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Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and contributing editor to 50.50.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why are we Brits in such a muddle about antisemitism?

We may be at a critical moment in British public life, risking a plunge into an American-style pseudo-politics, sucking attention away from the real inequalities of our world and our society.

The dawn and delusions of the ‘Nerd Reich’: BlockBusters #1

It is both possible and necessary to think politically about the blockchain: delegation, transmutation and complexity.

« Punish the deserving »: the war against terror and its dead ends

In spite of the colossal amount of resource consumed during the operations evoked, none of the coercive options of these last fifteen years has proved effective with regard to the pursued objectives of stabilization.

Why a progressive foreign policy is good for US national security

Even if the most Bernie Sanders succeeds at is pulling the national foreign policy conversation to the left, this will have been significant after a decade of living under the troublingly expansive national security complex ushered in by the events of 9/11.

"The corollary of the derivative is the border": visions for the democratic control of movement

Democracy is created in the seizing of it: those who are democratizing movement are those who, in their actions, are implicitly or explicitly demanding the abolition of borders.

The youth ruse: mobilizing concern for the younger generation

Reading through The Trials of Generation Y, a series of inflammatory headlines pit the young against the old, while skirting around the question of deepening inequalities within all age groups.

América Latina: da cosmopolítica à tecnopolítica

Uma característica específica dos novos movimentos sociais latino-americanos é o seu sincretismo: a cultura do 15M/Occupy Wall Street mistura-se com cosmovisões indígenas ancestrais. English Español

Obama, Timochenko e os Rolling Stones, juntos em Cuba

Juntar em Cuba Obama e Raul Castro, Kerry e as FARC, e ter Mick Jagger a saltar de alegria, é uma maneira revolucionária de enterrar a revolução. Español English

Obama, Timochenko & the Rolling Stones, together in Cuba

Gathering in Cuba Raúl Castro and Obama, and Kerry and the FARC, and having Mick Jagger jump up and down, is a way to bury the revolution in a revolutionary way. Español Português

Obama, Timochenko y los Rolling Stones, juntos en Cuba

Juntar en Cuba a Obama con Raúl Castro y a Kerry con las FARC, y tener a Mick Jagger saltando de alegría, es una manera revolucionaria de enterrar la revolución. English Português

The other of the others am I: risk and alterity in the Brussels attacks

An excess of security may not only increase paranoia, but can also make the ‘otherness’ much harder.  Português, Nederlands, Español

A case for demilitarizing the US military

15 years after the global war on terror was launched, America faces a deeply embedded (remarkably unsuccessful) version of militarism, and a seldom recognized crisis in civil-military relations.

It can’t happen here... can it?

Try listing similarities and differences between the US today and Weimar Germany in the 1920s -30s. At this edgy moment, the similarities, of course, tend to jump out at you.

Iraq and Syria didn’t create ISIS - we did

After the Paris attacks, ISIS became yesterday’s story, as if the terrorist movement had disappeared into far lands not able to affect our lives any more.

Donald Trump defines the term, authentic populist

Populism, in other words, is the idea of a certain democracy in which illiberalism trumps liberalism.

Ending impunity in Europe?

The International Criminal Court needs support in order to succeed with its investigation of Georgia and Russia.

US Presidential race: the feminist generation gap

Why is there strong support for Bernie Sanders from young feminists and a tepid response to Hillary Rodham Clinton, a lifelong feminist? Why has a feminist generational gap emerged in 2016?      

CSW: groundbreaking US support for sexual rights

With the 60th UN Commission on the Status of Women underway in New York, the decision by the US to support sexual and reproductive health and rights - at last - presents a real opportunity to move the agenda forward.

"Nobody wants to live in a drug-free world": an interview with Carl Hart

"There has never been a drug-free world, and there never will be one." In this exclusive video-interview, professor Carl Hart discusses the sensationalism and race panic behind the war on drugs in the United States. (17:25 minutes).

Nonviolent strategies to defeat totalitarians such as ISIS

Military might has little success against violent terror organizations. If nonviolent strategies seem impractical, it is an even greater naiveté to think armed solutions can be the answer.

Obama, a Argentina e os direitos humanos

O relançamento das relações entre os Estado Unidos e a Argentina dispõe dum pilar sobre o qual se deve apoiar: os direitos humanos. Español English

Obama, Argentina and human rights

The resumption of relations between the United States and Argentina has a foundation on which to build: human rights. Español Português

Obama, Argentina y los derechos humanos

El relanzamiento de las relaciones entre los Estados Unidos y Argentina tiene un pilar en el que debiera sostenerse: los derechos humanos. English Português

Trump & the real need to “figure out what is going on”

Trump said he wanted to bar Muslims from entering the country "until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on”. Only the right sort of figuring would be an antidote to Trump.

Trumped democracy?

It is time politicians talk straight and on important topics. Otherwise, there will be more space for Citizen Trump and the like.

The fight continues to free detained Central American high schoolers in the US

Despite several protests, US authorities have not yet backed down from arresting immigrant high school students on their way to school. Español

Estudiantes centroamericanos detenidos en Estados Unidos: la lucha continúa

A pesar de multitudinarias protestas, las autoridades estadounidenses aún no han abandonado la práctica de arrestar estudiantes de secundaria de origen inmigrante de camino a la escuela. English

The strange case of Dr Saud and Mr Jihad

Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous novel, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, provides a useful metaphor for Saudi Arabia and its relationship with its allies.

European security. Crisis? What crisis?

At the Munich Security Conference, there is more agreement that current situations are tragic and risky, than accord on who is to blame and what to do.

US: behind the Republican implosion

The profound dysfunction on display in the Republican party’s contest for its 2016 presidential nomination reflects an intraparty civil war that has been simmering for the past 25 years and has now burst out of control.

Latino high schoolers could be deported to "certain death"

Several North Carolina Latino high schoolers have been arrested and are expected to be deported, despite strong opposition from both the teachers and school boards throughout the state. Español Português

Estudiantes latinos ¿deportados a una "muerte segura"?

Varios estudiantes latinos de Carolina del Norte han sido detenidos y, pese a la fuerte oposición de las autoridades educativas en todo el estado, podrían acabar siendo deportados. English Português

Developing a global privacy regime in the age of mass surveillance: four key principles

Europe leads in the field of the protection of privacy, with legislators, particularly courts, addressing head-on the fundamental human rights challenges posed by executive action authorising mass surveillance.

'Commons sense’: you either see it or you don’t

Some of the debates regarding agency, change and commoning that flowed through openDemocracy in 2015.

Capitalism, cronyism and Clinton

The problem of Hillary Clinton is the problem of American democracy. Doug Henwood’s new book, My Turn: Hillary Clinton Targets the Presidency digs deep into the system that spawned her.

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