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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Libertad de expresión y libertad “post-expresión” en Mozambique

A pesar del asesinato de un activista, del procesamiento de un académico o de la intervención sistemática de analistas a favor del régimen, la libertad de expresión en Mozambique empieza a ser posible. Português

Liberdade de expressão e liberdade pós-expressão em Moçambique

Apesar do assassinato dum ativista, do julgamento dum académico ou da intervenção sistemática de analistas a favor do regime, a liberdade de expressão em Moçambique começa a tornar-se numa possibilidade. Español

Who’s heard of the ‘African Spring’?

If the under or mis-reported uprisings, protests, revolts and changes of regime in many parts of Africa over the past few years have told us anything, it is that politics on the continent does not always, or mostly, take place at the point of a gun.

Mozambique riots leave six dead

Riots in Mapuso highlight emerging food price crisis. Middle east peace talks kick off despite Hamas attacks. Shia festival hit by bombings in Lahore. Nato air strike blamed for ten fatalities in northern Afghanistan. All this and more in today’s security briefing.
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