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Egypt in the balance: what the blogs are saying 28 August - 8 September

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Rana Magdy
11 September 2013

August 28

Curfew hours may be decreased, according to state-run Al-Ahram newspaper.

Daily News Egypt: Interim Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi says the dispersals of Rabaa and Al-Nahda sit-ins on August 14 were “necessary and inevitable”.

Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists release a statement “Counter-Revolution and Myths of Foreign Plots” and in the opening paragraph:

“Those opposing military rule are not only accused of supporting the “ Brotherhood terrorists” and the Brotherhood. They are considered traitors backing the foreign plot to bring down Egypt. All who rally for democracy, all who challenge military policy and all who join strikes or sit-ins are considered enemies and agents of the Zionest-American plot. 

 All who criticize Sisi or consider recent events in Egypt to be a counter-revolutionary bloody coup aiming to reinstate Mubarak’s Egypt are not only ‘Brotherhood terrorists’ but should be charged with high treason.”

Maha (@MahaElNabawi) tweeted at 5:08 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013: gathering protest taking place now outside journalist syndicate in downtown #Cairo

Leading member of April 6th Movement is facing charges of espionage.

Egypt Independent: Egypt’s Finance Minister claims the economy is better off than in June.

The Daily News Egypt (@DailyNewsEgypt) tweeted at 4:58 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013: Beltone Financial discusses political development with presidential advisor Hegazy

Daily News Egypt: “Decision to temporarily relocate Ramlet Boulak residents revoked” 

Talk about the constitution…

Al Arabiya English (@AlArabiya_Eng) 8/28/13, 9:03 PM: Egyptian soldiers will no longer swear loyalty to president [email protected]_Eng #egypt

Salma Elwardany (@S_Elwardany) tweeted at 3:09 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013: Nour party to join panel-drafting constitution to protect identity-related articles, party head Younis Makhyoun says on state TV

Bel Trew - بل ترو (@Beltrew) tweeted at 3:03 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013: Rt @S_Elwardany: Egypt issues presidential decree scrapping 'To be loyal to the President' has been removed from the oath of army officers"

Activities of the Ministry of Interior…

More than 60 people including relatives of Muslim Brotherhood members are arrested.

Dalia Ezzat (@DaliaEzzat_) tweeted at 5:44 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013: Questioning of Brotherhood supreme guide, Moh'd Badie, adjourned for health reasons

Hany Rasmy (@hany2m) 8/28/13, 9:41 PM: Leading Muslim Brotherhood member Ali Fath El-Bab arrested on Wednesday in Helwan - #MB

Ahramonline: “Egypt prosecution arbitrarily extends detentions: Front for Defense of Egyptian Protesters (FDEP)”

“The front said in a statement that its lawyers have been prevented from attending sessions in which detention periods have been extended. They added that only 20 lawyers have been allowed to attend such meetings, despite numbers of detainees being in the hundreds.”

Erin Cunningham (@erinmcunningham) tweeted at 5:23 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013: Apparently a retired American officer was arrested in North Sinai — and he lived alone in Sheikh Zuwaid?

Ahram Online (@ahramonline) tweeted at 4:01 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013: #Egyptian Army did not fire directly at Beni Suef protesters #sisi #brotherhood

Sporadic gunshots in the neighbourhood of Mohandessin in Giza…

Sophia Jones (@Sophia_MJones) tweeted at 3:50 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013: Gunshots in mohandiseen. Not sure from where. Soldiers responding, standing up on APC, looking at where shots are coming from. #Egypt

Joel Gulhane (@jgulhane) tweeted at 4:04 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013: Eyewitness: Birdshot, automatic gunfire and tear gas at #MosatfaMahmoud in Mohandiseen. #Egypt

Reem Abdellatif ريم (@Reem_Abdellatif) tweeted at 5:03 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013: Anchor advises ppl not to look out windows, stay inside. Soldiers looking up towards building to assess. #egypt

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) tweeted at 5:31 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013: People chanting 'army and the people are one hand'. On Sada El Balad TV. Maybe they arrested the gunmen.

On Syria…

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) tweeted at 3:05 PM on Wed, Aug 28, 2013: Latest untrue rumour making the rounds in Egypt: Egyptian government will ban US warships from crossing the Suez Canal to go to Syria.

Blogger, Zeinobia’s latest entry “My two cents on the military intervention in #Syria and its impact on #Egypt”

With the rising nationalism in Egypt and how the majority of people believe conspiracy theories now just like their belief in God , I fear that the military intervention will make them believe that the whole world especially the West is truly plotting against Egypt. 
The latest conspiracy theory supported by the state “through its official newspaper Al Ahram” now is how the West or the US was planning to divide Egypt starting with the independence of Upper Egypt through the Muslim Brotherhood. The military action and what will follow in Syria will support this theory.”


August 29

آدم مكاري (@adamakary) 8/29/13, 12:03 PM: 18 people in Cairo and Giza referred to Supreme State Security court for breaking curfew hours without a permit. #Egypt

مركز النديم (@elnadeem) 8/29/13, 12:04 PM: FDEP condemns the arbitrary performance of the general prosecution towards detainees arrested in recent events 

Leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed El-Beltagy, is arrested alongside Khaled Al-Azhari and Gamal Al-Ashry.

Sherifa Zuhur (@SherifaZuhur) 8/29/13, 5:44 PM: Beltagy arrested in Giza…

H.A. Hellyer د. إتش (@hahellyer) 8/29/13, 6:02 PM: Increasingly, it seems the state knows precisely where the #MB leadership is; and arrests them at a time of its choosing. #Egypt

Bel Trew - بل ترو (@Beltrew) 8/29/13, 12:33 PM: FJP representative says there is no one yet to replace Supreme Guide Badie, who is currently in prison

Nour Youssef comments on the “Brotherhood protests”:

“The reasons for the complete disarray Brothers are in are many and obvious: the arrests or absence of their leadership (and their sons for can’t-be-good-reasons) and the possibility of violent dispersal and detention looming over any attempted protest have weakened their will to protest with fear and confusion. That and the news of Safwat Hegazi’s claim that he’s always had the political activity of a 9-year-old, while Mohammed Badie pointed his finger at Beltagy, which was met with silent shock and disbelief, was salt to their wounds. It’s not hard to imagine why the battered MB didn’t deliver the large marches they promised last Friday.”

Nervana Mahmoud (@Nervana_1) 8/29/13, 12:27 PM: Muslim Brotherhood in #Egypt ramps up its calls for nationwide protests: -SS via @AP

Deena (@deenahsn) 8/29/13, 12:21 PM: Egypt's Minister of Endowments bans fundraising in mosques.

