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Politics recovered: "Open government is the way we have found to respond to difficult times"

Fabrizio Scrollini has a constructive knowledge. His vision is one of the widest and most consistent in the region. Español Português

Fabrizio Scrollini’s is, to me, one of the most rewarding interviews in the series. I guess it shows, but I could not - and would not - hide it.

With Fabrizio we have been on a “long road” together, for many years. We were just kids when we first met - him, "a Maldonado boy” (Maldonado is a stream, now running underground, that used to be one of the natural limits of Buenos Aires) and me, an "arrogant little porteño (from the city of Buenos Aires)." Our paths in life have crossed again and again. That morning also, in which he arrived very early to the IMPA Cultural Center in Buenos Aires for the interview, carrying his suitcase.

We listen to Fabrizio. We listen to him because he knows, because his knowledge is a constructive one. And we know that, on these issues, he is one of the persons with a wider and most consistent vision in the region.

Below, a treat - the complete interview:


Politics Recovered is a series of interviews to 11 leading members of the Network of Political Innovation in Latin America. Taking advantage of the fact that they were meeting in Buenos Aires, Agustín Frizzera asked them what their vision of the new ways of doing politics is, and how do they approach the building of citizens’ rights and the inclusive use of technology.

About the authors

Agustín Frizzera es miembro y cofundador del Partido de la Red y miembro fundador del Grupo Interrupción y de la Asociación Civil Sumando en Argentina, licenciado en sociología por la Universidad de Buenos Aires y máster en gestión urtbanística por la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña en Barcelona.

Agustín Frizzera is a member and co-founder of the Network Party and a founding member of the Grupo Interrupción and of the Asociación Civil Sumando in Argentina. He holds a bachelor degree in Sociology from the University of Buenos Aires and a master's degree in Urban Management from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona.

Fabrizio Scrollini is the researcher in charge of the Latin American Initiative for Open Data (ILDA), and member of the Open Data Network for Development (OD4D). He is also President at DATA Uruguay, a civil association based in Uruguay that builds civic technology to promote human development, co-founder of Abrelatam and Open Data Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean, and participates as ‘Lead Steward’ at the International Charter of Open Data.

Fabrizio Scrollini es el investigador a cargo de la Iniciativa Latinoamericana por los Datos Abiertos (ILDA), y miembro de Open Data Network for Development (OD4D). Además, es presidente de DATA Uruguay, una asociación civil con base en Uruguay que desarrolla tecnología civil para fomentar el desarrollo humano. Es cofundador de Abrelatam y de la Conferencia Regional de Datos Abiertos para América Latina y el Caribe, además participa como primer administrador en el International Open Data Charter. 


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