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Egypt in the balance: what the blogs are saying 22-27 August

This Arab Awakening space for excerpts of articles, blogs and tweets is a weekly holding operation for those trying to work out what is happening. The 'You tell us' feature offers some first hand accounts and a range of opinions, first and foremost from the people of Egypt.

Rana Magdy
29 August 2013

August 22

Former President Hosni Mubarak is flown by medical helicopter from Cairo’s Tora prison to house arrest at the military hospital in Cairo’s suburb of Maadi.

Via AJE: “Mubarak spent several weeks in the same hospital during his two-year detention, after lawyers cited poor conditions in prison. Authorities renovated a ward in Tora where Mubarak was later held”.

Mubarak’s next court hearing is scheduled for Sunday, August 25. He still faces retrial on charges of killing protesters in 2011 + 3 corruption cases. The courts ruled him eligible for release pending trial, because he had already spent more than 2 years in pre-trial detention - the maximum allowed under Egyptian law.

April 6th movement calls for protests on Friday against his release.

Ayman Mohyeldin (@AymanM)
8/22/13, 3:56 PM
#Egypt Prosecutor opens investigation into Tamarod calling protests against Mubaraks release for inciting violence & chaos #bizarroEgypt :)

Hazem El-Beblawi, Egypt’s interim prime minister, issues a decree for the new formation of a National Human Rights Council.

Arrests of Muslim Brotherhood leaders continue… 

Gregg Carlstrom (@glcarlstrom)
8/22/13, 6:59 PM
Former FJP MP Hassan al-Brins was arrested tonight in Nasr City, and State TV claims that Beltagy's arrest is imminent. #egypt

Paul Sedra (@sedgate)
8/22/13, 8:07 PM
Police arrest Muslim Brotherhood's Hassan al-Brins - #Egypt - Aswat…

US calls for ousted President Morsi’s release whilst protests take place in front of the White House in support of Egypt’s military, denouncing MB, insisting it was not a coup and demanding the US not to interfere with the military crackdown. US has not categorised Morsi’s toppling as a ‘military coup’, which would cut aid to Egypt.

Rafah crossing to be re-opened according to Hamas official Maher Abu Sabha.

Workers of Suez Steel Company strike a deal to end a month long strike and resume work on condition that 3 of their detained colleagues are released and 15 others who are suspended are allowed to return.

Journalism still under threat…

Report by Reporters without Borders “Police raid Turkish news agency’s Cairo bureau, arrest Bureau Chief

Sebastian Backhaus, a German journalist, recounts his experience of being in police custody “I escaped death in an Egyptian police van but witnessed an attempted rape”

Paul Sedra (@sedgate)
8/22/13, 5:10 PM
"interim gov't should use what political capital it has to leverage army into backing reform of Interior Ministry"…

MK مريم (@MariamKirollos)
8/22/13, 8:44 AM
A video by @hrw documenting the mass attacks on #Egypt's churches since August 14…

Cynical Islamist (@CynicalIslamist)
8/22/13, 11:17 AM
#egypt How unexpected. Authorities lock up children detained during dispersal of Rabaa with adult prisoners in Tora, accuse them of murder.

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

The Egyptian Organisations for Human Rights: EOHR filed a complaint to the Attorney General to investigate torture cases during Mubarak’s reign

EOHR demands the transfer of the children caught in Rabaa and Al-Nahda to a Juvenile Establishment


August 23

Ezzedine Said (@ezzsaid)
8/23/13, 6:05 AM
Sinai jihadists issue new statement on the need to fight the "apostates, secularists and crusaders" #egypt

Thousands gather in several cities protesting against military rule in the ‘Friday of Martyrs’, defying the curfew. 28 marches are called for after Friday prayers. Pro-Morsi supporters demonstrate in small rallies to avoid confrontation with the military.