Follow-up on yesterday’s shoot-out in the Mohandessin district of Giza…

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 8/29/13, 12:23 PM: Army spox issued statement warning citizens to take caution against gunmen who might shoot from buildings rooftops…

Sarah El Deeb (@seldeeb) 8/29/13, 12:33 PM: “@tradwan: “@hany2m: #Egypt: Mohandessin shooting suspect is a Rebel member, says group…”” there by chance 

On Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections, the constitution and army…

Tamarod (Rebel) campaign announce their support for Gen. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as Egypt’s next president if the security situation remains unstable.

Ahmed Kadry (@AhmedKadry) 8/29/13, 12:39 PM: Exactly two months ago, #Egypt was gearing for the Tamarod mass protests. It's also the last time we were driven by courage, not fear 

Tarek Radwan (@tradwan) 8/28/13, 8:21 PM: Nour playing mad politics: Salafist Nour Party says Egypt army is 'a red line' - Politics - Egypt - Ahram Online

Mina Fayek (@minafayek) 8/29/13, 11:48 AM: The Brotherhood accuses Salafi Nour Party of being State Security agents, their stances are "moral degeneration"

fustat (@fustat) 8/29/13, 12:19 PM: Nour Party nominates three trade union heads belonging to the MB to be included in the constitutional committee of 50. (4) #July3 #MB #Egypt

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 8/29/13, 12:53 PM: Salafis in Marsa Matruh announced they will not support Morsi anymore. They were part of a "reconciliation ceremony" organized by the army.

Patrick Galey (@patrickgaley) 8/29/13, 10:57 AM: The revolutionary Hamdeen Sabbahi says he'd stand beside Sisi if he ran for president.… v @glcarlstrom

Anti-Coup Alliance holds press conference…

Bel Trew - بل ترو (@Beltrew) 8/29/13, 11:56 AM: At press conference for 'Anti-Coup Alliance" held at the New Workers Party- so far no MB or FJP present.

آدم مكاري (@adamakary) 8/29/13, 12:08 PM: Anti Coup Alliance calls on its supporters to 'reclaim the revolution w a peaceful civil disobedience campaign starting Friday'. #Egypt

Bel Trew - بل ترو (@Beltrew) 8/29/13, 12:37 PM: "Anti-coup alliance" says it is open to peaceful negotiations with the military - claims they have tried. Didn't give details of terms

Saudi and US relations with Egypt…

Published on “Saudi thinking on Egypt” is an article originally published in Saudi’s Al-Watan newspaper depicts the Saudi regime’s stance towards the ousting of President Mohamed Morsi and the role of the US government in handling the crises.

US Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, was accused in Egypt’s state-run newspaper Al-Ahram of conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood to de-stabilize Egypt. This is the letter she wrote to Editor-in-Chief Abdel Nasser Salama, in response to the front-page publication. 

Ursula Lindsey: “Conspiring against the truth”

“The more serious concern with these conspiracy theories is that they are being used to prepare the ground for a wave of further prosecutions, and this time not just of Islamists. The charge of takhaabir ("sharing intelligence" with foreign powers) which has been brought against Morsi but also against April 6 activists is so vague as to be applicable to almost any contact between an Egyptian and a foreigner.”  

Journalism & Journalists…

Al-Jazeera correspondent Wayne Hay, cameraman Adil Bradlow, producers Russ Finn and Baher Mohammed are still detained by Egyptian authorities. They were arrested on Tuesday August 27, 2013.

Egyptian Streets (@EgyptianStreets) 8/29/13, 11:56 AM: "Don't Shoot The Messenger!" Foreign journalists in #Egypt are under siege in a dangerous atmosphere: #journalism

Nadia el-Magd ناديا (@Nadiaglory) 8/29/13, 11:42 AM: #Egypt bans Aljazeera Mubasher Masr @ajmmisr same day that Qatar launches its own satellite Suhail 1

Ethar El-Katatney (@etharkamal) 8/29/13, 12:25 PM: 2 journalists were killed in #egypt from January 2011- June 2013. From 26 June 2013 - 26 August 2013, 9 were killed. 

Editor-in-Chief of the Daily News Egypt writes a letter “Unsustainable return of Mubarak’s state” and concludes:

“The masses and workers will not stand still and will head again to the streets in a few months or one year maximum, since all of the changes happening at the moment are very unsustainable. And even if the masses are exhausted to actively engage again soon, given the very confusing past three years, thousands of families of those who got killed or tortured to death during and after Mubarak will not give up, even if it takes years and years. We have to learn that lesson from similar experiences around the world. Those who lost loved ones do not forget, even if everyone else does.”

On Syria..

Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) 8/29/13, 10:28 AM: #Egypt FM says Cairo agnst use of CW by any party, but won't back or partake in any military action agnst #Syria

نون عربية (@NoonArabia) 8/29/13, 10:40 AM: TT @SkyNewsArabia_B: Egyptian FM: #Egypt will not participate in a military strike against #Syria & opposes foreign military intervention"

The Daily News Egypt (@DailyNewsEgypt) 8/29/13, 12:18 PM: Russia sending warships to the Mediterranean:…

Mina Fayek (@minafayek) 8/29/13, 6:02 PM: Egypt's MB refused mil intervention in Syria Syrian MB say it shd have happened long time ago 

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations: 

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights:

EOHR demands an investigation of the incident of torture of Mohamed Badie, MB General Guide 


Friday 30

Mina Fayek (@minafayek) 8/30/13, 12:36 PM: Egypt fires at Palestinian fishermen off Gaza: medics via @Reuters

The Daily News Egypt (@DailyNewsEgypt) 8/30/13, 12:06 PM: Three militants killed in Sinai, 22 arrested…

ahramonline: “BREAKING: Two killed in drive-by shooting in Cairo's Heliopolis”

The Muslim Brotherhood…

According to Al-Arabiya [Ar] : Interim Prime Minister Hazem El-Biblawi claims the dissolution or the eradication of the Muslim Brotherhood is not a solution.

Mostafa Hussein (@moftasa) 8/30/13, 12:02 PM: @Sarahcarr cause he opposed dissolving MB, suggested monitoring their activities which means not exterminating them…

Youssef (@youssefsalah) 8/30/13, 12:28 PM: @TheBigPharaoh All 1st and 2nd class leaders have been arrested. Hierarchy clearly affected. We can't expect more number to show up

Nation-wide protests are called for by Anti-Coup Alliance as well as Muslim Brotherhood…

Reem Abdellatif ريم (@Reem_Abdellatif) 8/30/13, 12:04 PM: Most central metro stations including Tahrir & Ramsis closed in Cairo today. Cairo relatively quiet, most protests in rural areas, acc to AJ

Mahmoud Khattab (@Mamoudinijad) 8/30/13, 11:55 AM: Thugs attacking protesters in front of Al Nour mosque #Aug30 #Egypt

Mahmoud Khattab (@Mamoudinijad) 8/30/13, 12:01 PM: Now they're holding and beating a protester giving out papers #Aug30 #Alnour

Tamer El-Ghobashy (@TamerELG) 8/30/13, 12:06 PM: Witness: state security closed Al Salam and Al Iman mosques in Nasr City to Friday prayers. Ppl prayed in the street. #Egypt

Mohamed Abdelfattah (@mfatta7) 8/30/13, 12:08 PM: Hundreds of MB protesters now in Kasr el ainy street

Basil الضبع (@basildabh) 8/30/13, 12:14 PM: I'm not sure how a group can call for popular protests when locations of marches and their destinations aren't announced.

