Can Europe Make It?

From EU, with love: it’s personal, stupid!

Europeans from across the continent send a love bomb and a plea to their British friends: Please stay.

New Europeans
20 June 2016
love wave.jpg

In these last days of a campaign so charged with antagonism, let us heed voices of friendship and love. This is a message that Europeans from the rest of the continent are sending their British friends. 

The referendum should not only be about cost-benefit calculations, but about the friendship of peoples. In the often vitriolic tone of social media, a more caring tone has emerged.

There are tens of thousands of men, women, adolescent and children who send their feelings and concern, their messages, pictures, petitions, and video clips, like friendship bottles floating across the channel.

They are citizens from all walks of life, some with pathos, some with humor, some with admiration, affection and shyness who declare: "British friends, we love you!” “we would miss you terribly”, “help us repair the EU”, "We are all part of a family, however dysfunctional it might be…” " Don’t abandon us alone with the French/with the Germans (take your pick).”

“Remain with us”.

Their campaigns have difference labels (Hugabrit; Dear Britain, please stay; We-would-miss-you; Stay with Us; Please don’t Go) but they have all come together under one umbrella:

British friends, feel the friendship between peoples, not just treaties!

(And yes you can still upload your voice and sign-on.)

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