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The economics of turning people into things

Economics does violence when it forgets that social science must also be moral science

The G20's sins of commission

In the profusion of commitment, the lack of domestic credibility of economic policy-making weakens the ostensible succes of the G20 agreement

G20 Communique, full text

Full text of the G20 communique for Diigo annotation. Tag your notes "G20"

Monopoly powers

From the FT on what's happening at the G20:

"A large police presence kept under control a small group of protesters playing a game of Monopoly outside the London Stock Exchange on Thursday morning."

I hope no one cheated and that the police kept an eye on that, too.

Too big to save: the end of financial capitalism

The financial logic of neo-liberal capitalism has devoured the world and exhausted itself in the process. A new model beyond "financialisation" is needed, says Saskia Sassen.

The G20 summit: a transition moment

The global economic crisis is rooted in failures of governance in the rich world whose harshest effects fall on the poor. The remedy, says Stephen Browne, must be a rethinking of approaches to aid, trade, finance and the way multilateral institutions work. The London meeting on 2 April 2009 is the place to start.

Join the Avaaz poll on the world economy

Paul Hilder from Avaaz will give us a write-up of what the poll tells the G20 leaders.

A new world order

The financial crisis afflicting much of the world is part of more fundamental shifts in the world's economic power-balance. It is time for a new model of global governance that recognises the reality of current trends - starting with the creation of a Global Strategic Council, says Krzysztof Rybinski.

(This article was first published on 4 December 2008)

University: a place of freedom?

The university is a space of public freedom and part of the fabric of democracy. That is why we should sign the petition to keep UEL open during the G20

The G20 ought to be increased to 6 Billion

The legitimacy deficit of international institutions will hamper their effectiveness

China's price: IMF reform

China's foreign reserves give it an unusual degree of power in the G20 negotiations. It wants real IMF reform

The G20’s missing voice

A perilous fusion of land and climate crises is at the heart of the problems consuming the planet. But the G20 summit in London won't help, says Sue Branford.

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