Kristen Chick (@kristenchick) 8/30/13, 12:27 PM: Couple hundred protesters in Medan Giza, separated into men and women's sides

Deena (@deenahsn) 8/30/13, 12:48 PM: TT @ONewsAgency clashes between security and the Brotherhood in #Tanta. Police shoots tear gas. #Egypt#Aug30

Mohamed El Dahshan (@eldahshan): 8/30/13, 12:37 PM: Around 700 people in a pro-Morsi protest in #Heliopolis, chanting "the coup is terrorism"

Regarding local media and international media…

Al-Jazeera Mubashir’s offices are raided by security forces in Cairo.

Sherine Tadros (@SherineT) 8/30/13, 8:50 AM: Al Jazeera correspondent Wayne Hay, cameraman Adil Bradlow&producer Russ Finn are still being detained by #Egypt authorities #freeAJStaff

Shadi Hamid (@shadihamid) 8/30/13, 12:02 PM: But I also respect the forthrightness of Egyptian media, where they pretty much admit, in so many words, that they're just making things up.

Evan Hill (@evanchill) 8/30/13, 12:23 PM: Sampling of one short Nile TV segment. Nationalism in overdrive.

Barbara Ibrahim (@blibrahim) 8/30/13, 12:30 PM: Worrying number of recent media arrests in #Egypt. Near silence from liberals/human rights community is even more troubling. #Freespeech

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 8/30/13, 12:49 PM: Today all of Egypt's media channels became a replica of the MB newspaper during Morsi's tenure.

Mohammed Yahia (@MohammedY): 8/30/13, 2:33 PM: #OnTV was showing a march in Nasr City when a woman started chanting "down down with military rule" and they immediately turned off sound

State-run Al-Ahram newspaper respond to US Ambassador, Anne Patterson’s, letter…

Samer Al-Atrush (@SameralAtrush) 8/30/13, 10:02 AM: Ahram's response to Patterson is revealing. Basically "yes we made up our story because what other explanation was there for meeting Shater? 

Bassem Sabry باسم (@Bassem_Sabry) 8/30/13, 12:42 PM: The amount of conspiracies, serious claims, dangerous accusations being made in Egyptian media without full decisive proof is unprecedented.

Recent development re- the prisoners that were killed while in police custody…

Menna منّة (@TheMiinz) 8/29/13, 11:47 PM: Prosecution accuses police officer and 4 conscripts of killing Abo Zaabal detainees #Egypt

Sectarian clashes still taking place... 

mia (@amiramikhail) 8/30/13, 12:08 PM: Seeing reports of #sectarian violence in Malawi #Minya and reports of potential violence in Samalout and Beni Suef. Any confirmation? RT

Maria Fahmy (@MariaFahmy) 8/30/13, 12:58 PM: @SectarianAttack “@CopticOrphans: Field reports: Violence erupts in Ezbit Adly, #Mallawy. Ten #Christiansinjured, one in critical condition

With regards to the constitution…

نشرة القاهرة‎ (@cairowire) 8/30/13, 12:10 PM: are #egypt's rulers about to make the same mistake morsi did? seeds of discontent in a new #dostor 

BBC’s Middle East analyst, Nicholas Wade, on “Egypt: What poll results reveal about Brotherhood’s popularity.”

Assessing the popularity of Arab presidents, their political parties, and ideologies had long been impossible, given the absence of free speech and assembly under the Middle East's authoritarian governments.”

US Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, is replaced by David Satterfield temporarily.

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

Amnesty International:



August 31

Breaking News (@BreakingNews) 8/31/13, 9:32 PM: Egypt's Suez Canal Authority: 'Terrorists' staged a failed attack on a container vessel; shipping traffic unaffected - @Reuters

betsy hiel (@betsy_hiel) 8/31/13, 10:12 PM: RT @monznomad: Looting in North Saqqara:…#Egypt #Heritage #Antiquities

Egypt State television announces the shortening of curfew hours, which are now set from 11PM till 6AM.

The Muslim Brotherhood…

Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, suffers a heart attack in Tora prison.

Court renews the detention of 141 supposed supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi pending investigations.

Police arrest leading Muslim Brotherhood figure and former member of the Shura Council, Sobhy Saleh, in Alexandria and former Minister of Manpower under Morsi, Khaled Al Azhary, is detained for 15 days.

Ibrahim fathy (@Ibrahim0Fathy) 8/31/13, 9:47 PM: @BreakingNews @Reuters Egyptians fighting against Qaeda and MB terrorism which affecting all the world specially European countries.

hossam bahgat (@hossambahgat) 8/31/13, 9:33 PM: In my Cairo neighborhood, new violence but the same old troubles - By Mokhtar Awad via @washingtonpost

Christian churches and establishments..

Egypt's General Prosecution orders the detention of 106 suspects accused of torching churches and public property in Upper Egypt’s Minya governorate. They are detained for 15 days pending investigation.  

A church in the city of Port Said is attacked and according to ahramonline, 4 policemen were injured.

On a more comical note, Amira Al Hussaini on “Egypt goes quack over #SpyDuck” highlights the reaction of the twitterati to #SpyDuck’s arrest:

Victor Salama @VicoSalama: No, i'm not on drugs: It says here that #SpyDuck arrested in #Egypt is a swan & that it actually migrated from France … 


'Spy' swan is a White Stork. Common migratory bird in autumn,spring. Passes Sinai, Hurghada & Nile sth of Qena. … #pt 


#masmou3 campaign grows exponentially…

Khalid Abdalla (@khalidabdalla) 8/31/13, 12:09 PM: Over 7000 likes on Facebook in 48hrs for @masmou3. Join us knowing that our ground is not to be underestimated:

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights:

The EOHR demands the release of prisoners of the Egyptian community in Gaza. 


September 1

Abdulkhaleq Abdulla (@Abdulkhaleq_UAE) 9/1/13, 1:49 PM: Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed crown prince of AD is visiting #Egypt today. I expect the #UAE to announce a $10 billion economic aid package. 

Ahmed El Masry, member of the April 6th movement, dies from injuries sustained during clashes on August 14.