Sherine Tadros (@SherineT)
8/23/13, 9:54 AM
Not even 11am yet and already state TV announcing roads blocked& security build up around Cairo/Giza in preparation for marches #egypt 

Mariam Ali (@mariamali7)
8/23/13, 3:53 PM
Anti-coup march on 206 in Maadi not very big, already gone though it went up road twice, once each way #Egypt

There is relatively little violence in comparison to previous days, although two men are reported killed in the Nile Delta town of Tanta.

Paul Sedra (@sedgate)
8/23/13, 4:02 PM
Brotherhood Supreme Guide rejects prosecution's authority to question him - #Egypt - Ahram Online

Arrests on Muslim Brotherhood members continue. Authorities have now detained Ahmed Aref, a spokesman for the group, and Hassan al-Brins, a member of parliament representing the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Sherine Tadros (@SherineT)
8/23/13, 9:00 AM
Muslim Brotherhood members arrested across the country Thursday…

Journalists & journalism…

Jailed Canadian doctor and lawyer, Tarek Loubani and John Greyson, remain behind bars.

Ian Lee (@ianjameslee)
8/23/13, 11:03 AM
Egyptian police take me on patrol as they enforce… #Egypt

Ahdaf Soueif talks about the realities of Egypt today in “Egypt after the revolution: curfew nights and bloodstained days”

“It seems clear that the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters would have lost the referendum; and they would have had to engage in a profound examination of what it was about their vision and their practice that was so unsuited to Egypt. That would have been good for all of us, for the country. Instead we finally have our own ‘war on terror’.”

Benin on “Egyptian Workers After June 30” concludes:

“The main victories of the workers’ movement since Mubarak’s ouster are the establishment of independent trade unions and federations and the enactment of a monthly minimum wage of 700 pounds (about $100), although enforcement of the latter is uncertain. These gains were won by direct action on the street. Since Mubarak’s demise, thousands of workers have been jailed, fired or disciplined for engaging in strikes, sit-ins and demonstrations, many more than in the last decade of the Mubarak era. Nearly all of these actions were local. As was the case under Mubarak and Morsi, the priorities of the independent trade union movement and its supporters are: reinstatement of fired workers; permanent status for many others who have worked for years on ‘temporary’ contracts without benefits; a raise in the monthly minimum basic wage to 1,500 pounds; establishment of a maximum wage; protection of the right to strike; and adoption of the Trade Union Freedoms Law. These priorities are more likely to be achieved by continued popular mobilization than by reliance on a government installed by the military.”

The 2012 constitution, in which deposed President Mohamed Morsi gave himself full constitutional powers, is to be amended. 

Al-Ali on "Egypt's constitutional morass" clearly explains the process taking place in his oppening paragraph.

Bassem Sabry highlights “22 Key Points in Egypt’s New Draft Constitution”

Dina Guiguis discusses proposed constitutional amendments and why there are reasons to be optimistic.

Tahrir Square is closed to traffic. And state television reports that authorities have shut down the Rabaa mosque and the Fattah mosque.

Sarah Carr on the Minya church attacks “Out of sight, out of mind”

“There had been repeated warnings that attacks on Christians would be likely following the dispersal: Speakers at the Rabea al-Adaweya sit-in regularly spouted sectarian rhetoric and Muslim Brotherhood websites have repeatedly alleged that the military intervention that unseated Morsi was part of a plot in which the church played a leading role.”

Egypt’s interim Prime Minister, Hazem El-Beblawi, says Mubarak was put under house arrest to prevent further unrest and for his own safety. 

Daily News Egypt: “In Pictures: Protest against Mubarak’s release”             

Bassem Youssef, host of El Bernameg ("The Program") - a satirical news program, releases an article titled “Egypt: the destruction of a nation” in which he surprises the readers in the first paragraph with his decision to side with the Muslim Brotherhood. He then continues in his satirical manner as he does on his weekly television show.

Interview with leading member of April 6th Movement, Ahmed Maher: 

"When the army came to power after Jan. 25, the alternative was the Brotherhood. Then the Brotherhood came, and the alternative was the military," he said. "The problem was the two-sided equation from the start. There must be a real alternative."

mia (@amiramikhail)
8/23/13, 3:34 AM
Just watched the 10 minute film that @3askarkazeboon released on July Sad seeing certain memories again. #egypt

Qatar’s Foreign Minister, Khalid bin Mohamed Al-Attiyah, calls for reconciliation between all parties and the release of political prisoners including deposed President Mohamed Morsi.

