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Tom Rowley is editor of oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

America’s criminal injustice system

Think of the author as today’s Sam Spade, taking you deep into an American world in which justice couldn’t be blinder.

Reclaiming Black women’s history: the Montgomery bus boycott 60 years on

With police violence against Black communities giving rise to the #Blacklivesmatter campaign, anniversaries of civil rights victories are an opportunity to bring to light the invisible actors behind historic moments. 

Interrupting Trump’s strut is only a start

Donald Trump says he is running for presidency against the crooked media. What should be the media response?

Should Jeremy Corbyn learn from Hillary Clinton’s education plan?

Student debt is as American as apple pie. But the system is in crisis, which is why Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is proposing to scrap university tuition fees.

$10,000 for Honduran Teen’s Conditional Release from a US Immigration Jail

In testament to the overwhelming public support for a Central American migrant teen, the money was quickly amassed and sent to the court. Español

10.000 dólares para liberar a un adolescente hondureño de la cárcel de inmigración en Estados Unidos

Como prueba del enorme apoyo cívico a los adolescentes de América Central, el dinero para liberar a Wildin Acosta fue rápidamente recaudado y enviado a la corte. English

What does the security establishment attack on Trump say about the establishment?

They say Donald Trump "lacks the character, values and experience" to be Commander-in-Chief. What they mean is, he is not enough of a warmonger.

President Macri’s perilous gambit

It is time not to open the Pandora Box of the “war on drugs” in Argentina. It is crucial that the United States avoid any signal in favor of such a strategy. Español

Poland welcomes internet filtering

Any limits set for free expression online must be traced in pencil, not in ink, and not, and this is particularly important - within a hastily drafted piece of legislation.

La convención Republicana de Cleveland: una perspectiva histórica

Si Buenos Aires fue la capital mundial del populismo después de 1945, existe una posibilidad real de que Washington se convierta en su capital global en el siglo XXI. English

Other erratic nations of our time

While the US and the Soviet Union were in a proxy war, Americans were also fighting an internal ideological war, believing themselves defenders of liberal American thought in the face of communist evils. عربي

Cleveland: a historical perspective

The rhetoric that surrounds Donald Trump's convention triumph signals a new phase in the intertwined history of fascism and populism. Español 

Not Hitler or Augustus, but a hybrid that shows what the American polity is becoming

“Our national crisis isn’t really about Trump; it’s about what’s happening to the American people.” Long essay.

Very Turkish abduction from the seraglio and crocodile tears of the ‘West’

The international “friends of Turkey” bear a great deal of responsibility for Turkey’s predicament, a fact that the crocodile tears they shed today could not easily conceal.

Sur: against state violence in Turkey - an interview with former mayor Abdullah Demirbas

As a richly articulated living history, Sur shattered the stereotype of the Middle East as intellectually backwards and culturally empty. A call for international support.

The United Kingdom is sleepwalking into renewing humanity’s deadliest weapons

The British public are tired of simplified, polarising campaign messages, and are fast losing faith in their elected representatives, setting the stage for a renewal of Trident by default.

UN talks on multilateral disarmament: you can run but cannot hide

As debate in the UK is pre-occupied with renewal of Trident there is an apparent lack of awareness that the world of non-proliferation and disarmament is changing around us.

Ideología: la actitud de los latinos ante los partidos políticos en Estados Unidos

La inmigración, para los latinos, es mucho más que una cuestión de políticas. Tiene que ver con en qué medida se sienten bienvenidos, o no, en la sociedad americana. English

Paris after Orlando: gay prisoners of racial prejudice

This erasure by journalists and politicians has highlighted the lasting homophobia of French society. It served also as a reminder of how fragile the tenuous progress made for gay rights is.

Ideología: una interpretación económica del voto latino en Estados Unidos

Los hogares latinos perdieron el 42 % de su riqueza entre 2007 y 2013, los afroamericanos el 43 %y los hogares blancos el 26 %. Esto explicaría, en parte, su comportamiento electoral. English

Ideología: an economic interpretation of the latino vote in the US

Latino households lost 42 percent of their wealth between 2007 and 2013, African Americans 43 percent, and white households 26 percent. This could explain, to a certain extent, their electoral behaviour. Español

To confront polarisation one must look into the abyss

What Brexit has shown us is that people are still easy to manipulate and that tribal divisions are still pretty much a feature of our political system.

Blimey, it could be the unconstraining voice

Anthony Barnett’s book on BREXIT prompts the hope that Britain will continue to inspire both the US and Europe to ‘transcend ourselves by finding ourselves.’

Carnage in Istanbul and the point of no return

Once the external anchor of Turkey’s democracy, the EU‘s normative influence has sunk as low as its reputation among its many erstwhile supporters, who now feel betrayed and abandoned.

Todd Gitlin: 'There was always a constructive ambiguity about Obama'

Todd Gitlin discusses Obama's legacy, Donald Trump, and the future of Bernie Sanders’ movement.

Fog in Channel – history cut off

What has happened to Britain’s historic duty in helping out other nations formerly under its yoke? There is no such thing as an inner citadel.

Figuring (out) Omar Mateen

Mateen killed 49 people, wounding 53 others, in a mass shooting at the Pulse gay bar in Orlando, Florida, before being killed in a shootout with local police. But who was he?

Bernie Sanders at the crossroads

Will his campaign endorse Hillary Clinton and minimise the risk of Trump becoming president, or will it back Green Party candidate Jill Stein and try to create a progressive alternative?

Cornel West: Black America’s neo-liberal sleepwalking is coming to an end

In this exclusive, Cornel West talks Bernie Sanders’ neo-populism, Donald Trump’s neo-fascism – and sweeping away the myopic careerism and chronic narcissism that prevented any serious critique of Obama's neo-liberalism.

With one bound he was free!

The Internet organisation ICANN’s charismatic CEO, Fadi Chehade has moved on. Did he achieve what he set out to do? Was it what we needed him to do? And what about human rights?

Mobilisation for digital rights

Post-ACTA, decision-making has been adapted to avoid decision-moments. Of course, individual grassroots campaigns are still hugely valuable. But we need long-term advocacy.

We must understand threats in the technology we use every day

Like everyone else, human rights activists use mobile phones, email and social networks to connect. Unlike most people, they criticise states, challenging their actions. As such, they attract their attention.

الوطن المجنون ليس فقط هنا

رغم أن الحرب الباردة كانت بالوكالة بين الولايات المتحدة والإتحاد السوفيتي، إلا أنها كانت مباشرة بين الأمريكيين أنفسهم، مَنْ يظنون أنفسهم حماة الفكر الأمريكي الحر في مواجهة الشرور الشيوعية الحمراء، ولم يتوقف الأمر عند الساسة فقط بل طال أيضـًا الفنانين. English

Rome, Brexit, Trump and Greens – so many forms of establishment meltdown: revolution in the making?

Everywhere, people are increasingly hostile towards whoever wants them to vote just for the sake of stability and out of fear of a jump into the unknown.

Operación Cóndor: Una asociación criminal trasnacional, al descubierto

La condena judicial al acuerdo criminal entre dictaduras lationamericanas de los 70 nos recuerda que la lucha por la memoria, la verdad y la justicia sostiene los pilares de una sociedad democrática. English

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