and sent to the court. Español

10.000 dólares para liberar a un adolescente hondureño de la cárcel de inmigración en Estados Unidos

Como prueba del enorme apoyo cívico a los adolescentes de América Central, el dinero para liberar a Wildin Acosta fue rápidamente recaudado y enviado a la corte. English

Behind the murder of Berta Cáceres: corporate complicity

The corporate denial of violation of human rights in the death of Berta Cáceres reveals the web of complicities and impunity that prompted her assassination.

América Latina: da cosmopolítica à tecnopolítica

Uma característica específica dos novos movimentos sociais latino-americanos é o seu sincretismo: a cultura do 15M/Occupy Wall Street mistura-se com cosmovisões indígenas ancestrais. English Español

Honduras: the White River, dyed with indigenous blood

The murder of Berta Cáceres, a high-profile opponent of a hydroelectric project in Honduras, confirms the perverse connection between a private company, Chinese capital and the absolute contempt of local communities’ life. Español Português

Honduras: o Río Blanco, tingido de sangre indígena

O assassinato da líder hondurenha Berta Cáceres, dirigente indígena, evidencia a conexão perversa que existe entre interesses privados, o capital chinês e o desprezo absoluto pela vida da comunidade local. English Español

Honduras: el Río Blanco, teñido de sangre indígena

El asesinato de la líder hondureña Berta Cáceres, dirigente indígena, pone en evidencia la conexión perversa entre intereses privados, capital chino y desprecio absoluto por la vida de la comunidad local. Português English

Global shock: Berta Cáceres, the Honduran indigenous leader, assassinated

The murder, on March 3rd, of the environmental and human rights activist sparked violent clashes in Honduras amid anger over the authorities’ failure to protect the high-profile campaigner. Español

Consternación global: Berta Cáceres, la líder indígena hondureña, asesinada

El asesinato, el 3 de marzo, de la activista de derechos humanos y medioambientales provocó violentos enfrentamientos en Honduras por el fracaso de las autoridades para protegerla. English

The fight continues to free detained Central American high schoolers in the US

Despite several protests, US authorities have not yet backed down from arresting immigrant high school students on their way to school. Español

Latino high schoolers could be deported to "certain death"

Several North Carolina Latino high schoolers have been arrested and are expected to be deported, despite strong opposition from both the teachers and school boards throughout the state. Español Português

Estudiantes latinos ¿deportados a una "muerte segura"?

Varios estudiantes latinos de Carolina del Norte han sido detenidos y, pese a la fuerte oposición de las autoridades educativas en todo el estado, podrían acabar siendo deportados. English Português

Special Report: Gangs in Honduras

A new report based on extensive field research describes how the modus operandi of Honduras' two largest gangs (MS13 and Barrio18) has resulted in staggering levels of violence and extortion. Español.

Informe especial: Pandillas en Honduras

Un informe basado en un extenso trabajo de campo describe cómo funcionan las dos principales pandillas de Honduras, la MS13 y Barrio 18. Los niveles de violencia y extorsión son inauditos. English.

Macri e o pêndulo latino-americano

A América Latina encontra-se num estado de confusão que se deve à crescente desconexão entre um demos em transformação, com uma diversidade de exigências, e um cratos com pouca porosidade para dar respostas. English. Español

Macri y el péndulo latinoamericano

América Latina se encuentra en un estado de confusión que se debe a la creciente desconexión entre un demos en transformación, con una diversidad de demandas, y un cratos con poca porosidad para dar respuestas. English. Português.

Hope as a survival strategy for Defensoras in Honduras

We're living in an undeclared war, staring into the eyes of death daily. People who don’t know the kind of insecurity women human rights defenders confront every day can’t imagine how hope helps us to survive.

Why the murder rate in Honduras is twice as high as anywhere else

Honduras' perfect storm of machismo, repression, corruption and impunity make it the murder capital of the world. 

Charter cities in Honduras?

Are private cities the miracle cure for Honduras' surging violent crime, state violence and institutional disarray?

Honduras, the politics of violence

The incidence of targeted social violence in the central American country is a growing political concern as presidential elections approach, finds Matt Kennard in Tegucigalpa.

Honduras - three years after the coup

On the third anniversary of the coup, the resistance movement faces formidable obstacles in attempting to recreate the space for progressive politics which began to open up under Zelaya, but which led to his downfall. 

In the shadows of globalisation: drug violence in Mexico and Central America

The wave of violence afflicting Mexico and the northern triangle of Central America (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador) is caused by three developments: changes in the global drug market, the effect of the war against organised crime and the international financial crisis, making the problem not just a criminal one.

Stay alive: turning around a failing war

A deep strategic rethink is needed to reverse the dismal failure of the war on drugs and gangs, particularly in the way this has been fought across Central America and the Caribbean. Intimate community engagement and integral policy approaches are crucial steps in moving on from the bankrupt iron fist.

Gangs and wolves: violence and vulnerability in a global economy

Forces of globalization provide the link between the areas of extreme criminal violence in poorer countries and the random attacks carried out by fundamentalists in the west. On all sides, economic interconnectedness has brought wealth to some, criminal opportunities to others, and vulnerability to everyone.

A new city on the Mosquito Coast

Honduras is open for business. Can its underdevelopment be tackled by creating charter cities which set their own laws?
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