Press releases & reports by human rights organisations:

Amnesty International: Egypt: new testimonies from August 16 Ramsis Square violence


August 24

Interim government shortens curfew by 2 hours. It will last from 9pm - 6am, except on Fridays, when it will start at 7pm.

US/Egypt relations appear to still unstable. Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nabil Fahmy, defends political roadmap to US Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Deposed President Mohamed Morsi's adviser and leading figure of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohy Hamed, is arrested on charges of inciting violence at the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in the Moqatam district of Cairo, in March 2013.

A YouTube video emerges of the government’s efforts to clear the Rabaa sit-in on August 14, 2013 with a bulldozer. (WARNING: Graphic content) 

Quentin Sommerville (@sommervillebbc)
8/24/13, 2:28 PM
Raaba Al Adawia mosque, scene of killings, now under refurbishment. Army appears to be overseeing project.

Rafah border re-opens after 5 days of closure.

Shadi Hamid (@shadihamid)
8/24/13, 1:49 PM
A must-read from @ZLGold in @ForeignAffairs - "Why Israel Will Miss Morsi" #Egypt

Rallies continue…

Nervana Mahmoud (@Nervana_1)
8/24/13, 1:31 PM
Kerdasa, a popular tourist area, is now full of Gamaa Islamiya activists who attacked the police station. More trouble expected. #Egypt

Marwa Farid (@MarwaMfarid)
8/24/13, 1:42 PM
Any idea when & where? #MB RT @ahramonline: Egypt's Islamists call fresh protests despite arrests and falling turnout

Rena Netjes (@RenaNetjes)
8/24/13, 1:52 PM
After a break a sms again from the Rabaa media center: march today in nasr city behind genena mall after prayer around 3:30 4 #Cairo

Gigi Ibrahim (@Gsquare86)
8/24/13, 10:09 AM
People are forgetting that protests under Mubarak were very small but that didnt prevent a revolution from taking place #Egypt 

Human Rights Watch office receives a visit by Police Intelligence Forces, creating panic on social media.

Mostafa Hussein (@moftasa)
8/24/13, 2:38 PM
Activists investigated for espionage, judges prevented from travel for participating in a protest, police visiting HRW office. Fun times.

According to State TV and vast sections of society, Egypt is “fighting terrorism.”

Amani Massoud (@amassouda)
8/24/13, 11:22 AM
Every time I meet a person who's had to shave their beard due to the current situation I die a little inside

Shadi Hamid (@shadihamid)
8/24/13, 12:57 PM
On State TV, one of #Egypt's leading judges claiming Obama's brother is one of the key financiers of MB int'l:

Ahmed Ateyya (@Ateyya)
8/24/13, 2:34 PM
There is a real coordinated effort to market and fetish-ize army/police power and improve its image for youth audience (2)

“Egypt Widens Crackdown and Meaning of ‘Islamist’”

“Among some supporters of the new government, “Islamist” has become a popular indictment. After Mr. Obama criticized Egypt’s crackdown on the Islamists, Tahani el-Gebali, a former judge close to the military, publicly accused him of having ties to the Brotherhood, claiming his Kenyan half brother directed investments for the group”. 

Ethar El-Katatney (@etharkamal)
8/24/13, 2:40 PM
Whoa. "If you know anyone is promoting terrorism in #Egypt online contact the below numbers."

