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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

La guerra contra las drogas está acabando con México

Como una inundación, una vasta red de economía criminal se está esparciendo en México, en medio de la corrupción, la impunidad y un número crecientemente insoportable de muertes violentas. English

La cruda realidad de México que solo los asesinados y torturados conocen

México es un país donde hoy el Estado de derecho se aplica sólo a aquellos que pueden pagarlo. Como señaló recientemente el Relator Especial de Naciones Unidas sobre la Tortura, el 98% de los crímenes en México permanecen impunes. English

La verdadera historia de ‘Narcos’

Miles de familias han sido víctimas de la guerra contra las drogas. ‘Anyone’s Child Mexico’, es un nuevo documental interactivo, que expone la necesidad urgente de reformas en política de drogas. English

The cold heart of ICE

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is arresting immigrants in a number of US states. The agency insists that it is only targeting dangerous criminals, but many have no criminal records. Español

El despiadado Servicio de Inmigración de los Estados Unidos

El Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas de los Estados Unidos (ICE) está arrestando a inmigrantes en varios estados. Insisten en que se trata de criminales peligrosos, pero muchos carecen de antecedentes penales. English

¿Cómo hacer que América vuelva a ser grande otra vez? ¿Atacando a México?

Mientras el Presidente Trump concluye su primera semana en la Casa Blanca con políticas de proteccionismo extremo, parece evidente que no habrá  tregua para América Latina. English

How to make America great again? Bully Mexico.

As President Trump concludes his first week in the White House with extremely protectionist policies, there will be no sigh of relief in Latin America.  Español

Donald Trump: o homem errado

O presidente eleito Trump traz com ele a incerteza. A Europa e a América Latina devem aprender a defender, por elas mesmas, os ideais republicanos da revolução francesa, as liberdades e o cosmopolitismo. English Español

Donald Trump: el hombre equivocado

El presidente electo Trump es todo incertidumbre. Europa y América Latina deben aprender a defender, por sí solas, los ideales republicanos de la revolución francesa, las libertades y el cosmopolitismo. Português English

Movimientos sociales en México: raíces locales, luchas globales

La serie invita a los principales científicos sociales a compartir los resultados de sus investigaciones y sus perspectivas sobre las luchas sociales contemporáneas. English

Sioux protests and the protection of human rights in the United States

Tribal leaders’ protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota have been showing how both environmental and human rights are so difficult to defend in the US. Español

Da democracia à kakistocracia – ida e volta

Kakistocracia (grego: κακιστοκρατία): diz-se de um estado ou país governado pelos piores, pelos menos qualificados e menos escrupulosos dos seus cidadãos. English Español

De la democracia a la kakistocracia – ida y vuelta

Kakistocracia (griego: κακιστοκρατία): dícese de un estado o país gobernado por los peores, los menos cualificados y menos escrupulosos de sus ciudadanos. Português English

Trump vs Hillary: consecuencias de las elecciones presidenciales en América Latina

Cualquiera que sea el resultado, las elecciones presidenciales del 8 de noviembre tendrán un impacto determinante al sur del Río Grande. Recabamos la visión de algunos analistas desde la región. English Português

Trump vs Hillary: consequências das eleições presidenciais na América Latina

Seja qual for o resultado, a eleição presidencial terá um impacto determinante ao Sul do Rio Grande. Recolhemos a visão de alguns analistas desde a região. Español English

Trump vs Hillary: Consequences of US presidential elections for Latin America

As US voters turn out to decide between Trump and Hilary on election day, 5 analysts from the region share their thoughts on the potential impact of the results on Latin America. Español Português

Neoliberalismo tardío y sus enemigos

Los movimientos sociales se enfrentan a 3 retos: el reto simbólico de construir algo nuevo; el reto material de movilizar recursos limitados; y el reto estratégico de influenciar un sistema político muy cerrado. English.

Enquanto o mundo assiste há 59,5 milhões de deslocados internos na terra

Uns 6 milhões de Colombianos fazem com que o segundo país do mundo com mais deslocados internos (DIs) por motivos de violência não esteja no Médio-Oriente, mas sim na América Latina. Español. English.

La tragedia interminable del Día de Colón

La celebración del Día de Colón no es de recibo. La colonización trajo consigo una inmensa tragedia que hay que empezar a recordar. English, Português.

A tragédia interminável do dia de Colombo

A celebração do Dia de Cristóvão Colombo não e aceitável. A colonização trouxe consigo uma imensa tragédia que há que começar a recordar. English. Español.

Universal rights, double standards

What is the difference between the human-rights shortfalls of Venezuela and Mexico? Objectively, not much, but Washington has a different perspective.

Estado de violencia

¿Existe alguna manera de resolver esta aparentemente insoluble ola de violencia y criminalidad en México? Se han propuesto muchas salidas, pero en verdad nadie tiene la solución. Publicado previamente en openSecurity. English

Mexico: active civil society key to ending culture of impunity

A renewal of democracy should be the means to cleanse Latin America of its history of corruption and abuses of power. But as the Mexican case shows, unless democracy is extended by enhancing civil society, its promise will not be realised.

Why the fight against Islamic State is not the success we're told it is

Is John Kerry right to be so gung-ho about military successes against Islamic State? Not reallyas the fundamental political challenges in Iraq and Syria remain unaddressed.

Business as usual in Mexico despite 43 murdered students

The Mexican government has shown remarkable inertia since the apparent police abduction and subsequent gang murder of students in Guerrero. Now it hopes capital will not prove a coward as it denationalises oil reserves.

US immigration bill: silence on the deportation of children

Unaccompanied minors best illustrate the need and mechanisms for true comprehensive immigration reform yet the proposed bill does little for this highly vulnerable, fastest growing subset of migrants to the US, says Elizabeth Kennedy.

Mexico's lost generation

Enrique Pena Nieto will assume the Presidency of Mexico on the 1 December 2012, a day which will mark the return of his party, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) after 12 years absence.  Their first job:  Mexico’s biggest labour reform in over 40 years.

A child's transnational journey “to be someone”

The number of child migrants to the USA continues to rise despite border militarization. Liz Kennedy teaches at shelters along the Mexico-US border where those caught are detained. She reveals why they feel that the 2,000 mile journey is their only choice.

The politics of mourning

Last April more than 35,000 people marched in Cuernavaca, Mexico, following the murder of a teenager. Four years into president Felipe Calderón’s diastrous ‘drug war’, the line between remembrance and protest has started to blur. Should the thousands of dead be stigmatised or martyred? Silenced or given meaning?

Inside Mexico’s maze of mirrors

Mexico’s government has led a five-year war against organized crime that has turned parts of the country into sites of atrocious violence, claimed more than 40,000 lives, and generated heated debate over its priorities and preferences. With elections on the horizon, has the time come to correct the errors of this strategy, or is the lobby for war too strong?

Unemployed entrepreneurs: Ciudad Juarez and the War on Drugs

Ciudad Juarez is one of the world’s fastest growing cities. It is also one of the most violent.

The Mexican Drug War: Is it "Narcoterrorism?"

Drug war violence in Mexico is truly horrific. But does it qualify as terrorism?

The judicial system in Mexico (part 2)

President Calderon has committed himself to a much needed judicial reform in Mexico. But Mexico's history of centralisation, corruption, anti-clericalism and its culture of secrecy are a challenge to overcome. This series describes the context, hope and progress for these important reforms. See also parts one and three.

Mexico: a war dispatch

Mexican democracy is being corroded by the battle against powerful drug-cartels, says Sergio Aguayo Quezada.
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