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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Sophia de Mello Breyner: when art is not free, people are not free

Poetry is a form of resistance against indignity. The responsibility of the writer is not only to interpret life, but to shape how we understand and inhabit our societies. Português.

Sophia de Mello Breyner: quando a arte não é livre, as pessoas não são livres

A poesia é uma forma de resistência contra a indignidade. A obrigação do escritor não é apenas interpretar a vida, mas também moldar a forma como habitamos as nossas sociedades. English

Gentrification in Porto: will the city turn into a hotel?

Tourism is booming in Portugal, but so is housing speculation. Gentrification has been causing the displacement of the poor, a proliferation of hotels and shrinking public space.

The European Court of Justice as a bastion of democracy and rule of law

The crucial role of the ECJ appears even more important in present times, when things taken forgranted, such as democracy, individual freedom and the rule of law, are in danger.

¿Qué puede hacer la izquierda en la era del populismo de derechas?

El nuevo giro a la derecha en Europa plantea una serie de retos difíciles para la izquierda, pero también crea oportunidades. English

Portugal’s eurozone reform proposals can renew social democracy

Adding a surgically applied layer of European Keynesianism to the euro’s ordoliberal rules at once offers a solution to Eurozone troubles and throws a lifeline to European social democracy.

Gene Sharp: freedom is out of the bottle

Dictators will sleep better now that Gene Sharp has left. But as long as people are not afraid of dictatorships, dictators will be in big trouble. In memoriam.

Antonio Guterres and the world as it is

The role of the UN Secretary-General is the most difficult job in the world. But it gets worse when the President of the United States represents a threat to the values enshrined in the Charter. 

How Mario Centeno could change Europe

Mário Centeno is going to Brussels to defend an alternative to austerity. But reshaping the European Union will require a lot more than electing a Southern European as President of the Eurogroup.

Should we close our worlds? Or open them out?

Cities need an overarching, positive narrative that binds all people to where they live, and where day to day behaviour and activities connect well with civic life. Interview. 

Portugal’s left-leaning economic recovery

Portugal is making the news for all the right reasons. Español Português

“Life is filled with opportunities for individuals to make a difference”

Aristides de Sousa Mendes saved 30,000 people during World War II, 12,000 of whom were Jews facing certain death. As Europe faces another refugee crisis, his grandson argues that Sousa Mendes' courage and compassion is needed now more than ever.

Aristides de Sousa Mendes: a light in the dark

Aristides de Sousa Mendes chose his conscience over his orders. His altruism should be an example for all those struggling to change a world that is once again failing to protect its citizens.   

A “Gerigonça” e o futuro da social-democracia: o experimento governamental em Portugal

Algo relativamente óbvio demorou muito tempo para ser explicitamente reconhecido na democracia portuguesa: há mais pontos de convergência do que de divergência entre os partidos de esquerda. English

‘The contraption’ and the future of social democracy: the government experiment in Portugal

Something relatively obvious took too long to be explicitly acknowledged in Portuguese democracy: that there are more points of convergence than of divergence among the leftwing parties. Português

Novas ideias precisam de edifícios antigos

A Criatividade é um recurso renovável, o Património não. Potenciar a criatividade dos cidadãos é um processo de empoderamento, mas não devemos esquecer que novas ideias precisam de edifícios antigos. Entrevista English

New ideas need old buildings

Creativity is a renewable resource, heritage is not. Unleashing the creativity of citizens is an empowering process, but we should not forget that new ideas need old buildings. Interview Português

Creativity and heritage: the great urban partnership

Heritage is where we come from. Creativity is the energy that shapes what we can become. The question is how to combine the two. Português  

Criatividade e Património: a Parceria Urbana Estratégica

O Património dá-nos as raízes que nos sustentam e a Criatividade fornece a energia para construir aquilo em que nos podemos tornar. A questão é como combinar os dois. English

Populism and fraternity in Portugal

There are moments of truth in which, due to some sort of blip in the functioning of the oligarchic system that governs our present world, we glimpse another humane populism.

“O futuro da Europa está nas nossas mãos: nós, a geração de 89, temos que defendê-lo”.

Os jovens europeus devem assumir a liderança da Europa, uma vez que recairá sobre eles a responsabilidade de defender uma sociedade aberta, tolerante e liberal. Entrevista. English Español

"El futuro de Europa está en nuestras manos: nosotros, los del 89, tenemos que defenderlo."

Los jóvenes europeos deben protagonizar el diseño del futuro de Europa, ya que en última instancia recaerá sobre ellos la defensa de una sociedad abierta, tolerante y liberal. Entrevista. English Português

"Europe's fate is in our hands: we, the 89ers, must defend it."

Young Europeans must assume a leading role in charting Europe's future, as it will ultimately fall on them to defend an open, tolerant and liberal society. Interview. Español Português

Fórum dos Cidadãos: revisitando a participação cidadã em Portugal

Que escolhas fariam os portugueses, se tivessem o tempo, a informação e as condições ideais para reflectir e debater as mais importantes questões políticas da actualidade? Entrevista. English Español

Fórum de los Ciudadanos: repensar la participación en Portugal

¿Qué opciones tomarían los portugueses si dispusieran del tiempo, la información y las condiciones ideales para reflexionar y debatir sobre las cuestiones políticas más importantes de la actualidad? Entrevista. English Português

Citizens’ Forum: revisiting citizen participation in Portugal

Which choices would Portuguese citizens make, if only they had the time, information and ideal conditions to reflect on and debate the most important political questions of our age? Interview. Português Español

Que futuro tem a coesão do sul da Europa?

O projecto de um fórum do sul da Europa é uma ideia necessária. É por isso surpreendente que o encontro entre os países do Sul tenha suscitado pouco interesse dentro e fora de portas. English

What does the future hold for Southern Europe?

The idea of a southern European forum is very much needed. Surprisingly, a summit  of the incumbent nations sparked little interest both within and outside the countries in question. Português

Upstreaming citizen participation

Representative democracy is not democratic enough. Today, citizens should be able to participate in the political process from the beginning, upstream, and not just at the end with their vote. Interview. Español Português

Democracia 2.0: decidir antes de votar

La democracia representativa no es suficientemente democrática. Hoy, los ciudadanos deben poder participar en los procesos políticos desde el inicio, y no sólo al final con su voto. Entrevista. English Português

Democracia 2.0: decidir antes de votar

A democracia representativa não é suficientemente democrática. Hoje, os cidadãos devem poder participar nos processos políticos desde o inicio, e não só no final com o seu voto. Entrevista. English Español

Democracy is dying of success

Are we governing ourselves? Daniel Innerarity argues that societies have seldom been governed, in a handful of issues and only at certain times. Interview. Español Português

La democracia se está muriendo de éxito

¿Nos estamos gobernando? Daniel Innerarity defiende que las sociedades se han gobernado muy pocas veces, en muy pocos temas y sólo en determinados momentos. Entrevista. English Português

A democracia está a morrer de êxito

Estão as sociedades governadas? Daniel Innerarity defende que as sociedades se governaram muito poucas vezes, para muitos poucos temas e em momentos determinados. Entrevista. English Español 

Journalism in times of crisis

Rebecca Abecassis argues that in times of crisis, journalists need to be clearer in their work and go beyond simply reporting the news. Interview. Español Português

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