Mid-East peace: missed opportunity

Jane Gabriel
11 January 2008

As George Bush leaves Israel and the West Bank and heads for Gulf states talks, Robi Damelin, a member of Parents Circle Families Forum, laments the failure of leaders to understand that the same pain is shared by all.

Robi Damelin writes: Roll up roll up and join the queue to receive your certificate for missed opportunities. Spread the red carpet from Ben Gurion to Har Herzl or Kiriat Shaul and let them pontificate over open graves. Play the National Anthem and let's listen to all the voices of doom and gloom. Fly the flag and stay glued to your identity. (more...)

Bereaved mothers of Israel and Palestine,how long will it take till both sides look in the mirror and realize that they are not invincible and they too are potential candidates for the circle of mourning. How long will we swallow the excuses of our leaders for not moving forward. All of us know what the answer is, we need courage and pragmatism and honesty to stop this dreadful cycle of violence. Is it not blatantly obvious that we are all stuck in our desire to be right regardless of how little success we experience with this attitude.

Bereaved mothers of Israel and Palestine,tell them we all share the same pain, tell them of the empty hole in your heart, tell them that nothing is more important than the sanctity of human life, tell them what it is to lose a child and what you would do to prevent other families from experiencing this dreadful loss. Give an example of compassion to the other side, show some empathy for their pain and you will experience their humanity.

We all know what the answer is, so how many fresh graves will we dig, till we admit to the truth and recognize that it is impossible to continue with more of the same. The experts will give you a million reasons why we can not end the occupation, or why we should continue with the fight for freedom. Do they realize the price we pay for their expertise?

So they went to Annapolis,so they said it could happen in a year, bereaved mothers of Palestine and Israel, tell them there is not time, we are the consequence of all the lost opportunities. Ask our leaders to have the courage to move forward, after all that is what the majority wants. Let them not be swayed by the voices of doom and gloom, let them not be stuck in their being right, but rather look with empathy at the other side and maybe, just maybe they can come to an agreement. For it is when both sides agree on a solution and not one side imposing it's will on the other, that we will be able to live in dignity.

A final message for those "friends" and leaders from all over the world who take sides,you are not helping us by being pro one side or the other, you are just creating a further conflict in your country and we remain the victims of your opinions. Neither side will disappear in a puff of smoke no matter how hard you wish it to happen.

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