According to Daily News Egypt 48 hotels in the Sinai Peninsula close temporarily due to political unrest.

Mina Fayek (@minafayek) 9/1/13, 8:32 PM: 17 civilians killed in Sinai since Mohamed Morsi's ouster in July. via @Haithamtabei

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 9/1/13, 8:24 PM: A Copt was shot dead in Arish, N Sinai. A Copt was beheaded there 2 months ago. V @Haithamtabei

The Muslim Brotherhood… 

Samer Al-Atrush (@SameralAtrush) 9/1/13, 8:21 PM: Egypt's Mohamed Morsi will stand trial for deaths of protesters outside his palace in December, after MB supporters attacked sit-in

Minister of Interior, Mohamed Ibrahim, allocates LE245million to officers who participated in the dispersal of the sit-ins on August 14.

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 9/1/13, 8:49 PM: MB attacked the palace sit-in and killed and tortured. Police attacked Rabaa sit-in and killed hundreds. Both are crimes.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom & Justice Partys’ former MP, Farid Ismail, is arrested.

Prosecution resumes questioning of Mohamed Badie and Mohamed El Beltagy, leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood, at Tora Prison.

Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, is detained for a further 15-days for ‘instigating an attack on a police station in downtown Cairo’.

Leading members, Saad El-Katatni and Mahdi Akef, also face longer detention.

H.A. Hellyer د. إتش (@hahellyer) 9/1/13, 8:11 PM: Polarisation in Egypt is beyond bad. Any criticism of pro-MB position is now "liberal fascism"; criticism of SCAF is all "MB-fascism".

The Muslim Brotherhood announces that they will hold the Ministry of Interior responsible for Mohamed Badie, the Supreme Guide, health.

Samer Al-Atrush (@SameralAtrush) 9/1/13, 4:36 PM: I asked pres spox what is their endgame with MB, mentioning arrests. In answering, he asked what my nationality was

According to Egypt Independent: “Jama’a al-Islamiya: Legitimacy Alliance willing to end demos against Brotherhood arrests”:

“Informed sources said the initiative proposes that Morsy returns and then resigns for presidential elections to be held under international supervision.”

Jama’a al-Islamiya leader, Ahmed Noureldine Mansour, is arrested and charged with plotting an attack on the military.

The constitution…

Ihab Badawi, Egypt’s presidential spokesperson, announces the names of the 50 member-committee tasked with amending the constitution. For a list of the names, click here and for a list of alternative members of the committee, click here

نور بكر (@nour_bakr) 9/1/13, 11:06 PM: However representative you think the constituent assembly is, MB/FJP glaring omission & cant be ignored if govt serious about reconciliation

Rasheed Hammouda on the “Revenge of the Sisi” concludes:

“In trying to play the same intimidation card they have been playing for years the military has made a severe miscalculation. The youth, revolutionaries, Brotherhood, et al are far from the docile sheep they once were. While certain elements still lack the necessary leadership and organisation needed, they have found their voice all the same. Once these factions ignore the conspiracy theorists or those who would throw their hands up and lament the futility of fighting a “deep state,” working towards progress can begin anew.”


The three Al-Jazeera journalists are released and deported after being held without charge since August 27. 

Sherine Tadros (@SherineT) 9/1/13, 4:24 PM: After 5 days in detention in #Egypt , Wayne, Russ and Adil have been released. AJA journalists remain in detention @cpjmena @pressfreedom

The story of #SpyDuck continues…

Stork held in Egypt on suspicion of spying.

Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE) - UPDATE: On the captured stork (#SpyDuck) in Qina

“According to Dr. Fatma Tammam, Undersecretary of State for Egyptian Zoos and Wildlife Conservation, the captured White Stork (also referred to as #SpyDuck) is currently under the care of the Veterinary Authority in Qena, awaiting a decision from the Qena Prosecutor's Office for the release of the stork.
Dr. Fatma Tammam, as well as the Nature Conservation Sector of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) and Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE) are all following up with the release of the stork.
Until then, here is a link to show you the fascinating journey of this stork. Hopefully this "transit" will not delay its Autumn migration to Africa.

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights:

EOHR will hold a consultative meeting with representatives of NGOs at the Organization’s Headquarters to discuss NGOs’ draft law 


September 2

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 9/2/13, 4:09 PM: Interesting read by @RashaAbdulla : A month later, to coup or not to coup is still the question

Muftah: “Reclaiming the Revolution: Tracing Tamarod’s Democratic Dance”

“To be sure, those represented by Tamarod do not all overlap with the revolutionary core of the country’s recent uprisings—rather, many of these individuals encompasses a much larger swathe of people who did not previously participate in Egypt’s revolution….It is easy to see Egypt from afar and criticize the lack of democratic discipline. But until one has been in the thicket of millions of bodies, has felt oneself suspended by the inertia of a parade-cum-mob, or seen friends beaten for making a joke about Sisi while attending anti-Morsi protests, one cannot understand the complexity of the game on the ground.”

According to State news; a bomb explodes at a police station in downtown Cairo leaving two workers injured.

The Muslim Brotherhood…

Deposed President Mohamed Morsi is to stand trial in a criminal court.

Reuters: An Egyptian judicial panel advises a court to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood as a registered NGO. 

Ex-culture minister, Alaa Abdel Aziz, is investigated for indecent behaviour.

Muslim Brotherhood claim they were not invited to participate in the 50 member committee responsible for drafting the constitution. The Salafist Al-Nour Party believe the committee marginalises Islamists whilst secular political forces appear to be satisfied although the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights is not satisfied with the representation of women.

Former governor and leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Saad El-Husseiny, is arrested. Two Brotherhood leaders are detained for assault charges on security personel at the Maasara metro station.

Daily News Egypt “53 arrested after security forces campaign”:

“The Ministry of Interior released a statement Monday announcing the arrest of 21 Muslim Brotherhood members in Beni Suef, and 32 individuals who partook in protests over the past two weeks while the prosecutor general’s office charged prominent Brotherhood members.

35 NGOs and networks from 13 Arab countries urge Arab League Secretary General and interim Foreign Minister to Egypt, Nabil El-Araby, to prioritize Egypt at the upcoming council on September 3:

“In the statement, the rights groups cited the “ongoing violence by state security forces and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and the growing human rights violations, which lead to the death of over 1,000 individuals in addition to thousands of injured as well as the damage caused to dozens of private property and state institutions.”

