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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A historic general election looms in the UK. But what is the real state of British democracy? From Tony Blair to foxhunting, voter apathy to Scottish and Welsh devolution, openDemocracy unlocks the mysterious heart of the British political system.

Millions are missing from the UK’s electoral registers

The foundations of UK democracy are threatened by a crisis in voter registration. 

Britain's defence, the path to change

The combination of expensive military projects at a time of austerity should, after the election on 7 May, create the space for an overdue rethink of the UK's international security policy.

Break big media monopolies and help new journalism projects—poll

Amid saturation media coverage of the coming UK general election, corporate control of big news organisations goes unquestioned. Yet if the public could vote on that, they'd change it.

UKIP on the march in Britain

The success of the UK Independence Party in local elections indicates a lack of trust in mainstream politicians on migration. This leaves the pro-migration lobby with a bigger role than ever, and some challenging questions about how to impact on public opinion

Britain's future - where do the Labour candidates stand?

With hustings for the Labour Party Leadership well underway, the five candidates have been busy battling to distance themselves from the era of Blair and Brown. But what have they had to say about electoral reform, civil liberties, human rights and Iraq, and how does each of their respective voting records stand up to scrutiny?

UK Election: be honest about being honest

In the current UK election campaign ‘honesty’ has become a byword. All the main parties proclaim their intention to ‘tell it straight’. Does their enthusiasm hide a deeper wish to deceive?

What Mayor Boris Johnson signals for the Left

Boris Johnson's election as Mayor of London demonstrates a wider public distaste for the very idea of politics.


Britain's tipping-point election

The ice of Britain’s political system is melting. A potent coalition for electoral and constitutional reform is assembling. Tom Nairn registers an inexorable shift.

Undemocratic reform

What lies beneath the campaign for reform of Britain’s first-past-the-post electoral system? Dominic Hilton investigates.

Britain's tactical voting revolution

A mad electoral system rewards Tony Blair, but British citizens are making it work for themselves, finds Dominic Hilton.

The war for Muslim minds - in east London

In a tumultuous corner of a tired, formulaic British election, Dominic Hilton is exhilarated, alarmed and amused by the electrifying passion of that rare thing: real politics.

Operation Muslim Vote, a political seduction

British Muslims are rethinking their political allegiances in the context of social exclusion, post-9/11 political pressure and the challenge of remaking their communities. Tony Blair’s New Labour could feel their backlash, says French-Algerian journalist Naima Bouteldja.

'A little British revolution'

On the eve of Britain’s general election, Tom Burgis reports from the midlands town of Mansfield where an independent councillor is campaigning to storm a Labour citadel.

Voter power can make the difference on climate change

One party in the current British election has made climate change its priority – the Greens. Yet many dismiss a vote for them as a wasted vote. James Humphreys, a Green candidate in London, argues that, on the contrary, it sends a powerful and effective message.

Britain's intelligence secrets: under the influence

The row over Iraq intelligence focused attention on the Joint Intelligence Committee, the top coordinating body of Britain’s secret state. But how does the JIC operate?

Vote for independence!

An army of independent, single-issue candidates is challenging the party machines in Britain’s general election campaign. Tom Burgis on a new age of guerrilla politics.

Tony Blair and the Iraq war: in the eye of the law

The legal advice that sanctioned war in Iraq falls over Britain’s general election campaign. Geoffrey Bindman examines an issue that won’t go away.

Don't vote for Bullshit

Tom Nairn offers his advice to voters in Britain’s general election.

Is Britain a banana republic?

As Tony Blair launches Britain’s general election campaign, a postal-voting scandal is further undermining voters’ trust in their political leaders.

Why can't politicians tell the truth! ever?

Britain’s election: a crisis in the opposition Conservative party exposes the country’s malaise of political distrust, says Dominic Hilton.

If it's politics, it's just not cricket!

As Britain’s general election approaches, an anti-terrorism law reveals to Dominic Hilton why British politics is beyond a joke.

Trust me, I'm a politician

Britain's election: what’s causing voter apathy? Dominic Hilton visits Birmingham, England’s second city, where a vote-rigging scandal and Conservative leader Michael Howard offer some answers.

Dominic Hilton's 2005 election forays into the heart of the British political system begin with “His Majesty King Blair 1”

His Majesty King Blair I

Tony Blair, the most self-consciously modern of political leaders, rules over a political system far less at ease with the world. Dominic Hilton examines a very British paradox.
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