Ahmed Ateyya (@Ateyya)
8/24/13, 2:43 PM
People are getting used 2racist profiling policies- how u look and how u dress raises questions on whether ur a terrorist #Cairo_under_siege

سالي توما (@BaheyaMasr)
8/24/13, 8:56 PM
Kazeboon's take on June 30th! A year and a half of struggling against both Liars..Turn captions on for subtitles…

Evronia Azer (@evronia)
8/24/13, 10:49 PM
"we forgive": a banner put outside a church in Sohag…

New polls emerge…

ian bremmer (@ianbremmer)
8/24/13, 1:52 PM
Egyptians thinking Egypt better off without Mubarak
2011: 77%
2012: 44%
May: 39%

Tarek Radwan (@tradwan)
8/24/13, 2:27 PM
MT @blibrahim: Bassera poll found 67% of #Egypt ians "satisfied" with way that pro-Morsi demos were dispersed, 24% unsatisfied, 9% unsure.

Worries about the new draft constitution…

ranialmalky (@ranialmalky)
8/24/13, 2:40 PM
Constitutional tweaks may empower Mubarak-era politicians in…

According to Al-Shorouk Newspaper, Sameh Ashour - head of Egypt’s Nasserist party - fully supports the roadmap implemented by the interim government, however disagrees on some of the proposed constitutional amendments.

Journalists not having an easy time…

Deena (@deenahsn)
8/24/13, 10:34 AM
Famous French journalist, author & director, Daniel Grandclément, violently attacked by vigilantes in #Cairo.… #Egypt

According to online newspaper, Egypt Independent “Interior Minister hopes Al-Jazeera will be shut down.”

Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh)
8/24/13, 2:02 PM
Press Center emails journos - to obtain permit during curfew one needs to provide press center w names/details & license plates #Egypt

Nor activists…

The Prosecutor General refers case brought up against well-known activists Asmaa Mahfouz and Esraa Abdel Fattah to Supreme State Security Prosecution. They are accused of espionage.


August 25

Interim President, Adly Mansour, receives the first draft of amendments to the constitution from legal committee. It is to be handed over to a 50-member committee, which has not yet been established, for revision, then presented to the public for a vote. 

Egyptian Foreign Minister, Nabil Fahmy, meets Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah and condemns deadly raid by Israel and continued settlement expansion and asserts that the Palestinian issue remains a priority.

Building collapses in Alexandria, Egypt.

Paul Sedra (@sedgate)
8/25/13, 9:28 PM
This could serve as metaphor for #Egypt today... Despite warning, old couple stayed put till Alex building collapsed

Amro Ali (@_amroali)
8/26/13, 2:39 PM
Regarding #Alexandria's buildings at high risk, Only 129 of 29,699 removal decisions were implemented. #Egypt #pt

Deposed President Hosni Mubarak appears in court at the Cairo Police Academy (former Mubarak Police Academy) for the 6thsession of a retrial for charges of complicity in the killing of civilians in 2011. He is accompanied by his sons and former Minister of Interior, Habib El Adly.

Mubarak’s lawyer introduces new arguments to connect it to recent events in that the charges brought against him are similar to those against recently deposed President Mohamed Morsi; signalling that it was Mohamed Morsi who was responsible for these deaths. The case has been adjourned to September pending further investigations by specialist committees. 

Gigi Ibrahim (@Gsquare86)
8/25/13, 9:49 AM
Judge is assuring people that the burning of evidence is not 'such a big deal' in the trial LOL #Egypt #Mubarak

Kaldas on “Egypt’s military and its Christian citizens”

“Christians are left to choose between those who incited against them and murdered them two years ago and those who are doing the same this month. They are expected to silently and uncritically support the state that incited against them before as it fights those who incite against them now. All this while that very state fails in its most basic obligation to protect them like any other citizens, and then uses their suffering for the state’s own political gain.” 

mia (@amiramikhail)
8/25/13, 2:37 AM
Christian Mayor and his son were slaughtered in Saraqna, Qusiya in Assuit... that is my home village. #Egypt

The defense team representing Habib al-Adly, former Minister of Interior under Mubarak, has demanded the testimony of current Defense Minister and head of the Armed Forces Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, because he was the director of military intelligence under Mubarak's rule during the January 2011 revolt. 

