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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Method in Trump’s madness?

A look at Donald Trump’s 'travel bans' with an eye to the harvesting of personal data, and the EU-US Privacy Shield, now on life support.

What lies beneath prostitution policy in New Zealand?

The rosy rhetoric that surrounds prostitution policy in New Zealand is being exposed by survivors of the prostitution system and the way that harm is glossed over by defenders of this approach.

Our 350 on Donald Trump: electoral reform

"The recent success of campaigns, such as Trump and Brexit, should compel us to make a critical analysis of the way modern democracies conduct elections."

Whose work was the inspiration for the first nuke-free country?

New Zealand was the first country in the world to pass national nuclear-free legislation. Marilyn Waring reflects on how Dr. Helen Caldicott’s influence culminated in the passage of the cornerstone of New Zealand’s foreign policy.

Nuclear standoff between the Arab League and the west

For decades the west has covertly supported Israel’s nuclear programme while pretending to support a nuclear weapons-free Middle East. Exasperated by this, the Arab League is spearheading a major international move to challenge the west’s double standards.

New Zealand shrinks away from legal high limelight

Manufacturers aim to reap maximum profit in the minimal time before it is banned, so poorly developed NPS are thrown on the market in vast quantities with little regard to their effects. Meanwhile, prohibition simply forces a black market.

No more sources

Revelations by Edward Snowden, National Security Agency dissident, have grave implications for the role of journalists in the ‘Fourth Estate’ and the primary duty of source protection in the era of mass-surveillance.

The Hobbit and New Zealand's heritage industry

Gollum has succeeded where politicians have failed, in replacing a colonial narrative with a myth that changes the ethno-symbolic basis of New Zealand’s imagination

China to 'strike hard' in Xinjiang

China launches crackdown in Xinjiang region. Iran urged to accept nuclear proposals. Karadzic attends trial for first time. Fiji lashes out at Australia and New Zealand. All this and more in today's update.
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