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Adam Bychawski

Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The double standards applied to academic freedom

The political right is not only cracking down on academic freedoms, but has started simultaneously to become a fierce advocate of an aggressively anti-intellectual freedom of speech.

Fortress Europe: Macron hikes university fees for non-EU students

The students that the government is hoping to dissuade from studying in France are the young people of its former colonies. How does this square with ‘patriotism as openness’?

The myth of the Will of the People

Populism lives by the thought that the presence of the people in government is sufficient to wrest control from an unrepresentative elite.

Samuel Oliver-Bruno, ¿inmigrante ilegal en Estados Unidos?

El caso es ilustrativo de la política de inmigración de Estados Unidos: una política disfuncional que deja a millones de personas en un limbo. English

The ‘new’ climate politics of Extinction Rebellion?

Creating a movement that can have the impact XR aims for will require confronting the political as well as the moral challenges posed by climate change.

Living in truth

A conversation with the Lithuanian writer about being a young artist and activist exiled by the Soviet Authorities during the Cold War, together with more recent challenges from Putin’s Russia.

US immigration policy leaves millions in limbo

As non-citizens or residents, immigrants in US detention centers are not afforded the basic rights and accommodations that are supposed to be provided to regular prisoners. Samuel’s case is revealing. Español

Hondureños en Tijuana: ¡Sí se pudo!

 ¿Quién podía imaginarse que un grupo de personas pobres en chanclas y con 200 lempiras (8 dólares) en el bolsillo conseguirían un  triunfo como éste? English

Between a wall and a hard place: what now for Hondurans in Tijuana?

Who could have imagined that a group of poor people with little more than plastic flip-flops on their feet and 200 lempiras (8 dollars) in their pockets could have accomplished such a triumph? Español

Political violence, civic space and human rights defence in the era of populism and authoritarianism

Academics and international donors alike have only recently considered targeted political violence as an integral part of global democratic decline and populist politics. There is much they could do.

El caso de los apátridas en Estados Unidos

En Estados Unidos, el gobierno ha tomado recientemente medidas para limitar el acceso a la ciudadanía de las personas nacidas en su territorio y despojar a otras de ciudadanía. English

Statelessness in the United States: an update

In the United States, the national government has recently taken steps to limit access to US citizenship for persons born there, and strip citizenship from others. Español

Shattering Europe?

Why Trump’s Paris fiasco really matters, (and it isn’t about the rain on the parade.)

We need principles, not rules, to fight antisemitism: the IHRA definition and the politics of defining racism

In the heat of argument, too little has been said about the implications of defining racism for legal and quasi-legal purposes, or the difficulty of separating the two domains.

The rest and the West: thoughts on Brexit and migration. Part One

Why the decisive political space for the Left is not Europe, but an inclusive democratic debate that alone can challenge the monocultural National Us.

Brexit bankroller Arron Banks, Cambridge Analytica and Steve Bannon – explosive emails reveal fresh links

Brexit donor asked controversial Trump-linked data firm to 'come up with strategy' for fundraising in the US – and gave them access to personal information about British voters, according to new leaked emails

How Canada marijuana legalization impacts on Latin American drug policy?

Marijuana in Canada is now legal, and while the change is unlikely to have a significant impact on Latin America’s black market, it could trigger a shift towards more progressive international drug policies. Español

¿Cómo la legalización de la marihuana en Canadá impacta en América Latina?

Los países Latinoamericanos exlporan la legalización o despenalización de algunos narcóticos, pero el consenso general sobre el problema global de la droga sigue inclinándose hacia la prohibición. English

Mental health and artificial intelligence: losing your voice

While we still can, let us ask, "Will AI exacerbate discrimination?" as the productive forces of mental health are restructured within a techno-psychiatric complex. Poem.

#Midterms2018: Lies, women and migrants turn against Trump

“Tremendous success!”, “a Great Victory”, were the words strewn over Trump’s twitter account upon the declaration of the mid-term results. But is this really the case? Español

#Midterms2018: Mentiras, mujeres y migrantes en la campaña de Donald Trump

“¡Tremendo éxito!”, “Gran Victoria”, se pudo leer en la cuenta de Twitter de Donald Trump al conocerse los resultados de las elecciones de medio mandato. Pero, ¿está diciendo la verdad? English

The art of dissonance: dissecting the language of Donald Trump

Modes of communication which allow for compromise are being deliberately delegitimised.

The rising tide of national populism: we need to talk seriously about immigration

There is a key democracy argument in this new book which calls for an urgent step change in our liberal democracies and a new type of political leadership.

Trump or Brussels: Brexit and the art of 'No deal'

Even if the UK parliament approves a Brexit agreement it will satisfy no one. The real choice the country faces is beween re-entering the EU or becoming a satellite of Washington.

Palestine’s forgotten refugees in Lebanon

Massive cuts by the Trump administration to the budget of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency will exacerbate an already marginal existence for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Trump – don’t let ‘Tommy Robinson’ preach his anti-Muslim message in the US

Right wing members of Congress have invited the EDL founder to a major event in Washington DC, despite his criminal record.

This is how anti-abortion propaganda gets into US cinemas

Amid open war on reproductive rights, anti-choice supporters of the new Gosnell film want it to change hearts and minds. Will they succeed?

Civil rights and voter suppression in the US

The rights of those whose citizenship is contested will not be guaranteed by appeals to loyalty and patriotism, but by social movements that are not bound by the state.

#CaravanaMigrante: 5 keys to understand the phenomenon challenging Trump

The humanitarian crisis provoked by thousands of migrants that dream of obtaining asylum in the US has the entire region at crossroads. Español

Identity politics benefits the Right. But not for long?

Identity politics favours the political Right, since they are trying to win over a more homogenous group. Nowadays, as a result, the US eerily resembles Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Brasil y la guerra comercial entre Estados Unidos y China

Cuando las dos economías más grandes del mundo empezaron a imponer aranceles a sus importaciones respectivas, China apuntó a la soja estadounidense. Resultado: la demanda china de soja brasileña se ha disparado. English

The US-China trade war and Brazil

As the world’s two largest economies began to impose tit-for-tat tariffs on a range of imports, China hit US soybeans. Since then, Chinese demand for Brazilian soy has spiked. Español

The populists: what is to be done?

It is all too easy to throw up one’s hands in despair at the advance of the populists. Easy, but wrong.

The crumbling architecture of arms control

Given US and Russian presidential capacity for springing surprises, we risk losing the degree of safety we gained with the end of the Cold War and have enjoyed since then.

Famine in Yemen: long announced, now on our screens

What are world leaders doing? Where is the ‘international community’ Yemenis so often appeal to?

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