Shabi - “Why Egyptians are cheering a deadly coup – for now

“But the context of how this all happened will matter when Egyptians rise up again, against the brutal army – as they inevitably will, because it is unimaginable that the country has come so far, sacrificed so much, only to then give up on the revolutionary demands of "bread, freedom, justice".

Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh)
8/25/13, 6:45 PM
AJMisr cameraman Mohamed Badr who was rounded up during filming July 15 Ramses violence among those whose detention extended 45 days #Egypt

Zeinobia, an Egyptian blogger, lists the names of those that lost their lives in her post “The Language of Numbers: The Bloody Wednesday and what followed it.” 

Ammar el-Beltagi, son of Muslim Brotherhood leader and former MP Mohamed el-Beltagi, arrested along with three other leaders and former MPs in Upper Egypt. They are accused of inciting violence, disturbing public peace and possessing arms.

Dawoud Khairat, ally of Mohamed al-Zawahri - brother of Al-Qaeda leader, is detained from an apartment in Nasr City.

Egyptocracy (@Egyptocracy)
8/25/13, 11:15 PM
AMAY: Gehad Haddad: #MB to stage widespread protests next Friday, as part of "#Egypt's Islamic Revolution". 

Mohamed Badie, leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and his deputies do not appear at the opening of their trial for security reasons. The case is adjourned to October 29. The case against Badie, Khairat El-Shater and Rashad Bayoumi relates to the killing of protestors – similar to those against Mubarak – and unrest before the army removed former president Mohamed Morsi on July 3. Their lawyer claims these are political trials.

Lawyer representing leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie, says that Badie was "beaten and humiliated" when the authorities arrested him on August 19, 2013.

Nada Hussein Rashwan (@nadahrashwan)
8/25/13, 12:03 PM
Unsigned banner hanging below 15 May Bridge in Boulaq reading 'To every Ikhwani, you're a terrorist." #Egypt

Deposed president Mohamed Morsi is still held in an undisclosed location. And it is believed thousands more protesters are being held without charge.

Nawara - “Can Egypt Win the War For Public Opinion?

"I have several friends who serve as foreign correspondents in Egypt. At least two of them have told me in confidence that they were not satisfied with the way their media organizations had covered the events in Egypt, which they deemed biased toward the Muslim Brotherhood. To my surprise, some of them were suddenly transferred from Cairo to faraway locations after many years of service in Egypt. They have been replaced by others who were new to the region and who naturally formed their frame of reference according to the brief given to them by their media organizations, thus covering the events from a preset perspective."

Press releases & reports by human rights organisations:

Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights: Unprecedented spike in scale of sectarian violence and reprisals against Copts; interim president and prime minister must protect Egyptians’ lives and property and their houses of worship 

Details of sectarian attacks documented by EIPR from 10 July to 11 August 2013


August 26

UNESCO head deplores deaths of 3 Egyptian journalists and calls for an investigation.

State-owned Middle East News Agency reports the sentencing of 5 defendants to life in prison by the Cairo Criminal Court.

Numbers of travellers to Egypt decline.

Curfew has been set for 9PM on weekdays to stop demonstrations and violence.

Rana Allam (@Run_Rana)
8/26/13, 4:39 PM
New attacks launched in Al-Arish and Rafah, assassination of political figure (NDP) in Sheikh Zuweid #Sinai #Egypt

Anti-government protests held in Cairo and Alexandria. They are smaller in size since army’s clampdown.

Minister of Interior, Mohamed Ibrahim, defends the practices of security forces to rights groups. 

Mona Eltahawy (@monaeltahawy)
8/26/13, 2:43 PM
Civilians must never be tried by military tribunals MT @EgyIndependent: Military trial of 64 Morsy supporters in Suez

Human Rights First: Egyptian Military Continues Politically-Motivated Judicial Harassment

“This is an alarming development by any standards,” said Human Rights First’s Neil Hicks. “Politically-motivated charges have been brought against a wide range of people since the coup, from supporters of former President Morsi to Mohamed el Baradei, who was part of the government until he resigned last week. This latest news confirms fears that government authorities will judicially harass anyone who appears to question them.”

