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Egypt in the balance: what the blogs are saying, 25 January 2016

On the fifth anniversary of Egypt’s uprising: a range of opinions in articles and tweets, first and foremost from the people of Egypt.

Rana Magdy
25 January 2016

Flickr/Aljalja. Some rights reserved.Ikhwanweb ‏@Ikhwanweb 1:03 AM: Junta Security Forces Arrest More Than 25 Anti-Coup Egyptians Within 24 Hours …

Egyptian Streets ‏@EgyptianStreets 6:33 AM: 25 Photos of #Egypt's January 25 Revolution  #25jan

Ahram Online ‏@ahramonline 6:42 AM: Egypt's President Sisi praises 25 January revolution ahead of 5th anniversary …

Pesha Magid writes for Mada MasrDowntown: Site of revolts to city of ghosts - Raiding private apartments, closing public space: Egypt’s security forces commemorate January 25":

Government officials warned people against participating in protests on January 25 this year, as did the Endowments Ministry. And President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi also warned against it, suggesting a new revolution would destroy the country. Even meteorological authorities warned against taking to the streets on January 25 due to bad weather.”

Hossam عمو حسام Verified account ‏@3arabawy 6:50 AM: My photography: #Jan25 Revolution ثورة 

Jared Malsin writes for Time: “The Unlikely Revolutionary – A father searches for justice five years after Egypt’s Tahrir Square Uprising

The underlying causes of the aborted Egyptian revolution—social deprivation, economic decline and a lack of political freedom—have not been resolved. Ali predicts another eruption of protest, though it is impossible to say when or how. One of the lessons he takes from the experience of revolution is a profound sense of patience—and endurance. “If you want to dream,” he says now, “you’re going to have nightmares.”


Flickr/Aljalja. Some rights reserved.Ahram Online ‏@ahramonline 7:51 AM: PHOTO GALLERY: Tight security ahead of 5th anniversary of #Egypt January revolution …

Egyptian Streets ‏@EgyptianStreets 7:52 AM: Two bombs were discovered below a bridge in #Egypt's #Menoufiya. The bombs have since been defused (state media). #25jan

كريم ‏@Arab_Secularist 8:44 AM: #25Jan wasn't a mistake, in fact we need numerous 25Jan's all over the world, for every person who demands dignity & is living in fear.

Wael Eskandar ‏@weskandar 8:46 AM: #25Jan is not an anniversary we celebrate, it's an anniversary to remind us that it's not over yet.

Farah Mourad ‏@Farhota 8:54 AM: Five years ago, this timeline was full of #25jan hashtags; it was full of hope and freedom hunger.

عبدالرحمن ‏@Alsha7at  10:39 AM: Five years ago, the television lied and the internet said the truth. #25Jan

Terran ‏@Psypherize 10:46 AM: I remember that first breath of freedom. We got a taste of it, and ever since then, we have been yearning for it. #Jan25

Gigi Ibrahim ‏@Gsquare86 11:05 AM: They're scared of #jan25 because we never thought that 5 yrs after we would be sitting at home asking the question what are they afraid of?

Gigi Ibrahim ‏@Gsquare86 11:25 AM: 25 January 2011 my album from shubra to Tahrir #jan25 #Egypt …

Sarah Mansour ‏@Soor88 11:28 AM: If they secured Sinai + Lybian border like they do Tahrir square now, they would destroy terrorism over night! #25Jan #IhdouKidaOmal

Egyptian Streets ‏@EgyptianStreets 11:50 AM: #Egypt's police disperses 'tens of Muslim Brotherhood supporters' at a protest in Matareya (state media). #25Jan


Flickr/Gigi Ibrahim. Some rights reserved.Jack Shenker writes for The Guardian “State repression in Egypt worst in decades, says activist”. He quotes Hossam Bahgat:

“The level of repression now is significantly higher than it was under the Mubarak regime, and people from older generations say it is worse than even the worst periods of the 1950s and 1960s [under the rule of Gamal Abdel Nasser].”

