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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Trump vs Hillary: Consequences of US presidential elections for Latin America

As US voters turn out to decide between Trump and Hilary on election day, 5 analysts from the region share their thoughts on the potential impact of the results on Latin America. Español Português

The right to the city as a citizen's practice

If the UN doesn't deal with the issue of the right to the city, it will not only have to face up to local governments, but also the 99%. Español

#NiUnaMenos: against femicide in Latin America

With the victim’s death, the cycle of violence does not come to an end: it continues through the region’s ongoing culture of impunity reserved for the culprits. Español

The US Elections and Latin America: the devil we know

Without the Latino vote, it is unlikely that Donald Trump will win the presidency. His policies about Latin America are largely nonexistent, whereas Hillary Clinton’s hawkish approach is all too well known. Português

Upstreaming citizen participation

Representative democracy is not democratic enough. Today, citizens should be able to participate in the political process from the beginning, upstream, and not just at the end with their vote. Interview. Español Português

On newspaper cartoons in the Colombian Peace Process

The outcome of the referendum in Colombia came as a surprise, but a mapping of newspaper cartoons shows a divergence between the international and domestic framing of the peace process. Español

When children denounce corruption

Children across the globe play football, many dreaming of becoming professionals and following their idols’ successful careers. Yet the sport's notorious and widespread corruption may have its roots at the youth levels. Português Español 

The resilience of Latin America’s Health System

Latin America is faced with a deteriorating economy, economic recession, and significant political changes. How can it preserve what has been achieved in terms of public health and social inclusion? Interview. Español

Journalism and environmental defense: two hazardous activities in Latin America

“Until comprehensive measures are taken to sever the ties between crime and State structures, certain groups will remain vulnerable and the violence directed at them will persist.” Interview. Español

"If I were born again, I would still be a sex worker"

Elena Reynaga, RedTraSex Executive Secretary and founder of AMMAR shares her story, the success of her organisations and the ongoing fight for sex worker rights in Latin America. Interview. Español

Democracy in dispute. An interview with Boaventura de Sousa Santos

In Latin America, oligarchies and advanced sectors of the highly internationalized industrial and financial bourgeoisie, lost much governmental political power, but instead saw their economic power increased. Español

How to make peace with the forest: development and war in Colombia

This launches a series of articles looking at the relationship between environmental and human rights, to unpack one of the world’s longest-running wars, the Peace Agreement and its seeming collapse. Español

Democracy is dying of success

Are we governing ourselves? Daniel Innerarity argues that societies have seldom been governed, in a handful of issues and only at certain times. Interview. Español Português

10 clues to explain the Colombian frenzy

"To the extent that no one could know for sure where the boundaries of reality were" – Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude. Português Español

The return of shock therapy in Argentina and the legacy of the leftist past

Argentina under Macri is an immense battlefield, a conflicting laboratory that anticipates a bitter dispute between opposing political views throughout the region. Português Español

Journalism in times of crisis

Rebecca Abecassis argues that in times of crisis, journalists need to be clearer in their work and go beyond simply reporting the news. Interview. Español Português

Brazilian democracy has been attacked

"Brazilian elites never showed any interest in democracy. We will have to make a superhuman effort to revalue democracy," said Jucá Ferreira, Brazil's former Minister of Culture. Español Português

Paraguay's Student Spring

Do recent mass protests by Paraguayan students represent the beginning of a political awakening? Español

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