The 3 Al-Jazeera journalists are released…

Wayne Hay (@wayne_hay) 9/2/13, 6:46 AM: The 3 of us on the plane last night... safely in the 

Mostafa Hussein (@moftasa) 9/2/13, 9:35 PM: Egypt since July 3: 5 journalists killed, 80 arrested, 40 attacked/injured, 10 media outlets censored… /via @SherineT

Sherine Tadros (@SherineT) 9/2/13, 9:24 PM: Heavy toll on #egypt journalists since army take over : reporters without borders…

Dan Murphy on “Egypt press crackdown and propaganda”

The big picture: It appears that a battle has been joined in Egypt, with the military and its appointed civilian leaders seeking to put the genie of greater media freedom back in the bottle….. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood are no friends of press freedom either. Pro-Morsi protesters attacked reporters from local station ONTV, a staunch supporter of the coup, and broke their equipment on Friday. During Morsi's year in power, defamation suits and suits alleging defamation of religion were used to silence critics.”

Egyptian blogger and activist Mahmoud Salem, a.k.a. Sandmonkey, on “Snippets from a fun society”:

“When pictures of the spy duck surfaced, we were surprised that it was actually a stork. Excellent police work, you guys. It’s important to note that now in Egypt we have Zionist sharks, spy Ducks and Muslim Brotherhood sheep.”

Mina Fayek puts a “Full chart of Egypt’s constitutional assembly” together on his blog, where unions and syndicates occupy the most seats, followed by public figures, the political spectrum then women and then the national councils & human rights, Copts, Al Azhar and youth occupy the same number of seats followed by ‘others’.


September 3

UAE pledges an additional $2 billion in aid.

Egypt’s interim President, Adly Mansour, gives his first interview on State television, answering questions related to recent events and conveying his faith in the transitional roadmap. 

Tamer El-Ghobashy (@TamerELG) 9/3/13, 9:56 PM: Egypt interim pres: regime change only happens through revolution or a coup... #gettinginteresting 

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 9/3/13, 10:27 PM: It was obvious Mansour knew the questions beforehand. Yet how did he memorize all these answers?! Well he's a judge.

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 9/3/13, 10:25 PM: Mansour said he will return to his previous job as chief of the Constitutional High Court when his term as interim president ends.

Reuters: Egyptian security forces have destroyed some 20 houses along the border with Gaza, local residents said on Tuesday, in what the Palestinian enclave's Islamist Hamas rulers fear is an effort to build a buffer zone to isolate them.

Ahmed Maher, co-founder and leading member of the April 6th Movement, says Egypt’s constitution committee is balanced.

Arrests, releases and protests…

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, which groups all supporters of ousted President Mohamed Mosri, call on protests against the “coup”.

Leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed El Beltagi, is detained for a further 15 days pending investigations.

#SpyDuck is released by authorities.

According to Egypt Independent: 21 suspects are arrested in Fayoum on charges of attacking army and police forces.

Aswat Masriya: “Military court sentences 11 to life for Suez clashes”

Suez’s military court sentenced 11 people to 25 years in prison and 45 others to five years on Tuesday for violent events that took place in August upon the state's dispersal of two sit-ins held by supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi. The court acquitted eight others in what is considered the first military trial since Egypt declared a state of emergency on August 14.” 

Hafsa Halawa (@HafsaHalawa) 9/3/13, 2:48 PM: @forsoothsayer @Sarahcarr @TheBigPharaoh military trials still in place as per constitutional declaration & state of emergency (FYI)

Talk on international and local media…

Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) 9/3/13, 9:25 AM: Administrative Court issues verdict ordering halt of broadcast of #AlJazeera #Egypt service AJMisr & 3 other channels  

Amira Howeidy (@amirahoweidy) 9/3/13, 9:44 AM: Court orders Jazeera and 3 channels off air. What's next? The press?

Khalid Abdalla (@khalidabdalla) 9/3/13, 9:47 AM: The right to speak in the 'war on terror' has become the right to gag. Media waterboarding. Doesn't work. Never has, never will. #Egypt 

Hafsa Halawa (@HafsaHalawa) 9/3/13, 9:55 AM: Shutting down TV channels AJMM, Misr25, Ahrar - another move down the undemocratic path that will be again cheered by majority of #Egyptians

ashrafquazi (@ashrafm83) 9/3/13, 11:20 AM: @RawyaRageh @Ikhwanweb Nonsense coup mafia group, ruling Egypt under bullet.shutting down media.what a democracy!

Mina Fayek (@minafayek) 9/3/13, 12:46 PM: re: old days are back. #Egypt…

cherry (@cherryeltawil) 9/3/13, 1:13 PM: @HafsaHalawa @TheBigPharaoh Hate speech in medias is illegal. Inciting violence against minorities is illegal. NeoNazis r illegal & so MB tv

On a more positive note…

“Cairo musicians jam through curfew nights”

“In the Makan cultural centre, Hind and her band play all night, as part of a project called “The music of the curfew”. It was born of “the sentiment of musicians who usually work at night and who felt that the curfew hit something they liked the most,” says Ahmed  el-Maghraby, head of Makan.”

What is the #masmou3 campaign? Khalid Abdalla explains:

“The idea is simple. If you refuse the choice between fascism masquerading as religion, and Mubarak’s state masquerading as nationalism, silence is not enough. Make your voice heard. Every night at 9 pm, pick up a pot and make a banging noise for five minutes. Announce your position, and invite others to challenge you or join. Say that your condemnation of the actions or crimes of either side does not mean you believe they are equivalent in all things, that it is possible for two sides to be wrong for different reasons, and that anyway, neither represents you.”

Cressida Trew @dadatrew: On Sat @masmou3 fb page had 7000 likes. 3 days later it's 18000. Ppl against false binary of #MB or#Army are beginning to find each other. 


September 4

Aid and loans to Egypt…

ahramonline: “Obama weighs Egypt aid suspension”

ahramonline: “Egypt prepared to repay Qatari loan in days if necessary” 

Court cases, arrests and releases…

Egypt’s former Prosecutor General, Talaat Abdallah, is banned from travel.

hebamorayef (@hebamorayef) 9/4/13, 1:23 PM: Adly Mansour on TV last night “not a single civilian has been referred to the military justice system or a military court, bec as a judge1/3

hebamorayef (@hebamorayef) 9/4/13, 1:29 PM: ongoing military trial of journalist Mohamed Sabry adjourned to Oct 2 - his case a good example of why military courts lack independence

Al Jama’a al-Islamiya criticize Morsi’s referral to criminal court.

A Muslim Brotherhood member is sentenced to life in prison for charges of attacking the military in Suez.

hebamorayef (@hebamorayef) 9/4/13, 1:26 PM: I believe that every citizen has the right to appear before his natural judge”=on same day as a military court in Suez imprisons 56 people +

Ahramonline “Police state not coming back, says Egypt’s interim president”

“Mansour, in a recorded interview aired Tuesday evening on state television, dismissed concerns that a police state is reestablishing itself in the country following the security forces’ violent dispersal on 14 August of two large pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo. The dispersals, which left hundreds dead, were followed by mass arrests of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members.” 

hebamorayef (@hebamorayef) 9/4/13, 2:14 PM: [email protected] No president can extend state of emergency for up to 3 months, after that wd need referendum. But we might have new const by then 

State news reports the killing of a police officer at a check-point in Aswan.

