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Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and contributing editor to 50.50.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

From Movementism to Labourism

Prospects for the renewal of the left: a perspective from the movementist element of the UK Labour Party grassroots activist body, Momentum.

Que futuro tem a coesão do sul da Europa?

O projecto de um fórum do sul da Europa é uma ideia necessária. É por isso surpreendente que o encontro entre os países do Sul tenha suscitado pouco interesse dentro e fora de portas. English

What does the future hold for Southern Europe?

The idea of a southern European forum is very much needed. Surprisingly, a summit  of the incumbent nations sparked little interest both within and outside the countries in question. Português

Upstreaming citizen participation

Representative democracy is not democratic enough. Today, citizens should be able to participate in the political process from the beginning, upstream, and not just at the end with their vote. Interview. Español Português

Democracia 2.0: decidir antes de votar

A democracia representativa não é suficientemente democrática. Hoje, os cidadãos devem poder participar nos processos políticos desde o inicio, e não só no final com o seu voto. Entrevista. English Español

Democracia 2.0: decidir antes de votar

La democracia representativa no es suficientemente democrática. Hoy, los ciudadanos deben poder participar en los procesos políticos desde el inicio, y no sólo al final con su voto. Entrevista. English Português

Spain’s ousted opposition leader reveals where the real power lies: with the country’s oligarchs

Spain's deposed Socialist leader, Pedro Sánchez, revealed that banks and newspapers secretly pressured him not to do a deal with Podemos.

Democracy is dying of success

Are we governing ourselves? Daniel Innerarity argues that societies have seldom been governed, in a handful of issues and only at certain times. Interview. Español Português

La democracia se está muriendo de éxito

¿Nos estamos gobernando? Daniel Innerarity defiende que las sociedades se han gobernado muy pocas veces, en muy pocos temas y sólo en determinados momentos. Entrevista. English Português

A democracia está a morrer de êxito

Estão as sociedades governadas? Daniel Innerarity defende que as sociedades se governaram muito poucas vezes, para muitos poucos temas e em momentos determinados. Entrevista. English Español 

ETA: is the terrorist group still active?

Despite the discovery of an arsenal of weapons belonging to ETA in a field north of Paris, few believe the Basque terrorist group has the ability to resurrect its violent campaign.

Anti-radicalisation, social movements, and imagining alternatives

Bue Rübner Hansen, Joan Pedro & Simona Rentea at the Cities of Welcome, Cities of Transit conference in Barcelona. (Video, 9 minutes)

How to use technology so it doesn’t use us

Inés Bebea speaks at the Cities of Welcome, Cities of Transit conference held July 2016 in Barcelona.

The great Spanish hope: reflections on the 2016 Podemos party conference in Madrid

At first glance, Universidad de Podemos feels like any other rag tag left-wing meeting. But it’s when you dig deeper that the differences reveal themselves. 

Cambio desde abajo: unidos contra las “Leyes Mordaza” en España

La consecuencia más preocupante de las llamadas Leyes Mordaza en España es el temor de la población a ejercer sus libertades, en particular la libertad de expresión y de información. English

European refugees and Twitter

The political parties, professions and media that were registered as the most active in the Twitter storm #DiaMundialdelosRefugiados were those from the centre left.

United against Spain’s Gag Laws: change bottom-up

The most worrying consequence of the Gag Laws is the population´s fear of exercising their freedoms, in particular freedom of expression and information. Español

To inhabit democratic cities

Anyone who remains outside of democratic cities, who doesn't accept the open rationale oriented towards the common good, will have one name: the enemy of democracy. Español

Habitar las ciudades democráticas

Quien se quede fuera de las ciudades democráticas, quien no acepte su lógica abierta orientada al bien común, tendrá un nombre: enemigo de la democracia. English 

Understanding transversality

It is essential that we always remember that activist spaces are a means and not an end in themselves, to reach the broad social majority that needs us.

Back to basics: why Podemos lost support in the last Spanish election

PP and PSOE have an advantage. They are tied to the history of the country, and there is a popular imagination behind them. Podemos, on the other hand, is trying to create something new.

A question of leadership

The ‘new politics’ Jeremy Corbyn proclaims must be an explicit agenda of institutional change, not simply a change of style at the dispatch box.

El impacto de la onda expansiva del Brexit en España

¿Qué tiene que ver el Brexit con el resultado de Podemos en las elecciones españolas del 26 de Junio? English

Brexit aftershocks hit Spain

Did Brexit have anything to do with the disappoiting results for Podemos in Sunday's Spanish elections? Español

Fear wins in Spain's elections

If Podemos members and leaders draw the right conclusions from Sunday's elections, then this defeat will only make them stronger.

Are we Spaniards better off five years afterwards?

On the eve of the elections, an audit of the political and social outcomes of the square occupation and the rise of the Podemos party in Spain.

Spain’s political draw: a problem of programme or image?

Sunday, June 26, Spanish elections. A new alliance between Podemos and Izquierda Unida aims to unlock the political stalemate that occurred in the last elections. What is the calculation behind it?

Technopolitics and the new territories for political action

We are witnessing the emergence of relational, transversal, participatory  power. Whoever understands this, stands a chance of political legitimation. Interview. Español Português

Tecnopolítica o los nuevos territorios de la acción política

Asistimos a la emergencia del poder relacional, de la transversalidad, de la participación. Quien entienda bien esto, tiene posibilidades de legitimación política. Entrevista. Português English

Tecnopolítica ou os novos territórios da ação política

Assistimos à emergência do poder relacional, da transversalidade, da participação. Quem compreenda esta realidade tem possibilidades de legitimação política. Entrevista. English Español

Medios digitales y fuerzas del cambio en España

La experiencia del 15M y de Podemos demuestra que, a través de la participación tanto en los medios tradicionales como en los digitales, pueden desarrollarse contra-poderes a nivel local, nacional y transnacional. English

Podemos: reclaiming Europe is a revolutionary slogan

A few days before the elections in Spain, we talk to Jorge Moruno of Podemos about his European strategy and the possibility of building a transnational network of rebel cities. Español

¿Una red europea de ciudades rebeldes?

Las ciudades europeas lideran de nuevo el camino hacia la innovación y la renovación democrática, y son las dan respuestas ante los retos a los que nos enfrentamos en el continente. English

Podemos: reivindicar Europa, una consigna revolucionaria

Pocos días antes de las elecciones en España, hablamos sobre la estrategia europea del nuevo partido y la posibilidad de construir una red transnacional de ciudades rebeldes. Entrevista. English

Novas eleições em Espanha: um pacto à Portuguesa no horizonte?

Depois de seis meses com um governo em funções, Espanha celebrará novas eleições no dia 26 de junho com uma única novidade: a coligação de Podemos com os ex-comunistas. Começa a campanha. Español English

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