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Julian Richards is openDemocracy’s managing editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A national government would only deliver for the rich

“The national interest” always ends up meaning the interests of the banks, financial services and industrialists

Front page 21 July 2018


في هذه اللحظة فقط، شعرت بأن حبي لهذه المدينة ينبع من تعاطفي مع أهلها السابقون واللاحقون. وعند اقتناعي بأن دور مدينة القدس هو تعليمنا درساً كونياً عن النفس البشرية، رأيت جمالها واستشعرت بقدسيتها ووقعت بحبّ ندوبها الداخلية والخارجية.

Jeff Bezos's fortune has come at the expense of workers and society not receiving their fair share

The richest man in the world did not get there alone; his wealth is created by Amazon’s millions of workers, suppliers and consumers.

Frontpage 20 July

El Informe sobre la trata de personas de EE.UU. de 2015: ¿señales de declive?

El Informe sobre la trata de personas («TIP», por su siglas en inglés) de los Estados Unidos denuncia la explotación y responsabiliza a los gobiernos. Pero la creciente politización y renuencia a abordar la política económica de la trata de personas comprometen su credibilidad. English

Real gender equality includes femininity (and the color pink)

As feminist parents we tell ourselves that we’re trying to break down the gender binary, but what’s wrong with skirts and baby dolls?

Negotiating Brexit from the ground up

Having a national conversation is no small task.  However the principles are simple and their implementation is absolutely possible. 

Can a male-dominated legal industry achieve meaningful reforms for women?

Despite shocking accounts of harassment and discrimination within their profession, women lawyers in Zimbabwe and beyond are fighting for more gender-sensitive laws.

My scorched land: the story of Sardasht’s unhealed wounds

The story of Sardasht is a perfect example of the dark days of the Iranian regime’s unbridled hegemony over the Kurds.

Frontpage 19th July

#SOSNicaragua: What you need to know about the repression in Nicaragua

350 dead, 100 missing and appalling violations of human rights is the new norm in a country ruled by a tyrant hell-bent on the bloody repression of the nation. Español

Taking on the mafia running international soccer

The 2018 World Cup has come to an end, but the case that unveiled a massive criminal conspiracy involving the international soccer organization FIFA is still ongoing. Español

NHS staff discover they will get hundreds of pounds less than they thought

Nearly a million NHS staff are due to receive a long-awaited pay rise at the end of this month. But new figures released quietly last week have caused fury – and confusion even amongst some unions.

Authoritarian rule shedding its populist skin in rural Cambodia

We won’t know until the July 2018 elections whether this radical redrawing of the Cambodian political landscape is a ‘new normal’ of naked authoritarianism. What is happening is truly bad.

Injustice for all: how Azerbaijan’s bar association was reduced to tatters

A strong and independent legal community is the most significant obstacle to the arbitrariness of authoritarian rule.

Frontpage 18th July

Is there a role for the EU in the Moroccan Rif crisis?

For Rabat, the challenge will be to access the EU funds and more while getting away from any significant EU impact. That is, even if it means faking Europeanization.

How ‘conscientious objectors’ threaten women’s newly-won abortion rights in Latin America

From Uruguay to Chile, medical staff are refusing to provide abortion services even after their legalisation. Español

Free markets and the decline of democracy

What is the source of the 21st century tendency to authoritarianism? The central purpose of neoliberal re-regulation is to remove economic policy from control by representative democracy.