Commander in Chief - is the US ready for a woman president?

19 October 2005

Discussion of women presidents is in the air and on the air. This autumn a new American TV show called Commander in Chief stars Geena Davis as the first female American president.

A survey by the White House Project has shown that 80% of Americans are ready for a female president, despite the fact the US ranks 63rd in the world for representation of women in government. And Feministing has been speculating about whether a Hillary Clinton presidential race would make a difference to gender equity (see Friday's daily links).

Listen to this Women's Hour discussion to hear the White House Project's president, Marie Wilson, and one of our bloggers, Cindy Weber (Cynthia Weber), talking about how the TV programme might change perceptions of women and power. How does a woman "look presidential"? Will the US, as a rather conservative country, follow the UK and Germany in electing a conservative woman as their first leader? How might a female president change the agenda? And who other than Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice stands a chance - could it be Chelsea Clinton, rather than her mother, who "makes it to the top" first?

Is the pandemic changing attitudes towards migration?

Will Canada give its undocumented essential workers their rights? And where are the immigrants in the country’s policy debates?

Join us for a free live discussion on Thursday 26 November, 5pm UK time/12pm EST.

Hear from:

Daniel Hiebert Professor of geography at the University of British Columbia

Andrew Parkin Executive director, Environics Institute, Toronto

Usha George Professor and director, Ryerson Centre for Immigration and Settlement, Ryerson University, Canada

Keith Banting Professor emeritus and Stauffer Dunning Fellow, Queen’s University, Canada

Chair: Anna Triandafyllidou Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration, Ryerson University

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