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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Belonging in Northern Ireland: portraits of the individual migrant

A new art project is challenging Belfast’s reputation as the ‘race hate capital of the UK’, revealing an important gap between the presentation of migrants as a political category and their own experience and identities, says Sonia Banaszczyk.

Anti-deportation campaigns: ‘What kind of country do you want this to be?’

A new musical, Glasgow Girls, showcases the power of anti-deportation campaigns as both an expression of human solidarity and an essential device for holding states to account. But their key role, argues Jennifer Allsopp, is to build support for an asylum system that upholds the rights of all.

Philanthropy towards asylum seekers: friend or foe?

Due attention must be given to the decision-making processes and rationales that underpin and politicise philanthropy towards asylum seekers in the UK. There is a danger that philanthropy may become complicit in sealing the borders of the state of exception in which asylum seekers are already positioned, says Emily Bowerman.

Togo: a country of strangers?

Making peace in Togo is not a numbers game. Nor is it about searching to find out who was wrong in the past. As the next election approaches it is time to recreate our country’s history and invest in unity and peace, says Mawusse Domefaa  Atimasso.

The 'Democratic Recession' has turned into a modern zeitgeist of democratic reform

It is no coincidence that the wave of protests comes in the wake of a 'democratic recession'. People are increasingly demanding democracy in the Arab world, and also in the west.

The Good Society Economy

This Commission’s report is perhaps the first document to identify the lack of effective engagement by UK civil society as a contributor to the financial excesses proceeding the crash

Giving a damn for the media

Typically missing from most of the plans put forward in the UK media debate is any really innovative thought about how to raise new resources to support high-quality journalism in new times

We are living it

From the English Secondary Students’ Association to social entrepreneurship ‘enternships’ young people can take the initiative and make the difference. Making Good Society throws down its third gauntlet – they want to see everyone plugged in

Creating a constituency for climate change

In the second 'Making Good Society' article, Tony Kendle argues that we have to relearn community action and how a society works together if we are to protect vulnerable people, not just from climate change but also from the solutions that society arrives at

The age of we

The Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society launches its report calling for a radical devolution of power and active voice from parliament to the family. In the first of a series of Inquiry articles, Geoff Mulgan claims that three crises have precipitated a major civil society challenge
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