Asma ‏@LibyanBentBladi 11:58 AM: Goosebumps!! 50 Tweets From Tahrir That Will Make You Relive the Revolution … #25Jan

Cairobserver ‏@Cairobserver 11:59 AM: Revisiting films about Egypt's 2011 revolution … via @ahramonline 

The New Arab ‏@The_NewArab 12:02 PM: #OnThisDay: Shaima al-Sabbagh, an #Egyptian activist was shot while attempting to mark #Jan25 revolution  #25Jan

Alaa Abdel Fattah writes from his prison cell for Mada MasrJan 25, 5 years on: The only words I can write are about losing my words”:

Today it seems like we won that final battle for narrative. While the state still has its supporters, their numbers are shrinking rapidly, especially among the youth. Most people are no longer debating the nature of the events of summer 2013. The coup versus revolution debate is passé.”

Mohanad Mishrif ‏@Mohanad_honda96 12:18 PM: Honor those who have died by living the values of the revolution they died believing in. #jan25

Tahrir Supplies ‏@TahrirSupplies 12:20 PM: Here's to the days where everyone you knew was out there doing something good, with good intentions, hoping for the best.

Hafsa Halawa ‏@HafsaHalawa 12:22 PM: Just because the streets are empty, and there is no longer street mobilisation, it doesn't mean people aren't mobilising. #Egypt #Jan25

yussuf abdellatif ‏@michou_94 1:01 PM: UPDATE 15:00pm still around 100-200 pro Sisi demonstrators, police tries to move them but they seem unmotivated #egypt #tahrir #cairo #jan25


Flickr/Gigi Ibrahim. Some rights reserved.Middle East Monitor ‏@MiddleEastMnt 1:20 PM: 544 Egyptians arrested ahead of #Jan25 revolution anniversary … | #Egypt #25jan

Reem Abdellatif ‏@Reem_Abdellatif 1:30 PM: You can blame Sisi & his regime all you want, but change will never come unless #Egyptians change themselves. #jan25

Leil-Zahra Mortada ‏@LeilZahra  3:12 PM: "#Egypt 5 years on: was it ever a '#socialmedia #revolution'?" Erm, NO! … via @MaeveShearlaw #Jan25 #Tahrir 

Menna منّة ‏@TheMiinz 3:18 PM: Photo Gallery: 18 days that shook Egypt - The 25 January Revolution … #Jan25 #25Jan #Egypt

Elliott Colla ‏@AbuMrouj  3:27 PM: Egyptian martyrs of last 5 years: Mubarak: 841 SCAF: 215 Morsi: 154 El-Sisi: ≈ 1200 May their sacrifice not be in vain. @gamaleid

Soraya Bahgat ‏@SorayaBahgat 3:56 PM: Today I also think of the hundreds of women who were subjected to mob sexual assaults in #Tahrir #Egypt #Jan25 #25Jan

Mohamed El Gharbawy ‏@Gharbawy 4:15 PM: Revolutions don't have a fixed date. All the factors that led to the #25Jan Revolution still exist, so sooner or later it will happen again.

Omar Robert Hamilton writes for The Guardian The memory of the Egyptian revolution is the only weapon we have left”:

“The question is what might come next. The possibilities line up before us: decades of President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi overseeing a country slowly crumbling into the sea. A series of intra-military coups. More uprisings of the hungry and dispossessed. A slow democratisation process played out between competing elites. State collapse and an Islamic State insurgency. An acceleration in climate change, the flooding of the Nile Delta and widespread famine. Or, something different, something none of us can see yet. I can’t say that I’m optimistic. But I’m not dead and I’m not in prison so I have no right to say it’s all over.”

Bel Trew - بل ترو ‏@Beltrew 4:38 PM: The Brotherhood (banned in #Egypt) announced 35 marches today in Cairo / Giza - couldn't locate any of them or see any reports on them.

The Big Pharaoh ‏@TheBigPharaoh 9:17 PM: Dear Sisi, #Jan25 passed with almost no protests. Are you happy now? Paranoia over? Can you release prisoners then?

Khaled Diab ‏@DiabolicalIdea 9:41 PM: One-woman Tahrir. Sanaa Seif: "I am alone but I am sure next year thousands will return." …  

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