Sumita Pahwa (@SumitaPahwa) 9/4/13, 9:13 AM: 1600 civilian deaths in Egypt unrest b/w Aug 14 & Sept 1, mostly in Cairo regn. ‎‪‎حصر-وفيات-فض-الاعتصامين-وتوابعهما-تفص/

Egypt/Turkey relations… 

Turkish Ambassador is to return to Cairo, after having been recalled post the dispersal of the sit-ins on August 14.

Rawya Rageh (@RawyaRageh) 9/4/13, 11:41 AM: #Egypt says its ambassador to #Turkey won't return until Ankara 'stops meddling'.. Recalled Turkish ambo returning to Cairo

The constitution…

Socialist Popular Alliance Party’s leader says they will support roadmap but will also support changes the majority of political parties want.

The Social Democratic Party opposes the return to an individual candidacy system for parliamentary polls because it would benefit wealthy candidates and reduce opportunities for women and Copts.

The Christians…

Ministry of Interior replaces Minya security chief as well as two top aides, after fleeing the province, for the failure to maintain law and order since attacks on Christian establishments started to take place.

CopticMediaUK (@CopticMediaUK) 9/4/13, 4:01 PM: Video evidence of attacks on churches in #Egypt now provided via #CopticMedia Egypt Youtube @hahellyer @SherineT

Al-Monitor interview Father Paolos, a member of St. Catherine’s Monastry’s Holy Council, in Sinai on why the monastery is forced to shut down:

“Over the past 50 years, St. Catherine's Monastery closed its gates twice, in 1977 when former President Anwar Sadat made his historic visit to Jerusalem, and in 1982 when the Egyptian military entered Sinai after the withdrawal of Israeli forces. This time, the shutdown, which wasn’t explained by any official statements from either the Defense or Interior Ministry, was allegedly ordered after a failed attempt to kidnap a monk traveling in South Sinai in June and rising suspicions of a possible attack on the monastery.”

Local and international media…

Al-Jazeera accuses Egyptian authorities of jamming the satellite signal of their network. 

Rena Netjes (@RenaNetjes) 9/4/13, 12:12 AM: Omg, AlJazeera English cannot mention the name of their correspondent, who is on the phone, in Egypt, due to security reasons. #pressfreedom

Syrian refugees in Egypt facing difficulties …

hossam bahgat (@hossambahgat) 9/4/13, 6:01 PM: Egypt Shuts the Door In the Face of Syrian Refugees via @AlMonitor

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights:

Civil Society representatives demand the Ministry of Social Solidarity to consolidate the role of civil society organizations within the Egyptian Society in the new law. 


 September 5

Reuters: “Video shows two men firing RPGs at ship transiting Suez Canal”

Kataeb Al-Forqan, an Islamist militant group, claim responsibility for Suez Canal attack, according to ahramonline.

A bomb explodes near the Minister of Interior, Mohamed Ibrahim’s, house in Nasr City. The Minister survives the attack. General Abdel Fattah El Sisi releases a statement condemning the attack and the Muslim Brotherhood deny any involvement.

shaimaa khalil (@Shaimaakhalil) 9/5/13, 10:53 AM: Last time there was a high profile bomb attack like that in #Cairo was in mid-nineties at hight of #Mubarak gov. clash w/ Islamists #Egypt

Jared Malsin (@jmalsin) 9/5/13, 10:59 AM: MoI spox tells me, re: Nasr City: Explosive device left on side of road. Five injured: 3 security guards, 2 civilians. No exchange of fire.

David D. Kirkpatrick (@ddknyt) 9/5/13, 11:52 AM: In Cairo bombing, roof peeled from a car

Tarek Radwan (@tradwan) 9/5/13, 12:05 PM: It's sad how one can draw a direct line from #Morsi Nov constn declaration to coup to moi car bomb. Police now have de facto pwr to do watev

Tamer El-Ghobashy (@TamerELG) 9/5/13, 2:09 PM: Paramedic says the two deaths at the bombing appear to be the cause of the blast and their bodies had been scattered. #Egypt 

Galal (@GalalAmrG) 9/5/13, 12:57 PM: Gamaa Islamiya deny any connection between them and the assassination attempt against Interior Minister today. #Egypt

Kristen Chick: “Egypt interior minister: Today’s bombing is start of insurgency”

Some Egyptians were quick to suggest that the Muslim Brotherhood was behind the blast…. But others were more skeptical. One man near the site said the government had perpetrated the attack in order to demonize the Muslim Brotherhood and justify a crackdown against the group.”  

Nervana Mahmoud (@Nervana_1): MT @RanyaKhalifa #Egyptian presidency releases statement today's assassination attempt on Minister of Interior was work of a suicide bomber.

@RamyYaacoub: It would be lovely if the Egyptian MOI would get its story straight, and until then shut up about the details of the bombing. Thanks.#Egypt

According to Aswat Masriya “US embassy in Egypt urges caution after bomb blast”

Omar Kamel @OmarKamel: Basic facts: The #MB & the #MOI are only enemies on the street, but when it comes to the end-result they are both absolutely allied. #Egypt

Arrests continue…

A leading member of Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists, Haytham Mohamadein, is arrested in Suez.

Ahmed Ateyya @Ateyya: Egypt.. Minister of Interior is a target of an assassination, Leftist workers rights activist gets arrested #free_haytham_Mohamadeen

Merette Ibrahim @Mera_Ibrahim: Ahmad Abo Deraa Almasry Alyoum &ONTV journalist in #Sinai has been arrested by the army among what they called "terrorists" #ONtveg #Press

Ahmed Ateyya @Ateyya: Multiple award winning international journalist Ahmed Abu Draa is reportedly arrested for "incitement against the army"

Jenna Krajeski on “Where Egypt’s revolutionaries are” portrays the current position of one of these revolutionaries, Aalam Wassef, co-founder of the #masmou3 campaign which rejects the military, the Muslim Brotherhood and the interim government.

The constitution…

Basil الضبع (@basildabh) 9/5/13, 9:34 AM: Al-Nour Party will have an internal meeting on Saturday to decide whether or not to remain in the committee of 50. 