Textile workers of Egypt’s largest public textile factory, in Mahalla, go on strike until their demands are met.

Paul Sedra (@sedgate)
8/26/13, 7:34 PM
#EIPR condemns ‘security interference’ in Suez strike -… 

A draft law on labour unions is submitted by the Ministry of Manpower to the Cabinet.

Egypt’s interim Deputy Prime Minister, Ziad Bahaa El-Din, proposes negotiations with Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt’s former Minister of Youth and secretary of Muslim Brotherhood’s former deputy supreme guide, Osama Yassin and Mohamed Hafez, are arrested.

Hossam عمو حسام (@3arabawy)
8/26/13, 5:52 AM
Egypt Widens Crackdown and Meaning of ‘Islamist’ -… including labor activists. #NoSCAF

“Tamarod likely to form political party” – Daily News Egypt

Egypt's Salafist Nour Party agree to join the 50-member committee to be appointed by the interim president Adly Mansour to amend the constitution. 

The announcement was made on the Al-Nour’s Facebook page in that they will join the committee to protect the articles regarding Islamic identity in Egypt's constitution. 

Ahram Online: “Secularists to dominate Egypt’s final constitution-drafting process”

Tamarod rejects proposed constitutional amendments.

H.A. Hellyer “The poignant symbolism of Mubarak’s release”

“Revolutions do not always have to take the form of uprisings or armed revolts. Sometimes, the very act of simply saying ‘no, I believe in a better future, beyond what this system provides – and I’m going to work to make it happen, even if I never see it myself’ is, indeed, revolutionary”.

Amira Mikhail on “Egypt’s Christians: Pawns in a Political Chess Game”

Mina Fayek (@minafayek)
8/26/13, 9:44 AM
Kerdasa church, village is reported to be under control of radical groups. #Giza#Egypt via @CoptyAfandy 

The #masmou3 campaign continues: “Egyptians are using pots and pans to make themselves heard.”

This chart “The Middle East, explained in one (sort of terrifying) chart” by Max Fisher goes viral.

Press releases & reports by human rights organisations:

Human Rights First: Egyptian Military Continues Politically-Motivated Judicial Harassment


August 27

50-member committee to be announced for the drafting of the constitution.

Khaled Alam Eddin of the Salafi Al-Nour Party submits his resignation.

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh)
8/27/13, 5:15 PM
Salafi leader Borhamy: army saved Egypt from civil war. Sisi's opposition is 50-100k persons.

Bomb explodes in Sheikh Zuweyed - North Sinai. No casualties reported.

Ahmed Ateyya (@Ateyya)
8/27/13, 12:54 PM
Man on radio says 85 million Egyptians need to stand in a line and bow to kiss Sisi's hand in gratitude

Ahmed Kadry (@AhmedKadry)
8/27/13, 12:39 PM
"Will Egypt's crackdown on top Islamists banish the Brotherhood?" Good read on Muslim Brotherhood arrests so far.…

Ahram Online (@ahramonline)
8/27/13, 2:19 PM
#Egypt police making 'extensive efforts' to combat extremism: Interior 

According to Egypt’s Al-Shorouk Newspaper 6 leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood are arrested in Assuit.

According to Egypt’s state-run newspaper Al-Ahram the detention of 78 members of the Muslim Brotherhood is renewed pending further investigation of the murder of civilians and destruction of state-owned property in Alexandria.

Samer Al-Atrush (@SameralAtrush)
8/27/13, 12:15 PM
Ahram, Egypt's flagship state newspaper, has front page story saying it uncovered a plot by US ambassador and MB to destabilise Egypt 1

According to Al-Masry Al-Youm the imprisonment of a leader of the Freedom & Justice Party (FJP) for 15 days in Beni Suef. 

Shadi Hamid (@shadihamid)
8/27/13, 1:15 PM
If you missed it, a sort of amusing (in a sad way) article abt creative anti-US conspiracy theories in Egypt: 

Wael Eskandar (@weskandar)
8/27/13, 4:55 PM
The difference between English #MB and Arabic #Ikhwan , good…

“In a video aired on Monday, Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed El-Beltagy rejects allegations of "terrorism" leveled against the group and accuses the army chief of killing his own soldiers.”

