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The de Borda Institute New Economics Foundation OurKingdom

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The experiment:

Phase 1: "Ideas" forum (closed) ¦ Phase 2: "Debate" forum (closed) ¦ Phase 3: "Ballot" forum (closed) ¦ Vote (closed) ¦ The results


An experiment in consensus voting and e-democracy

The de Borda Institute, the New Economics Foundation (nef) and OurKingdom (openDemocracy's UK politics section) are collaborating in an innovative experiment in online consensus decision making. This is the project's homepage.



26/03 - The results have now been published. You can see them above, and also leave feedback on the process at the bottom of the page. A huge thank you from us at openDemocracy, de Borda and the nef to everyone who took part - we've learnt a large and valuable amount about the process. 

17/03 - The vote is closed and the experiment is now over. If you took part you will be emailed shortly with the results and conclusions arising from the experiment.

09/03 - The final phase - the vote - is now open! Please click on the link above to cast your vote.

07/03 - Phase 3 of the project is now shut. Only one phase remains - the vote - which opens soon!

04/03 - Phase 3 of the project is underway. This is your last chance to review the ballot paper and suggest modifications and improvements.

03/03 - Phase 2 of the project is now shut.

01/03 - Peter Emerson is blogging about consensus voting and the experience of running this trial. Read his blog here. And don't forget there are only a few days left to get involved with phase 2!

26/02/08 - Phase 2 of the project is underway. After a lot of painstaking work, the consensors have turned the 100+ ideas submitted in Phase 1 into a draft list of options for debate in phase 2. The list of options will eventually go on to form the ballot paper for the vote - but first, they are open to debate. Which options would you support? Which would you get rid of? Have your say by clicking on the phase 2 link above.

25/02/08 - Signup for the project is now closed.

25/02/08 - Phase 1 of the trial is complete. Thanks to everyone who left comments - turnout was very high and we had a rich discussion to kick us off. The discussion will remain archived - you can see it by clicking "Phase 1 forum" above. Phase 2 will open soon - participants will be emailed with more details shortly.

19/02/08 - The trial has begun! To participate, click on the "Phase 1 forum" link above!

18/02/08 - The trial opens later on today - all participants will receive an email explaining how to participate - but we have decided to leave signup open for another week, as the first stage of the trial progresses. So far over 250 people have registered to take part - but please forward the invitation on to friends or colleagues who might be interested!

14/02/08 - Peter Emerson, director of the de Borda institute, has written an article on the theory and history of the modified borda count. Read it here. He has also published a letter to the Guardian on David Miliband's recent speech - what type of democracy should we be exporting? Read it here (halfway down the page).

30/01/08 - Signup opens! If you are a member of a UK university, please go to the university signup form. If you want to take part in the public constituency, please visit the public signup form.

We encourage anyone to comment, please consult the
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