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The Lift New Parliament: vote for your favourite design

About the author

The Lift New Parliament is a transportable meeting and performance space which will be the heart of the Lift Festival in London in 2008. Over the next two years you are invited to take part in selecting a design team, developing the building and deciding what happens inside this new cultural space.

Four designs await your vote for the Lift New Parliament:

Design One

"Working with participants, we propose designing inside-out, starting with exploration of the Parliament's philosophies and practices. Teasing out codes, conventions and ways of doing and communicating through a story-based methodology: sharing memories and experiences, and imagining the Parliament's future histories and founding myths. Only from there would we move to considerations of form, using relevant site-expeditions as inspiration…"

Design Two

"The Mass Assembly for the Lift New Parliament provides a framework aimed at fulfilling the potential for the building to become a vessel to connect people, a moving fragment of public space and a physical identity for Lift...

The large, curved screen components provide a neutral backdrop to activities - the building will take on almost chameleon-like qualities, as film and other media can be projected onto each fragment of the internal shells."

Design Three

" should not be a mere shell, it should be alive, it should be a performance in its own right. It should be symbolic and offer status in its confines, yet it should also be democratic in how it functions and performs as a building. The name Lift 'Global' refers to not only its odd spherical form but also to its ambition to communicate, reach out, and be part of the context of its host country; the self-supporting triangulated skin allows this flexibility…"

Design Four

"The metaphoric transformation of the real to the possible is achieved by a structure that "LIFTS" the existing ground plane up as a series of undulations to create an auditorium, a stage, a playscape, a dance-floor, a lounge. Above this elevated plane, a cloud hovers, it shelters, reflects, transmits and illuminates the activity below and provides power generated by photovoltaics. The new ground spans two containers that are both structural props and beautifully panelled rooms that can fold out."

View the full designs and cast your vote here.

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