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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

China is on the brink of profound change. In this series of articles, we examine the impact of these shifts on its people, its relationship with the West, and its future global role.

Racismo en Ecuador rima con extractivismo

El extractivismo es política de gobierno en Ecuador. A los disidentes se les combate mediáticamente con prejuicios, una forma eficaz de construir modelos mentales negativos sobre los Otros. English

América Latina y la transición energética

América Latina está explotando cada vez más su potencial de energía renovable. Nuevos proyectos eólicos y solares están en construcción en toda la región gracias a partenariados con empresas chinas. English Português

A conversation with Madeleine Thien

Benjamin Ramm talks to the author of Do Not Say We Have Nothing, shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize 2016.

Troca de favores nas Nações Unidas

O candidato favorito para suceder a Ban Ki-Moon como Secretário Geral da ONU é o Ex primeiro-ministro português António Guterres. Mas o procedimento de eleição continua a ser pouco democrático. English Español 

China and Latin America: strategic relations in times of change

Anxiety over economic and political crises and changes in Latin America is palpable in China. Español Português

China e América Latina: relações estratégias em tempos de mudança

É palpável a preocupação na China pelas incertezas que geram as crises económicas e políticas, assim como as alterações na América Latina. English Español

China y América Latina: relaciones estratégicas en tiempos de cambio

Es palpable la preocupación en China por la incertidumbre que generan las crisis económicas y políticas y los cambios en América Latina. English Português

Projeto de aquedutos chineses causa rejeição na Argentina

A falta de transparência nos contratos entre a China e a América Latina converteu-se numa prática normal. Os aquedutos de Entre Rios, postos em causa pelos riscos ambientais, são exemplo disso mesmo. English Español

Argentina: el asunto de los acueductos chinos

La falta de transparencia se ha vuelto la norma en los contratos entre China y América Latina. Los acueductos de Entre Ríos, cuestionados por ambientalmente riesgosos, son ejemplo de ello. Português English

Argentina: the Chinese aqueducts affair

Lack of transparency has become the norm in contracts between China and Latin America. The Entre Ríos aqueducts, questioned for being environmentally risky, are a good example. Português Español

Honduras: the White River, dyed with indigenous blood

The murder of Berta Cáceres, a high-profile opponent of a hydroelectric project in Honduras, confirms the perverse connection between a private company, Chinese capital and the absolute contempt of local communities’ life. Español Português

China is a “major driver” of environmental degradation in Latin America

China launched its “go global” strategy over a decade ago, and has funneled upwards of US$ 120 billion into Latin America, more than any other country. Bu this comes to an environmental price. Español. Português.

China é “forte promotora” da degradação ambiental na América Latina

A China lançou sua estratégia de “expansão global”, há uma década, e já aportou mais de US$ 120 bilhões à América Latina, mais do que qualquer outro país. Mas isto implica um alto preço meio-ambiental. English. Español.

La pobreza mundial: los errores del Nobel de Economía

La pobreza no es un problema individual de falta de recursos que puede resolverse a través de la educación, como defienden Angus Deaton y el Banco Mundial. El problema es la forma en que se distribuyen los recursos. English.

Hong Kong’s angry young millennials: an interview with Joshua Wong

The student protest leader has been the centre of western media attention, but he’s not without his critics within Hong Kong’s Occupy movement. Joshua Wong tells us why his struggle for democracy isn’t over yet.

Leviathan comes to Beijing

What is the Communist Party of China? How can its true nature and use of power be grasped? For insight, look to the English 17th-century philosopher, Thomas Hobbes. 

Hong Kong: the stakes are high

Beijing knows that the struggle for democracy in Hong Kong is not just about the future of the former British colony: the party monopoly on the mainland is ultimately at issue.

Beijing-London: in the labyrinth

A visit to the party organisation at the centre of China's anti-corruption drive is a lesson in the concealments of power.

The Uyghur dilemma, 2009-14

Five years after ethnic tensions in western China's Xinjiang province exploded into violence, the political situation there remains troubled.

China and Habermas's public sphere

There is a public realm, and it nurtures a society of free citizens. The painful, complex evolution of this idea in the People's Republic of China is one of the great struggles of the modern world.

China, 1989-2014: one woman's story

A Shanghai worker imprisoned following the Tiananmen events remains haunted by her experience, finds Kerry Brown.

Tiananmen Square: official silence, public restiveness

In the twenty-five years since the Tiananmen Square massacre, China’s party-state appears to have stabilised its rule by instrumental middle-class support secured for material gain. The next twenty-five years may not, however, be so certain.

China's past, China's present

China's rich history is a seductive resource for China's modern politicians. But its complexity can also make it a selective one, says Kerry Brown. 

China, between self and society

The need for an ethical vision to hold society together saw China's former premier Wen Jiabao look to Adam Smith. What does this reveal about the elite's thinking, asks Kerry Brown.

China vs Facebook: intimate rivals

The Chinese state and the United States company are engaged in an epic if undeclared contest over control and wealth-creation, says Kerry Brown.

Uyghur rights and China

The situation of the Uyghur minority in north-west China became even more precarious in 2013, says Henryk Szadziewski.

China and the Great Game

Almost all discussion of Afghanistan after 2014 hinges on the withdrawal of western forces. Yet into that gap a major power is stepping—China. China’s involvement in turn poses major questions, vis-à-vis Pakistan, India and their own point of friction—Kashmir.

China's visitor: Cameron in Beijing

The British prime minister's trip to China was presented as a mission to expand trade links with an important partner. But whose interests was he really representing, asks Kerry Brown.

Drones over the world

US drones are often thought of as focused entirely on action against Al-Qaeda and associates, particularly in Pakistan. But the CIA's expanding global net extends into the Pacific, linked to the surveillance operations of the National Security Agency.

China: who is in charge?

China's policy incoherence has disturbing echoes of the prelude to Europe's great war in 1914, says Kerry Brown.

Wild ghosts: Bo Xilai on trial

The trial of the disgraced Chinese politician is hurtling towards its predictable conclusion. But a spectre still haunts the Party, and all those at play in China’s political life. It is the spectre of the Cultural Revolution.

Chinese women migrants: the hardest job

An undercover investigation into the working lives of Chinese women in Britain's sex trade brought Hsiao-Hung Pai close to its painful reality.

China, time to accept differences

The scale of change in China, and the intriguing perceptions of China's elite, persuade Kerry Brown of the need to think afresh.

China: what we think we know is wrong

There's been too much lazy categorisation. It's time to get microscopic about power in China, says Kerry Brown.

China, the politics of corruption

China's new leader Xi Jinping has gathered more power more quickly than any of his predecessors. The big test now facing him will be to translate his concern about corruption into decisive action - and the early signs are promising, says Kerry Brown.

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