Climate Unspun analyses how the media reported climate change during the vital Paris climate summit.

We've found out which outlets adopted whose language, what commercial deals there are between fossil fuel conglomerates and the media and what impact this has had on how journalists cover the biggest challenge facing humanity. Read an overview of the project, “Climate change reporting for sale?” »

→ Why is the Guardian letting Shell fill its pages with dubious spin?ADAM RAMSAY, 16 January 2016 – The Guardian is publishing articles in partnership with one of the world's most notorious oil companies, despite running a campaign to divest from them.

→ Who gets to decide how the media talks about climate change?ADAM RAMSAY and GEORGE MARSHALL, 12 April 2016 – If you want to get inside how the media frames and shapes our collective understanding of climate change, there’s one person who understands it best: British environmental campaigner George Marshall.

→ Gate–crashing 'the inner sanctum of the elite' at the Paris climate talksADAM RAMSAY, 18 December 2015 – Walk into 'the most exclusive club in the world' in the middle of COP21, and you find the polite chit–chat with which the powerful face impending disaster.

→ The Times continues to mislead its readers about climate change denial 'science'ADAM RAMSAY, 19 December 2015 – Is the Times allowing a wealthy coal–baron to push them into misleading their readers about dodgy climate change denying science?

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