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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Will the new government and local councils improve service delivery in Malawi?

Local administration and service provision are failing in Malawi. What can the government do to improve them?

Boxten: and the tragic impact of Malawi’s broken justice system

Because there is no civil war, no epidemic, no oil and no Al Qaeda – just crippling poverty – this will continue to fly below the radar.

Fair Trade and 'The Economist's Critique'

As Fairtrade Fortnight commences it is important to demystify the economic arguments surrounding fair trade.  Is it the case that promoting social justice in the supply chain can serve to undermine the long term prospects of poor southern producers?

Who’s heard of the ‘African Spring’?

If the under or mis-reported uprisings, protests, revolts and changes of regime in many parts of Africa over the past few years have told us anything, it is that politics on the continent does not always, or mostly, take place at the point of a gun.

What the Arab Spring can learn from sub-Saharan Africa

The Arab Spring has been inspirational in sub-Saharan Africa, home to some of the world’s longest serving leaders. Yet the protagonists of the Arab Spring have more to learn from their sub-Saharan Africa counterparts than the other way round.

Protest movement in Malawi – can the people rid themselves of the corrupt, paranoid and greedy Bingu wa Mutharika?

18 dead and 41 injured in last week's protest demanding that Bingu wa Mutharika should stand down. The people of Malawi have ample reason for grievance

International donors must fund female-controlled HIV prevention gel

A potential breakthrough in HIV prevention is being stifled by a lack of funding. Chi Mgbako outlines the necessity of putting safeguards against HIV transmission into female hands.

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