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Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and contributing editor to 50.50.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

¿Por qué no hay un Syriza en Portugal?

Al contrario que en Grecia o en España, en Portugal ni la crisis, ni las duras medidas de austeridad han supuesto cambios importantes en el sistema de partidos. ¿Por qué? English. Português.

Por que não há um Syriza em Portugal?

Ao contrário que na Grécia ou em Espanha, em Portugal a crise e as medidas de austeridade draconianas que lhe seguiram não provocaram mudanças importantes no sistema partidário. Por quê? English. Español.

Why is there no Syriza in Portugal?

Unlike in Greece or in Spain, in Portugal the dire crisis and steep austerity measures have not entailed important changes to the party system. Why? Português. Español

On centrism and independence in Spain

"Facing an increasingly self-centered centre, we stand for citizens who are open to the world and to the present time, capable of organizing and cooperating according to their abilities and aspirations."

Catalonia, Scotland and the fluid concept of democracy

Unlike Scotland, Catalonia has not been given the chance to have a definitive say on its independence. Does this further the cause for secessionists?

No habrá secesión exprés en Cataluña

Ya pasó anteriormente en procesos secesionistas similares (en Canadá y, más recientemente, en Escocia): sometida a la presión de tener que decidir sobre la independencia, una sociedad acaba profundamente dividida. English.

Catalonia: no fast track to independence

As much as many people deeply disliked the way the PP was facing the elections, they feared the prospect of a wide open scenario with no guarantees whatsoever. Español

Ansiedades catalanas

Las próximas elecciones en Cataluña no van a traer, probablemente, mayorías claras, pero sí van a traer división. Convencidos de la necesidad de afirmar su supremacía, los secesionistas se preparan para tomar algún atajo. English.

Adam and Eve still leading Religious Studies in Spain

As the autumn political agenda gets off the ground in Spain with this weekend's vote on Catalunyan independence and the forthcoming General Election, will the antiquated education system get a look in?

What Corbyn has to learn from Monedero in Spain

The sharp irruption of Podemos in Spain was seen with fear by the establishment, and they went after him. The same can happen to Corbyn if he does not take into account what happened in Spain. Español.

Lo que Corbyn puede aprender de Monedero en España

La fulgurante ascensión de Podemos en España fue vista por el estalishment como una amenaza, y fueron a por Juan Carlos Monedero. Lo mismo le puede pasar a Corbyn si no tiene presente lo que pasó en España. English.

Secessão democratizada na Escócia e na Catalunha

A democracia não acaba com o secessionismo, senão que o transforma, proporcionando-lhe uma base sociopolítica, a capacidade de durar, e as ferramentas que lhe permitem circunvalar o Estado para dedicar-se à construção da nação. English. Español.

Democratized secession in Scotland and Catalonia

Democracy does not end secessionism, it transforms it by providing a socio-political foundation, the ability to endure politically, and the modern tools to circumvent the state to engage in nation-building. Español. Português.

Secesión democratizada en Escocia y Cataluña

La democracia no acaba con el secesionismo, sino que lo transforma, al proporcionarle una base socio-política, la capacidad de durar, y las herramientas que le permiten circunvalar el Estado para dedicarse a la construcción de nación. English. Português.

Catalonia: butifarra-slicing towards independence

How does Catalonia plan to gain independence without provoking a reactionary backlash? By using subtle, inconspicuous 'butifarra-slicing' tactics to slowly approporiate key institutions.

Hope, power and delusion

Jeremy Corbyn has won the race for leadership of the Labour party. But Greek and Spanish activists advise against placing too much faith in political parties.

Refugee crisis in Europe: remember Latin America

This is not only a European crisis but a global one, and it should be approached as such, involving nations throughout the world in its solution. As it did in the past, Latin America can give a hand. Português. Español

Crisis de refugiados en Europa. Recordad América Latina.

Esta crisis no es sólo europea, sino global. Debemos tratarla como tal, involucrando a naciones de todo el mundo en su solución. Como hiciera en el pasado, América Latina puede ayudar. English. Português.

