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Across crisis-ridden Europe, governments speak of a national 'Us' in a vain attempt to reassure disaffected majorities. The resulting fear and deep division leads directly to the emergence of factions such as Golden Dawn in Greece and Jobbik in Hungary, whose policies and methods are those that Europe believed it had moved beyond.

As these movements sweep through the political spectrum, the left shows no sign of recovery from selling out Europe’s social democratic promise of welfare and justice to neoliberal prosperity and growth. In the clash between neoliberalism and populism, millions of Europeans have nowhere to turn for explanation or redress. Yet the remaking of Europe relies on their resourcefulness, their hope, their decency, and their solidarity.

Can Europe Make It? is a digital space to debate the achievements and shortcomings of the European project, from an open-minded yet critical perspective.

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Rosemary Bechler, David Krivanek, Alex Sakalis, with contributions from Francesca E.S. Montemaggi and Tristan Sechrest. Thanks go to Kadie Armstrong for designing the Can Europe make it? logo.



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