Shaimaa Abo El kir (@ShaimaAboElkhir) 9/5/13, 1:17 PM: @cpjmena launches pledge on @causes Investigate killings of journalists in #Egypt.#PressFreedom @hossambahgat

Hossam Bahgat sums up the day on his Facebook page:

“5 Sep 2013: Failed assassination attempt against Morsi-appointed and Sisi-retained interior minister. Human rights lawyer and socialist activist Haitham Mohamedein detained by the military on his way back from mission to Suez. Sinai correspondent for Al Masry Al Youm and OnTV Ahmed Abou Draa detained, also by the military, for aiding terrorism. Alexandria criminal court fails to reach verdict in trial of police chiefs for killing 2011 protesters, and adjourns for 3 more months of deliberations. Also 8th anniversary of the Beni Suef theater fire where we lost 46 playwrights, critics, artists and theater lovers that attended government’s Amateur Theater Festival in 2005.”

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights:

EOHR demands a prompt investigation of the incident of a car bomb explosion in-front of the house of The Minister of Interior. 

September 6

Paul Mutter on “Egypt and its patrons” poses the question of why Egypt receives between $1.3 and $1.5 billion of US aid annually while highlighting the role of the Saudi regime in recent aid negotiations.

Bloomberg: “Egypt Said to Get Offers of Russian, Ukrainian, French Wheat”

According to Melville House, an American independent publisher, Lawrence Durrell’s Alexandria home is to be demolished. 

Egypt dissolves the Muslim Brotherhood as a registered NGO.

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 9/6/13, 9:31 PM: Was just watching an NSF guy on Al Jazeera defending the police. A few months ago, it was the MB people who were defending the police! 

Dahlia Khalifa داليا (@JustDahlia) 9/6/13, 9:04 PM: #Egypt: Two killed in clashes between Brotherhood supporters, via @ahramonline #MB

A town in Upper Egypt is taken over…

AP: “In South Egypt, Islamists Take Over a Town”

A town of some 120,000 — including 20,000 Christians — Dalga has been outside government control since hard-line supporters of the Islamist Mohammed Morsi drove out police and occupied their station on July 3, the day Egypt's military chief removed the president in a popularly supported coup. It was part of a wave of attacks in the southern Minya province that targeted Christians, their homes and businesses.”

salamamoussa (@salamamoussa) 9/6/13, 12:18 PM: Minya has been lawless since Dec. 2012 when #MB cadres succeeded in suppressing #Coptic votes against constitution. #Egypt 

@etharkamal: Same picture of the same protest, two different angles. Why you need to read/ watch ALL kinds of media. #egypt 

Rasha Abdulla comments on how “Closing media outlets is not the solution”

Again, I am against the closure of all media channels, and therefore I’m not calling for these channels to be closed down, but I am calling for those who committed these grave violations to be punished accordingly. Al Jazeera has similarly committed enough violations to erase any bright accomplishments it has achieved in the past, but I am still against the closure of the channel, and against applying double standards. This is a political decision in the first place. It is enforced today on Al Jazeera, and would be enforced tomorrow on the next channel that offers any opposition to the ruling regime.

We should focus on reforming our own media in Egypt, and then Al Jazeera won’t have any viewers. Popular boycotts and marginalization, not closure, are the solution.”

Update on arrests…

Nouvelles d'Orient (@alaingresh) 9/6/13, 9:23 AM: Tanta, Egypt, 6 September: Security forces arrested 3 individuals for drawing wall graffiti against the state and the Armed Forces

Human rights defender and member of the Revolutionary Socialists, Haitham Mohamadein, remains in detention.

hebamorayef (@hebamorayef) 9/6/13, 1:54 PM: Haitham Mohamadein still in detention in Suez after arrest yest-one of the most principled lawyers fighting 4 labor rights & against torture

aidaseif (@aidaseif) 9/6/13, 11:16 AM: Sign the statement here calling for Haitham’s release and the dropping of all charges.

Samer Al-Atrush (@SameralAtrush) 9/6/13, 1:51 PM: Egyptian police arrest three men accused of making tshirts with the Rabaa symbol and passing them out to protesters…

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 9/6/13, 7:24 PM: Abu Deraa posted that the army strikes in Sinai destroyed parts of homes & mosque in 2 villages in Sinai. May be that's why he was arrested.

Zeinobia blogs about Abu Deraa’s arrest:

“Journalist and reporter Ahmed Abu Daraa is the second Egyptian journalist from Sinai to be referred to military court after journalist and dear friend Mohamed Sabry. Sabry’s military trial was the first military trial in time of ousted President Morsi. It has been adjourned for months now. Next court session should be next month. I can not also forget that there are other journalists who are currently detained in jails, of course most of them are accused of being members in the Muslim brotherhood including Al Jazeera English reporter Mohamed El Shami. 
I cannot also forget the fact the people of North Sinai are speaking about the return of the arbitrary arrests campaigns in that war of terrorism there where innocent people are arrested and referred to military trials while they are not the real terrorists. Ahmed Abu Draa is not a terrorist and regardless of what he has done, he should stand in front of his judge, a civilian judge and a civilian prosecution. By the way the military trials for civilians article is untouched in the upcoming constitution, it was not amended by the 10-members technical committee.”

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

Amnesty International:

Egypt: Further information: Egypt deports Syria refugees


September 7

Syrian refugees in Egypt are unwelcomed.

According to this YouTube video: 3 members of US congress, Michele Bachmann, Steve King and Louie Gohmert declare their support for Egypt’s military and all those that rallied against the Mulsim Brotherhood in the fight against “terrorism”.

Al-Arabiya: “Egyptian army finds explosives on rail line near Suez”

“Mortars were among the munitions found on the line between the cities of Suez and Ismailia, MENA news agency said, adding that the explosives were defused by experts.”

Louisa Loveluck (@leloveluck) 9/7/13, 10:45 AM: Egyptian security officials says bomb disposal experts have defused three mortar rounds placed on railway tracks near the Suez Canal. #Egypt

betsy hiel (@betsy_hiel) 9/7/13, 5:29 PM: #Egypt army hits Sinai militants, at least 31 killed, injured:

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 9/7/13, 11:12 PM: MOI admits that it gave gun licenses to MB members during MB rule. Says licenses are under revision now.… 

Hany Rasmy (@hany2m) 9/7/13, 12:28 PM: Improvised device explodes at Cairo police station, no injuries | Reuters… #Egypt

أبو كار (@Sarahcarr) 9/7/13, 1:23 PM: Today's attack on Boulaq el Dakroor police station is the 2nd in 5 

Reuters: Egypt army hits northern Sinai Islamist militants, at least 30 people killed or wounded according to security officials.

New investigations are launched…

According to State news, Egypt’s Prosecutor General orders the investigation into 35 activists and public figures suspected of receiving international funding.

Kareem Fahim (@kfahim) 9/7/13, 10:23 PM: "The prosecutor received complaints from private citizens against 35 political figures."…

These activists include:

Ahmed Maher – leading member of the April 6th movement

Hossam Bahgat – human rights activist

Wael Abbas – blogger, journalist and human rights activist

Amr Hamzawy – political scientist and former member of the parliament

Nawara Negm - blogger, journalist and human rights activist

Asmaa Mahfouz – founder of April 6th youth movement

Nasser Amin - a lawyer and director of Arab Center for Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession (ACIJLP)

Barbara Ibrahim - founding director of the John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy & Civic Engagement at the American University in Cairo.

