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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Spanish voters wake up to new political landscape

Yesterday’s Spanish municipal and regional elections confirmed what the opinion polls have shown for the past year: the electorate is in a flux, and the voters punished the old parties and rewarded the new ones.

15M four years on: will an Indignado have to shoot an elephant?

A number of those who occupied the central squares of major Spanish capitals four years ago are set to win seats in their city councils or regional parliaments in the upcoming elections. Will they have to shoot the proverbial elephant?

First we take Barcelona...

This spring, Barcelona has become, once again, the battleground for the radical soul of Europe.

Gagged in the name of security

The responses by the Spanish government to the escalation of public protest have taken increasingly threatening forms. Gag laws put the very essence of democracy at risk.

Civil resistance and the geopolitics of impunity

The Spanish jurist who went after Pinochet reflects on the battle to unseat impunity in Chile and Argentina, and looks ahead to Spain's continued efforts to shake off its collective amnesia. From States of Impunity.

Barcelona: how to share a city's 'success'

The ability to sustain the tension between the inside and the outside of the local institutions, between those who govern and those who are governed, is key for Barcelona citizens to regain their city. Español.

Barcelona: ¿como gobernar la distribución del 'exito'?

Sólo con la capacidad de mantener la tensión entre dentro y fuera de las instituciones, entre gobernantes y gobernados, será posible recuperar Barcelona para sus ciudadanos. English.

Spain’s hologram protests

Millions of Spaniards have engaged in protests over the past four years. As of July 1 they can be subject to disproportionate fines and even jail for exercising their democratic rights to freedom of expression, assembly, protest and information. Interview.

Contradictions and challenges of the Podemos phenomenon

Podemos came from the streets, social media platforms and out of a horizontal ideology not found in the traditional parties.

Misión: Ciudadanos

Con un Partido Popular muy debilitado, y con los Socialistas en plena travesía del desierto, Podemos estaba ya preparando su victoria para las elecciones este año. La situación revestía peligro y había que estabilizar el sistema. De ahí que se lanzara una operación cortafuegos. English.

Mission: Ciudadanos

Podemos was poised to win this year’s elections. This was a dangerous situation and the system needed stabilizing. Hence, the launching of a firewall operation through Ciudadanos. Español.

Barcelona necesita armar una visión

Situar a las personas, y no una combinación de turismo, negocios y tecnología, en el centro del debate político puede ser un primer paso en la buena dirección. Pero no será suficiente. English.

The naked truth about Ciudadanos, Spain's counter-revolutionaries

Ciudadanos have been portrayed by the media as the 'Podemos of the right'. However, an analysis of the party and its policies reveal this is far from the case.

Barcelona needs to call for a vision

Putting people, and not a combination of businesses, technology and national identity, at the centre of the political debate, seems to be a first step in the right direction. Except it will not be enough. Español.

Reinventar la democracia urbana en Barcelona

Los ciudadanos de Barcelona están dejando a un lado el histórico bagaje de las luchas del movimiento obrero de los siglos XIX y XX e inventando un nuevo lenguaje de derechos y democracia. English.

The Andalusian Test

Looking forward from the Andalusian test, the Spanish party system has been transformed. What used to be effectively a two-party system is now a four-party system.

After Syriza: What’s next for Spain?

Although Podemos are unlikely to win an outright majority in the general election, they have galvanised the opposition to the conservative government, while simultaneously challenging the parties of the old left.

Reinventing urban democracy in Barcelona

Barcelona's citizens are setting aside the historical baggage of the nineteenth and twentieth century struggles of industrial workers movements, inventing a newly resonant language of rights and democracy. Español.

Korrika: the world's biggest language festival?

On March 19, hundreds of thousands of Basque citizens will participate in an initiative that passes a baton from hand to hand without interruption; the same baton that has become a symbol of the Basque language itself.

The Podemos wave

Never before has it become so clear that we live in societies that are politically democratic but socially fascist. The Podemos wave is a metaphor for every single attempt to find a progressive solution. 

Podemos and gender: nods and winks

Are the politics of Podemos as revolutionary as they claim, or are they just the same set of rules in a new format for yet another club for the boys?

Spain’s Year of the Polls

Spain appears to be heading towards an evolved party system in which the big players will now be four, not two. Español

Podemos, a new type of resistance

As a measure of Podemos’ success, Spaniards are beginning to use Podemos’ words and language - not the neo liberal language of the corrupt elite.

Podemos: Latin America exports political ways and means

Together with the economic good times linked largely to rising exports, we are currently witnessing an unusual historical phenomenon: Latin America is beginning to export its politics. Español.

Reforming Europe: Thomas Piketty meets Pablo Iglesias

An edited translation of the recent interview between bestselling author Thomas Piketty and Pablo Iglesias, leader of the Spanish political party Podemos, originally broadcast on Otra Vuelta de Tuerka (‘Another Turn of the Screw’) was exclusive to Juncture Online and is republished here with their kind permission.

Is a socialist EU possible via left-wing populist parties such as Syriza, Podemos and the HDP?

Syriza still needs to build a strong hegemonic culture to include the non-leftist progressive movement and to expand the bloc beyond class politics to gain the consent of society at large.

"You, a convicted minister!" - namecalling and mudslinging in the Catalan parliament

Partido Popular MPs lashed out at Catalonia’s education minister for ignoring court rulings on Catalan language use.

“Primero, tomaremos Atenas; luego, tomaremos Madrid”

El objetivo principal de Podemos es aglutinar una amplia mayoría, lo que en la práctica significa poner en pie un partido de clases medias que deje atrás el eje Derecha/Izquierda y ocupe la centralidad política. English.

“First we take Athens, then we take Madrid”

The primary goal of Podemos is to marshal an ample majority, which means in practice to build a middle-class party, and to give up the traditional Left/Right axis for a position of centrality. Español.

Podemos’ March for Change

Today’s show of mass support and the clear affection people in the crowd have for him will undoubtedly give Iglesias a much needed boost.

Connecting the Basque and Icelandic cases: an ethnographic chronicle about democratic regeneration

Though they may seem like unlikely companions, both Iceland and the Basque Country undertook unique democratic regenerations following the 2008 global economic crisis.

A silent cry in the crowded streets of Bilbao

Once again, thousands have marched in the city of Bilbao to protest the "policy of dispersal" against Basque prisoners and call for their repatriation.

Spain’s Partido Popular’s snide attacks on Catalan

Spain's ruling conservative fears a powerful, united Catalan-Valencian language and will do everything possible to keep them separate.

Podemos: a cat among the pigeons in Catalonia

Podemos supports the principle of Catalan self-determination, but hopes that Catalans would vote to stay in Spain, for a ‘right to decide’ about ‘everything’. This is radical.

Podemos, Can We? An appeal to all women and men who hope and strive for a true transformation in Spain, in Europe and beyond

This is an appeal to all women and men who have had enough and are seeking to bring about a true social and political transformation in Spain, in Europe and beyond. It is an urgent appeal because the danger that triggers it is imminent, clear and distinct, but avoidable.

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