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21 candidates for French parliament endorse DiEM25’s principles

"Our French members... gave a variety of candidates running in the upcoming parliamentary elections on June 11 and 18 the chance to embrace our movement’s aims."

8 June 2017

As electoral contests take place across the Union, DiEM25 members everywhere have been working hard to push our movement’s Progressive Agenda. In some cases, our membership has agreed to fully support a political party like Zagreb is Ours! in Croatia.

In the UK, DiEMers voted to endorse a broad list of candidates for the upcoming parliamentary elections. And our Validating Council is currently voting on a list of progressive forces to recommend in Italy, ahead of next week’s municipal elections there.

Now in France, DiEM25’s French Provisional National Committee (PNC) developed a Charter and called for progressive candidates in the upcoming parliamentary elections to support it. 15 candidates have said ‘yes!’ so far, and others can still add their names to the list by writing to our French PNC by June 10.

The Charter made by our French PNC calls for:

-          transparency at all levels; participative democracy; referenda; independence of agencies; reinforcement of liberty and independence of press; protection of whistleblowers; promotion of diversity and gender equality in all institutions

-          openness; welcome and integration of refugees and migrants through a common migration politics and the respect of the rights of refugees and right to asylum; their free movement throughout the EU and sharing of efforts across countries

-          a radical refounding of economic and monetary European policies; fundamental reform of the economic governance of the EU and the Eurozone (European New Deal); regulation of finance; fiscal harmonisation; organisation of economic convergence; fight against tax evasion and against tax havens; restructuring and mutualisation of public debts

-          development of employment; fight against poverty; hamonisation of social protection; reduction of inequalities; everybody's access to goods and essential services (food; accommodation; transport; energy; education; health; livable environment...) and a paid job in their country and region of origin; sharing the returns of capital and creation of a basic dividend

-          ecological transition; sustainable development and protection of the material and immaterial common goods; energy sovereignty while re-orienting budget policy and investments to environmental technologies; tech sovereignty and the management of the digital transition

-          putting in place a democratic process to create a new constitution for France and for Europe

And here are the candidates who have signed it so far:

Supiot Frédéric - 2ème de la Marne (51-02) - Europe Ecologie Les Verts EELV

Pagano Alain  - 2ème du Maine et Loire (49-2) - Parti Communiste Français PCF

Coppola Jean-Marc - 7ème des Bouches-du-Rhône (13-7) - Parti Communiste Français PCF

Longeon Olivier  - 2ème de la Loire (42-2) - Europe Ecologie Les Verts soutenue par Parti Socialiste

Bayou Julien  - 5ème de Paris (75-5) - Europe Ecologie Les Verts EELV

Hémain Severine - 5ème circonscription du Rhone - La Relève citoyenne

Vannier David - 11ème circonscription du Val-de-Marne - La Relève citoyenne / A nous la démocratie

Vieu Marie-Pierre - 2ème circonscription Hautes Pyrénées - Parti Communiste Français PCF

Tondelier Marin - 11ème circonscription du Pas de Calais - Europe Ecologie Les Verts

Dubot Fanny - 3ème du Rhône - Europe Ecologie Les Verts EELV soutenue par PS

Duverger Jean - 6ème de la Loire - EELV soutenue par PC et PS

Marchandise Charlotte - 1ère circonscription d’Ille-et-Vilaine - La Relève citoyenne

Annie Lahmer - 5ème circonscription Val de Marne (94-05) - Europe Ecologie Les Verts EELV

Lecellier Frederic - 5ième de Vaucluse - Nouvelle Donne

De Vergnette François - 6ème du Rhône - Nouvelle Donne

Barigant Victoria - 1ère de la Seine-  EELV

Aubin Elliotte - 1ère du Rhone - La France Insoumise

Our message to political actors and democrats throughout the Union remains the same: we welcome everyone to join our movement whose objective is to put the ‘demos’ back into our democracy – something that we can only achieve at home if Europe is democratised as a whole!

Learn more about our French members’ initiative here.

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