Crise de refugiados na Europa: recordando a América Latina

Esta não é apenas uma crise Europeia, mas global, e que deve ser abordado como tal, envolvendo as nações de todo o mundo na sua solução. À semelhança do que fez no passado, a América Latina pode contribuir. English, Español

Financiemos un barco salvavidas

Quizás los ciudadanos reaccionen antes que el Estado: People’s Armada (Flota Popular) ha lanzado una operación de crowdfunding para costear una nueva embarcación para operaciones de búsqueda y rescate en el Mediterráneo. Por favor, aportad generosamente. English. Português.

Financiemos uma embarcação de resgate

Provavelmente as pessoas reagirão de forma mais rápida que o estado: a Frota Popular está a financiar coletivamente uma embarcação para levar a cabo missões de busca e salvamento no Mediterrâneo. Por favor contribua generosamente. English. Español.

The poisoned chalice

Part two of the insider view of negotiations between Greece and the Eurogroup. When is a rescue not a rescue but a seizure of assets? Interview.

Catalonia's regional elections: scenarios for independence

Should the pro-independence parties win a majority in the regional elections on 27 September, what would happen next? Here are a few scenarios on how the independists may use their popular mandate to secede from Spain.

Independence from whom? Catalonia's existential elections

Catalonia seems about to become a living laboratory for popular sovereignty in post-crisis Europe. Español.

¿Independencia de quién? Elecciones existenciales en Cataluña

Cataluña parece a punto de convertirse en un laboratorio de la soberanía popular en la Europa poscrisis. English.

Catalonia: a new country in the making?

A few years ago, independence supporters like me were a minority in parliament. Now I feel we are just a small step away from an independent Catalan state.

Podemos’ dilemma and why leadership still matters

Running for office means engaging in an operation that is intrinsically reductive and hegemonic, whether we like it or not.

Spain’s hologram protests

Millions of Spaniards have engaged in protests over the past four years. As of July 1 they can be subject to disproportionate fines and even jail for exercising their democratic rights to freedom of expression, assembly, protest and information. Interview. 

Moving beyond the squares: anticipating the debate

On July 3-4, the LSE will jointly host a seminar with openDemocracy on the impact of the movements in the squares from 2011 onwards. Do they contribute to the democratic renewal of our democracies and if so how? A conversation.

La resistencia de la sociedad civil y la geopolítica de la impunidad

El jurista español que persiguió a Pinochet reflexiona sobre la batalla para derrocar a la impunidad en Chile, Argentina, y en España para sacudirse la amnesia colectiva. Publicado previamente en openSecurity. English

A força da sociedade civil e a geopolítica da impunidade

O jurista espanhol que perseguiu Pinochet reflete sobre a batalha para derrubar a impunidade no Chile e na Argentina e oferece-nos a sua visão sobre os esforços em curso em Espanha para combater a amnésia coletiva. Publicado previamente em openSecurity. English

Civil resistance and the geopolitics of impunity

The Spanish jurist who went after Pinochet reflects on the battle to unseat impunity in Chile and Argentina, and looks ahead to Spain's continued efforts to shake off its collective amnesia. Español

De las plazas al poder en cuatro años y diez días

Los activistas han conseguido transformar con gran eficacia la política española durante los años de la crisis. Tras las elecciones locales del 24M, vemos cómo las consecuencias del movimiento 15M están emergiendo todavía. English

From the squares to power in four years, 10 days

How Spain’s skilful activists have transformed politics during the crisis years and how the full effects of 15-M are still emerging. Español.

Los correos de Blesa: el fin de una era

España, Diciembre 2013: se filtran alrededor de 800 e-mails enviados desde cuentas oficiales de Caja Madrid entre el 2000 y el 2009, relativos a las actuaciones de su anterior presidente, Miguel Blesa, que han llevado ante los tribunales a más de cien banqueros y politicos. Presentamos la historia que hay detrás de los correos de Blesa, re-publicados hoy. English

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