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En Liang Khong

En Liang Khong is submissions editor at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

How mental health services fail young people and what can be done about it

Slashed budgets, stressed workers and young people in desperate need across England and Wales. Something’s got to give.

Digital capitalism: stagnation and contention?

Capitalist development has undergone – and inflicted – violent historical dislocations in the past. So it is with digital capitalism today.

Inter alia - a thought

For now, Israel is too powerful. An uprising may assert the right to life, land, and dignity. But it will not change the brutal facts on the ground.

Empty chairs in Latin America

The absence of the leading candidate for the October 25 presidential elections in Argentina at a national debate on TV highlights the persistent democratic-quality shortfall in Latin America. Español. Português.

Political trust or trust in political institutions?

When States lack social legitimacy, a lack of trust in politicians or political parties is merely a symptom of this. Who then do we turn to?

OurKingdom is dead. Long live openDemocracyUK!

We've changed our name.

Crowdfunding a revolution in Montenegro

Montenegro is witnessing the biggest protests in its history in calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Djukanovic, and activists are turning to crowdfunding to sustain their revolution.

The ‘oil fairytale’ versus Norway's Constitution

Large-scale oil extraction in the Arctic is irreconcilable with a two-degree global warming limit. When politics let us down, we have to turn to the courts. Do you agree?

£2.6bn: the price of an unfair voting system

The first past the post electoral system can result in undemocratic and potentially corrupted one-party councils. We need electoral reform for local government in England and Wales.

The next VW scandal

Buried in the minutes of an obscure new quango is evidence of vast corporate capture of the UK government.

Kids Company spoke truth to power: was it silenced?

Child social services were badly affected by 33% cuts to local government core funding, most clinical providers kept quiet but Kids Company spoke out vociferously.

What can and should the BBC do about local news?  

The Government want BBC to provide for market failure, except in the one instance where there is a clear case for it, the delivery of local news.

On the frontline: women building peace

Gender is a matter of international peace and security. The anniversary of SCR 1325 provides a platform to reclaim the actions and power of women to shape global peace and security in new ways.

Implementing Resolution 1325: the role of National Action Plans

Much has been gained by the women who secured SCR 1325. Seven resolutions on, these resolutions and their intent now sit firmly within global policy on peace and security.

Myth-busting human rights awareness

Broad public support for human rights is a false front—not a mass movement but a loosely bound herd. A contribution to the openGlobalRights debate, public opinion and human rights. Español

Government steps up role as a global arms dealer

The UK defence minister endorses arms sale abroad, with potentially grave political consequences.

Corbyn and the climate crisis

Corbyn can become a leader on climate change if he positions its cause at the heart of a new economic design. 

Squandered lives: Why is it so hard for young people to find decent mental health care?

Vulnerable young people suffering from mental illness are not getting the help that they need. Kesia’s story.

For these borrowers and lenders, debt is a relationship based on love

Transforming the financial system could allow debt to become a source of freedom instead of servitude. 

Rebuilding trust in Europe will mean a new and more populist way of doing politics

The truth is that ‘trust me’ didn’t work and the much-vaunted expertise of the ‘third way’ politicians have contributed to the disarray we see all around us.