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This week’s editor

Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

NHS boss apologises for tweeting Hitler parody

The debacle - the cracks are showing at the top....

An Armenian perspective on Khojali

Many civilians were killed in the war between the newly independent states of Armenia and Azerbaijan in the early 1990s. But the disputed period raises larger questions of common suffering, says Gerard Libaridian, adviser to Armenia's president at the time, who reflects on one incident that casts a long shadow.

We must protect NHS democracy

As the Green Party Spring Conference kicks off in Liverpool today, Caroline Lucas MP writes exclusively for OurNHS about the threats to NHS democracy in England.

A new (order) Ukraine? Assessing the relevance of Ukraine’s far right in an EU perspective

Now that the EU is ready to embrace the new Ukrainian government, investing at least one billion euros in the ‘revolutionized’ country, it is time to reinvestigate the question of far right influence in Ukraine.

Social room: making a more civil society

The US school shooters weren't just pathological murderers, they were responding to suffocating beliefs about masculinity. The 'sea of pink', Nelson Mandela and the AIDS memorial quilt show that to thrive, everyone needs more social room.

The constituent assembly of the commons (CAC)

This bottom-up lawmaking project is an opportunity for us to reflect on the role the law can play as a strategy of struggle and resistance against the neoliberal policies of commodification and privatization. 

Why Ukraine is still not (yet) Russia

Most observers thought that any threat to the Sochi Olympics would come from disarray to the east and the south, in the fractious Caucasus. But, as it happened, strife came calling from the West.

Firefighting for democracy in Ukraine

Nicholas BouchetRecent US and EU demonstrations of support for democracy in Ukraine are eloquent proof of how political short-term goals keep overriding the need for long-term strategic thinking.

Understanding and confronting financialisation

The growth of finance over the last forty years has changed capitalism profoundly. It is time for its critics to grasp the nature and significance of these changes. Only then will the supremacy of finance face an effective challenge.

Preserving policy space in an independent Scotland

Last week’s attempts at arm-twisting Scotland over sterling and European Union membership have backfired. But an independent Scotland should want no part in either surrendering monetary sovereignty or EU constitutionalised neoliberalism.

The birth pains of Scottish democracy and the anguish of ‘posh Scotland’

Hugo Rifkind has called on posh Scots to speak out in the independence debate, but it's not their voices that are missing.

Podcast: 2014 matters: poverty, power and inequality in Scotland and a changing world

What would Scottish independence mean for global justice? A panel came together in Dundee to discuss what the referendum means for Scotland's place in the world.

Secret government contracts undermine our democracies. Let's stop them

How do we know that the money we collectively give to our governments is being properly spent? We don't. A new campaign seeks to change that.

Four reasons for throwing down a gauntlet to El Sisi

With increasing workers strikes, gas shortages and daily power cuts in addition to a dwindling economy and tourism industry, Egypt’s presidential hopefuls, including Sisi, should be aware that using traditional tactics to solve Egypt’s problems is not going to work in his or anyone else’s favour.

Crimea – from playground to battleground

Journalistic speculation about Crimea becoming independent is rife. However, the real dangers lie elsewhere…

Buy low, sell low: the secret to a healthier economy

To raise the quality of life, we must lower the cost of living for one another, and that’s what ‘buy low, sell low’ economics has to offer. This is the fourth article in our series on the role of money in the transformation of society.

Government brushes aside NHS Free Trade Treaty Concerns

MPs raise concerns about the impact the forthcoming trade treaty, TTIP, will have on the NHS - but Minster Without Portfolio Ken Clarke says it will make no difference.

What is the fifth estate?

For the first time since 1848, a renewed Europe from the bottom up is possible: with the new social coalitions of the Fifth Estate.

Climate politics: a melting glacier...

A new political tone on climate change in Britain is matched by a breakthrough in understanding the retreat of tropical glaciers.

North Korea: elite shame, world test

A credible United Nations report on North Korea demands a humane and practical response to its people's degradation, says Kerry Brown.