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Phoebe Braithwaite is openDemocracy’s submissions editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

San Salvador, not Caracas, was the world´s most murderous city in 2015

With almost 200 murders by 100.000 inhabitants, probably San Salvador´s murder rate exceeds the violent death rate in many of the world´s most vicious armed conflicts. Español Português

En Venezuela, lo fácil es polarizar

Rara vez los políticos negocian si no están obligados a hacerlo. Ante un país en quiebra, lo único que puede obligar al chavismo a negociar con una oposición fortalecida es la presión social. English

Venezuela, where polarising is so easy

Politicians negotiate only when they are forced to. In a broken nation, the only thing that can make Chavism accept to negotiate with a tough opposition is social pressure. Español

The left isn’t dead yet in Venezuela

With a catastrophic economic situation, Chavism is running out of time. Much will depend on how Maduro deals with this unprecedented situation of having a parliament fully controlled by the opposition. Português.

A esquerda ainda não está morta na Venezuela

Numa situação económica catastrófica, o Chavismo está a correr contra o tempo. Muito dependerá de como Maduro lide com um Parlamento controlado pela oposição, uma situação sem precedentes na história recente da Venezuela. English.

Los desafíos de la Venezuela post-Chávez

La Revolución Bolivariana celebra elecciones parlamentarias en un contexto de crisis. El descontento alcanza incluso a los “chavistas no maduristas". English.

The challenges of post-Chávez Venezuela

With high expectations nurtured by the opposition, the Bolivarian Revolution is facing parliamentary elections on December 6. The whole region is looking at how post-chavism will play down. Español

Macri e o pêndulo latino-americano

A América Latina encontra-se num estado de confusão que se deve à crescente desconexão entre um demos em transformação, com uma diversidade de exigências, e um cratos com pouca porosidade para dar respostas. English. Español

Macri y el péndulo latinoamericano

América Latina se encuentra en un estado de confusión que se debe a la creciente desconexión entre un demos en transformación, con una diversidad de demandas, y un cratos con poca porosidad para dar respuestas. English. Português.

On the end of Chavism

Forthcoming elections in Venezuela may not be about the continuity or the end of Chavism, but rather on how the opposition and the ruling party will cohabitate the day after. Español.

Entre especulaciones y agoreros del final del chavismo

A pesar de la retórica, el tema de las próximas elecciones en Venezuela no es la continuidad o el fin del chavismo, sino la forma que tomará la cohabitación de la oposición y el partido gobernante el día después. English.

An answer to the “end of cycle” prophets in Latin America

The historical successes of progressive governments are undeniable, according to Atilio Borón and Álvaro García Linera, two of the most clear-headed intellectuals involved in the political processes in the region. Español. Português.

Parálisis creciente de la izquierda en América Latina (Primera parte)

Unas izquierdas latinoamericanas cada vez más exhaustas parecen atrapadas en las mismas contradicciones que han venido socavando a sus contrapartes europeas. English

The mounting paralysis of Latin America’s Left (Part 1)

An increasingly exhausted South American Left finds itself trapped between similar contradictions to those undermining its counterparts in Europe. Español.

The end of the progressive narrative in Latin America

Protests against President Dilma Rousseff are a turning point in the breakup between government and citizens in Brazil. The same process is gradually spreading to other Latin American countries. Español. Português.

O fim do relato progressista na América Latina

Os protestos contra Dilma Rousseff marcam um ponto de inflexão na ruptura entre governantes e governados em Brasil, um processo que paulatinamente se estende aos países latino-americanos. Español. English

Refugee crisis in Europe: remember Latin America

This is not only a European crisis but a global one, and it should be approached as such, involving nations throughout the world in its solution. As it did in the past, Latin America can give a hand. Português. Español

Crisis de refugiados en Europa. Recordad América Latina.

Esta crisis no es sólo europea, sino global. Debemos tratarla como tal, involucrando a naciones de todo el mundo en su solución. Como hiciera en el pasado, América Latina puede ayudar. English. Português.

Crise de refugiados na Europa: recordando a América Latina

Esta não é apenas uma crise Europeia, mas global, e que deve ser abordada como tal, envolvendo as nações de todo o mundo na sua solução. À semelhança do que fez no passado, a América Latina pode contribuir. English, Español

Os populismos latino-americanos perdem popularidade

Desde a Venezuela à Argentina passando pela Bolívia e pelo Equador, um ciclo político dá sinais de esgotamento. Mas as democracias latino-americanas têm recursos suficientes para seguir avançando. English. Español.

Los populismos latinoamericanos pierden popularidad

Desde Venezuela y Argentina hasta Bolivia y Ecuador, un ciclo político da señales de agotamiento. Pero las democracias latinoamericanas tienen recursos suficientes para seguir avanzando. English. Português.

La población civil, víctima de la crisis fronteriza entre Colombia y Venezuela

La cobertura mediática de la crisis fronteriza entre Colombia y Venezuela se centra en el presidente Maduro, olvidando a su primera víctima: la población civil. Hacen falta políticas de desarrollo estructurales que construyan un futuro para la región. English.

The Colombia-Venezuela border crisis: the civilian backdrop

The Colombia-Venezuela border crisis' media coverage should focus on the affected populations rather than in a Maduro/Santos dispute. Structural development policies should be deployed to build a future for the crossborder region. Español.

Chavista theory of transition towards the communal state

If the Maduro administration steps up the counter-offensive against speculation, such measures might well result in the retention of a Chavista majority in the National Assembly this December.

¿Se acaban los socialismos del siglo XXI?

Hay indicios que los gobiernos latinoamericanos llamados del “socialismo del siglo XXI” en Venezuela, Bolivia y Ecuador conocen pérdidas de reconocimiento y sus presidentes están perdiendo la aceptación que tuvieron. English

Is this the end of the Latin American 21st century socialisms?

Public support for the Latin American governments of so-called “21st century Socialism” in Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador is waning, and their broadly popular presidents are losing the remarkable acceptance they have enjoyed in previous years. Español

Podemos: Latin America exports political ways and means

Together with the economic good times linked largely to rising exports, we are currently witnessing an unusual historical phenomenon: Latin America is beginning to export its politics Español. 

Latin American progressives and environmental duplicity

What governments must do, now more than ever, is decisively leave resources in the ground, reject mining projects, resist the short-termist temptation of a fossil fuel fix. 

The struggle over Chavez's legacy

Over a year after the Venezuelan leader's death, the Chavez narrative is still up for grabs. From openDemocracy.

García Márquez and "the Latin American who came in from the cold"

Former Swedish deputy foreign minister and UN ambassador Pierre Schori remembers circumstances and characters, including the late prime minister Olof Palme, that linked him to Gabriel García Márquez, in the work they did on Latin America.

Venezuela: taking the counter- out of revolution

Venezuela is politically polarised and so is much of the coverage of it. But just as the violence is now kaleidoscopic the international response must become more complex.

Project COBRA: community-owned solutions for the marginalised indigenous communities of the Guiana Shield, South America

Project COBRA is an EU project which advocates the position that local communities have the capacity to identify their own "best practices" and share them with others.

The heavy hand on Venezuela's streets

Faced with soaring levels of crime and violence, Venezuela's government continues to militarize the police. The public disproves of the crime, but not the response. Why? 

Witness to the revolution: Bolivarianismo and popular power in Venezuela

For those of us living in a land of economic austerity and political atrophy, seeing a country demonstrate that there is an alternative remains an indispensible component of our long-term struggle to rejuvenate our society.

Whose Police?

Do the police serve the public, or are they a force of elite control? openSecurity's series opens up this question to citizens, analysts and activists around the world: where does security come from?

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