Paul Sedra (@sedgate)
8/27/13, 2:22 AM
Brotherhood's El-Shater given fresh incitement charge - #Egypt - Ahram…

Muftah (@MuftahOrg)
8/27/13, 2:17 AM
Bloodied and bruised, Egypt's Brotherhood searches for strategy via

Deena (@deenahsn)
8/27/13, 12:18 PM
Muslim Brotherhood launches campaign calling on Copts to "reconsider" and participate in August 30 protests. #Egypt

Egypt Independent: Brotherhood considers recognizing 30 June's demands 

hossam bahgat (@hossambahgat)
8/27/13, 12:25 AM
AP: Egyptian Islamist groups seek truce with…

Maha (@MahaElNabawi)
8/27/13, 1:20 PM
#MustRead by @nadinemarroushi 'Who Is Behind the Attacks on Egypt’s Christians?'… via @Slate

BBC News "Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood under fire over tailored language"

Hafsa Halawa (@HafsaHalawa)
8/27/13, 6:36 AM
"Ultimately, both Muslim Brotherhood & State Security carry the weight of responsibility, one of incitement and the other of avoidance" #pt

AFP, Cairo: Deaths in police custody revive Egypt rights fears

Gigi Ibrahim (@Gsquare86)
8/27/13, 2:02 PM
Morgue report concluded that 37 prisoners were killed by suffocation with tear gas in police custody #Egypt #Police

marlyn (@virtualactivism)
8/27/13, 5:21 PM
Op-ed by Ibrahim Eissa in NYT - Egypt’s Journalists, Still Under…
via @knight_tracker 

Total number of deaths since the dispersal of the sit-ins on August 14 vary dramatically between human rights organisations and the Ministry of Interior.

Dalia Ezzat (@DaliaEzzat_)
8/27/13, 4:55 PM
106 Egyptian police killed and 915 injured since 14 August:

Ahmed Ateyya (@Ateyya)
8/27/13, 5:23 PM
Hisham Mubarak center for human rights: more than 1986 person arrested since Rabaa sit-in dispersed, some have no relation with MB at all. 

Reaction to Turkey’s Prime Minister’s, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speech…  

Kenneth Roth (@KenRoth)
8/27/13, 5:12 AM
Unlike #Egypt, #Turkey liberals trusted democracy, not military. Empowered, they are now constraining the Islamists. 

Nervana Mahmoud (@Nervana_1)
8/27/13, 12:05 PM
Greek foreign minister to visit Egypt… #Erdoganmust be fuming!

Deena (@deenahsn)
8/27/13, 12:34 PM
TT @ONewsAgency "Chambers of Commerce Federation suspends cooperation w/Turkey until apologizes for insulting Sheikh of Azhar"#Egypt @meedan

Hany Rasmy (@hany2m)
8/27/13, 12:55 PM
Analysis: #Turkey's 'misunderstood prophet' is really just a loose cannon | Haaretz… 

Reem Abdellatif ريم (@Reem_Abdellatif)
8/27/13, 2:45 PM
Now @ONtveg showing short doc about violence against #Kurdish children, men & women w/ subtitles: "#Erdogan's government oppresses #Kurds" 

The #masmou3 campaign grows as more and more join…

Aalam Wassef (@aalamwassef)
8/27/13, 2:36 PM
The #masmou3 campaign song AND video are OUT! Here you - Enjoy & share.

News of western powers plan of strike on Syria take over…

Mahienour El-Massry (@Mahienour)
8/27/13, 1:17 AM
for those who might be interested to know more about the Syrian refugees in Egypt and their crisis this pdf…

Iyad El-Baghdadi (@iyad_elbaghdadi)
8/27/13, 4:50 PM
#Egypt's MB plan widespread protests this Friday (August 30). Although #Syria will probably steal their thunder.


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