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Thomas Rowley

Thomas Rowley is editor of oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A family under attack: Iranian exiles and the economic sanctions

The sanctions force Iranians to suspend their struggle against their abusive father, fearing that the interfering strangers would manipulate their demands and grievances.

The wall isn’t a state of emergency but a state of exception

The German legal scholar and Nazi ideologue Carl Schmitt described a ‘State of Exception’ as the process by which a sovereign leader can transcend the rule of law in the name of the public good. 

Las mentiras de Trump, las redadas contra inmigrantes y el derecho a la identidad

En su "State of the Union" de este año Trump aseguró que: "año tras año, innumerables estadounidenses son asesinados por criminales extranjeros ilegales". Simultáneamente, Carolina del Norte fue testigo de varias redadas contra inmigrantes. English.

First they came for the ‘bad hombres’ … but the North Carolina sheriffs are speaking out

As NC immigrant arrests climb to 230 ICE announces the “New Normal” declaring how, where and why the people considered immigration violators will be arrested.

‘Religious freedom’ claims used to defend FGM in courts in four countries

Cases come as rights advocates warn such arguments are increasingly being ‘weaponised’ against women’s and LGBT equality.

Trump’s lies, immigrant raids and the right to identity

In this State of the Union address, Trump said, “Year after year, countless Americans are murdered by criminal illegal aliens”. Simultaneously, North Carolina witnessed a number of merciless immigrant raids. Español.

2018 fue el año en el que el crimen se volvió ideología en las Américas

A pesar de algunas iniciativas valiosas para fortalecer el imperio de la ley y hacer frente a la impunidad en la región, el 2018 ha visto crecer al crímen organizado en todo el continente. English

2018 was the year crime became an ideology in the Americas

In spite of some valuable initiatives to stregnthen the rule of law and tackle impunity in the region, 2018 has seen organised crime thrive throughout the continent. Español

‘They were planning on stealing the election’: Explosive new tapes reveal Cambridge Analytica CEO’s boasts of voter suppression, manipulation and bribery

Previously unknown recording reveals extraordinary ‘black ops’ on three continents – exploiting weaknesses in democracies left wide open by governments and Silicon Valley.

Carta abierta de más de 70 académicos y expertos condena el intento de golpe de Estado respaldado por Estados Unidos en Venezuela

"Por el bien del pueblo venezolano, la región y por el principio de la soberanía nacional, estos actores internacionales deben apoyar las negociaciones entre el gobierno venezolano y sus oponentes." English.

Open Letter by Over 70 Scholars and Experts Condemns US-Backed Coup Attempt in Venezuela

"For the sake of the Venezuelan people, the region, and for the principle of national sovereignty, these international actors should instead support negotiations between the Venezuelan government and its opponents." Español.

Democrats should aim for Medicare for More rather than Medicare for All

Expanding public health coverage, rather than universalising it, might be a more realistic goal.

Can we please learn from history?

In their enthusiasm for a new cold war against China and Russia, the western establishments of today are making a mistake comparable to that of their forbears of 1914.

Leaving the white nationalist movement with Derek Black

We talk to Derek about what catalysed this change, if others are likely to follow in his footsteps and the role white nationalism is playing in politics in 2019.

Terrorism policing: the YPG/YPJ, an ally abroad but a danger at home?

The erratic treatment members of the YPG/YPJ receive at the hands of Europe’s counterterrorism networks doesn’t look set to change in the near future.

Colombia y la línea dura frente a Venezuela

Hoy algunos países de la región, y especialmente Colombia, no solo quieren romper relaciones con Venezuela, sino que se suman al discurso de intervención militar de ciertos halcones en Washington. Es una postura riesgosa y equivocada.

¿Qué hay después del final abrupto del fin de la historia?

El ciclo Seis contradicciones y el fin del presente del Centro de Estudios del Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, nació evocando la urgencia de volver a imaginar un horizonte de transformación.

Democracy is facing strong headwinds in 2019

Jair Bolsonaro’s inauguration as president of Brazil marks the beginning of the political year. The redrawing of the world order currently under way is increasingly adverse to democracy. Español

Polarisation with no ideological solution in sight

The increasing political polarization, a problem of the entire western world, is based on misconceptions to which today's politicians find themselves without a solution.

Revealed: the dirty secrets of the DUP’s ‘dark money’ Brexit donor

MPs call on Richard Cook to “emerge from the shadows” after we uncover his trail of illegal waste, unpaid bills and court documents stretching from India to California.

Which municipalism? Let's be choosy

What exactly are we talking about when we refer to the “new municipalism” or “municipalist transformation” as defined by the Fearless Cities movement? Español.

White is the new black: populism and the academic alt-right

“It is our duty to expose this moral agenda for what it is, not by 'deplatforming' them – only adding victimisation to their already lavish arsenal – but through reasoned argument.”

The double standards applied to academic freedom

The political right is not only cracking down on academic freedoms, but has started simultaneously to become a fierce advocate of an aggressively anti-intellectual freedom of speech.

Fortress Europe: Macron hikes university fees for non-EU students

The students that the government is hoping to dissuade from studying in France are the young people of its former colonies. How does this square with ‘patriotism as openness’?

The myth of the Will of the People

Populism lives by the thought that the presence of the people in government is sufficient to wrest control from an unrepresentative elite.

Samuel Oliver-Bruno, ¿inmigrante ilegal en Estados Unidos?

El caso es ilustrativo de la política de inmigración de Estados Unidos: una política disfuncional que deja a millones de personas en un limbo. English

The ‘new’ climate politics of Extinction Rebellion?

Creating a movement that can have the impact XR aims for will require confronting the political as well as the moral challenges posed by climate change.

Living in truth

A conversation with the Lithuanian writer about being a young artist and activist exiled by the Soviet Authorities during the Cold War, together with more recent challenges from Putin’s Russia.

US immigration policy leaves millions in limbo

As non-citizens or residents, immigrants in US detention centers are not afforded the basic rights and accommodations that are supposed to be provided to regular prisoners. Samuel’s case is revealing. Español

Hondureños en Tijuana: ¡Sí se pudo!

 ¿Quién podía imaginarse que un grupo de personas pobres en chanclas y con 200 lempiras (8 dólares) en el bolsillo conseguirían un  triunfo como éste? English

Between a wall and a hard place: what now for Hondurans in Tijuana?

Who could have imagined that a group of poor people with little more than plastic flip-flops on their feet and 200 lempiras (8 dollars) in their pockets could have accomplished such a triumph? Español

Political violence, civic space and human rights defence in the era of populism and authoritarianism

Academics and international donors alike have only recently considered targeted political violence as an integral part of global democratic decline and populist politics. There is much they could do.

El caso de los apátridas en Estados Unidos

En Estados Unidos, el gobierno ha tomado recientemente medidas para limitar el acceso a la ciudadanía de las personas nacidas en su territorio y despojar a otras de ciudadanía. English

Statelessness in the United States: an update

In the United States, the national government has recently taken steps to limit access to US citizenship for persons born there, and strip citizenship from others. Español

Shattering Europe?

Why Trump’s Paris fiasco really matters, (and it isn’t about the rain on the parade.)

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