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Politics recovered: “We are not going to do what hasn’t worked before”

Camilo Romero is the Governor of Nariño, in southwestern Colombia, a department with a high percentage of rural population and huge ethnic diversity. Español Português

Camilo Romero won the governorship flying three original flags: "social innovation", "collaborative economy" and "open government".

A transformer, he believes in politics as a tool and he was keen to tell us what he hopes to see happening in Nariño at the end of his 8-semester mandate. This is one of the most valuable and clearer interviews in the series, in which words are weighty because they are backed by facts.

Below, the full interview:

Politics Recovered is a series of interviews to 11 leading members of the Network of Political Innovation in Latin America. Taking advantage of the fact that they were meeting in Buenos Aires, Agustín Frizzera asked them what their vision of the new ways of doing politics is, and how do they approach the building of citizens’ rights and the inclusive use of technology.

About the authors

Agustín Frizzera es miembro y cofundador del Partido de la Red y miembro fundador del Grupo Interrupción y de la Asociación Civil Sumando en Argentina, licenciado en sociología por la Universidad de Buenos Aires y máster en gestión urtbanística por la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña en Barcelona.

Agustín Frizzera is a member and co-founder of the Network Party and a founding member of the Grupo Interrupción and of the Asociación Civil Sumando in Argentina. He holds a bachelor degree in Sociology from the University of Buenos Aires and a master's degree in Urban Management from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona.

Camilo Romero es Gobernador de Nariño, Colombia. 

Camilo Romero is the Governor of Nariño, in southwestern Colombia

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