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Adam Ramsay, Editor

Adam Ramsay is a co-editor of openDemocracyUK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The long road to gender equality in southeast Asia

Singapore may soon elect its first female president – but the struggle for gender equality in the region is far from being won.

Back to the future: the rebirth of a classical approach to democracy and education in a post-modern society

Education – combined with technologies  – seems to have triggered a sea-change in the contract between government and those who are governed.

As Singapore prepares to execute Kho Jabing this Friday, activists are fighting back

"It's as if the law didn’t take his life seriously at all": the last clemency granted to a death row inmate was in 1998; no one has been shown mercy since. Yet activists are nothing if not stubborn.

Asia at the crossroads

Aside from China, nearly all the states in Asia make use of the trappings of democracy, such as elections, parliaments, and the separation of powers. A new report examines the future of democracy in Asia in the next 15 years.

Complaints Choir: what is it?

"This project stays dynamic when people take the Complaints Choir as a tool and make use of it in their own context and modify it. That’s the spirit of open source." Hilde C. Stephansen interviews the founders of the choir for Participation Now.

A Singapore Ramayana: academic freedom and the liberal arts curriculum

Could Singaporeans of the future do a better job at making democracy a reality than America’s elected leaders have done for the past half-century? Maybe, if one of the most important literary works of premodern India is taught again at the recently created Yale-NUS in Singapore.

Yale, Singapore and the power of a university

The recent announcement of the president of Yale University to the effect that he will step down from his office next June, allegedly because of tension about the new Yale-branded college in Singapore, was a small tsunami in the world of academia – and raised a broader question: what role do universities have in today's society?

Stakeholders of goodwill: neither the "salad bowl" nor the "melting pot"

Meaningful stakeholders in the collective, each becoming reasonable people of goodwill - this is the model for successfully living with the identitarianisms that will otherwise tear our future apart. This applies as much to multi-ethnic Europe as the Gulf States or Singapore

Regulating sexual citizenship in Singapore

Since 1985, the state has manifested a steady trend towards greater awareness of the need to show respect for personal autonomy as opposed to class bias and eugenics. But why so?
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