Alaa Abdel Fattah – blogger, software developer and political activist

Hafez Abu Se'da – chairman of the Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights

As well as: Wael Ghonim, Esraa Abdel Fattah, Wael Qandil, Ayman Nour, Ahmed Douma, Abderrahman Ezz, Essan Sultan, Moataz Abdel Fattah, Gehad al-Haddad, Hesham al-Bastawisy, Ghada Shahbandar, Amr al-Shobaky, Ahmed Samih, Mazen Hassan, Hamdy Qenawy, Doaa Qassem, Marwa Mokhtar, Gamila Ismail, Maikel Mounir, and others.

According to Egypt Independant: Former US Ambassador, Anne Patterson, will be investigated for holding ‘secret meetings’ with activists to divulge details about the internal situation in Egypt.

Wael Abbas (@waelabbas) 9/7/13, 3:48 PM: I will be summoned to the general prosecutor on charges of foreign funding along with several prominent activists #egypt #junta #jan25 #wtf

Journalist Ahmed Abu Deraa remains in custody…

Jano Charbel (@JanoCharbel) 9/7/13, 12:26 PM: Journalists' Syndicate protest for release of Journalist Ahmed Abu Deraa who faces military trial. #PressFreedom

philip rizk (@tabulagaza) 9/7/13, 12:44 PM: Mubarak's plain clothed goons in anti-protest while we call for freedom of haitham mohamadeen arrested wo charges 

Samer Al-Atrush (@SameralAtrush) 9/7/13, 2:18 PM: Ahmed Abu Draa is being held in a cell with common criminals, an activist in Sinai following his case tells me 

Gigi Ibrahim (@Gsquare86) 9/7/13, 2:32 PM: So now demanding a min-wage that puts the citizen at poverty line is a crime!!! #freehaitham

Zeinobia (@Zeinobia) 9/7/13, 2:35 PM: #Sinai : #AbuDraa is not a terrorist | #Egymedia #Egypt #Egyarmy

Omar Robert Hamilton (@ORHamilton) 9/7/13, 5:07 PM: "Down with the Military, Morsi, Mubarak." Tala Harb square now.#freehaitham

Rania Khadr (@khadrania) 9/7/13, 5:48 PM: Revolutionary Socialist and lawyer Haitham Mohamedeen has been released now. Here's to all others illegally detained to have the same fate.

Gigi Ibrahim (@Gsquare86) 9/7/13, 6:17 PM: Charges were NOT droppped against Haitham, he was just released without bail

The investigation into the Port Said massacre of 2012 continues:

آدم مكاري (@adamakary) 9/7/13, 8:48 AM: Today is the retrial for the 11 defendants who were given the death sentence in the #PortSaid massacre. #Egypt

A new film about the Egyptian uprising is released. It covers the events from 2011 till June 30, 2013 protests…

Khalid Abdalla (@khalidabdalla) 9/7/13, 2:23 AM: Packed audience of 750 people for the premiere of @TheSquareFilm at#tiff.

The story of the #SpyDuck comes to an end…

#SpyDuck supposedly arrested, killed and eaten.

“The capture of the stork was seen as an example of popular xenophobia and paranoia which has been used as a political tool by the former president, Hosni Mubarak, the deposed president Mohamad Morsi and the current army-backed regime.”

Louisa Loveluck (@leloveluck) 9/7/13, 2:29 PM: Menes the stork, detained last week on charges of espionage, has been eaten by… #Egypt

Timothy E Kaldas @tekaldas: At Cairo airport security & police weirded out by my cameras. Asked 2 c my "film" Ha! Wrong decade 4 film & police state #dumbauthoritarians 

Mahmoud Khattab @Mamoudinijad : Fact: Making #Rabaa sign with your hands in #Egypt's streets can get you arrested.

Khaled Diab’s opinion on “Egypt’s underground sisterhood”:

“Surveying Egypt’s political landscape, you might be excused for thinking that women are a minority. Only five members of the Committee of 50 tasked with revising the constitution are women. Unsurprisingly, this 10% ratio falls far short of the true proportion of the population women constitute, which in Egypt is just shy of 50%.” 

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights:

EOHR calls for a prompt release of Haitham Mohammadein 


September 8

Jihadists group “Ansar Beit al-Maqdis” claims responsibility for the assassination attempt on the Minister of Interior.

Samer Al-Atrush @SameralAtrush 
Qaeda inspired group in Sinai, Ansar Beit al-Maqdis, claims responsibility for failed assassination attempt against Egypts interior minister

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 9/8/13, 12:19 AM: 2 army officers were killed in an IED explosion in N Sinai

AP: “Egyptian helicopters strike suspected militants” in the northern Sinai peninsula on Saturday and Sunday.

The constitution…

Amr Moussa, Presidential candidate in 2012 and co-founder of the National Salvation Front, elected head of Egypt’s constitutions drafting committee.

Sarah El Deeb (@seldeeb) 9/8/13, 11:54 AM: Amr Moussa just won post to head panel amending constitution #egypt

أبو كار (@Sarahcarr) 9/8/13, 11:54 AM: This might be the closest Amr Moussa ever gets to being president of anything in Egypt. 

Ziad Akl on “Manufacturing Fear”:

In other words, the state managed to confront the terrorism threat of the early 90s, but at the expense of individual freedom, personal liberties, social and religious tolerance and citizenship rights. Since we are pretty much doing what we used to do and using the very same strategies that we used, it is very likely that we will end up paying the very same cost we paid before.”

New poll results and reports released…

Daily News Egypt releases results of a poll on Egyptian’s living conditions and their expectations for the future conducted by “Baseera”. The results indicate that:

73% of Egyptians do not feel safe these days

62% of Egyptians expect their living conditions to improve in the upcoming year

Nearly half of Egyptians’ incomes have been affected by the curfew

aidaseif (@aidaseif) 9/8/13, 9:17 PM: Egypt's primary education ranks last in Global Competitiveness report | Egypt Independent

 Comments on recent arrests and pending investigations…

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 9/8/13, 12:05 AM: Reporters without Borders demands release of Egyptian journalist ... Award winning journo Abu Draa.

The Big Pharaoh (@TheBigPharaoh) 9/8/13, 12:34 AM: Till now no activist was summoned by the General Prosecutor. But for him to order an investigation is still worrying to me.

hebamorayef (@hebamorayef) 9/8/13, 9:47 AM: As w all news of "complaint filed against X" - dont panic til ppl are summoned. But announcement is itself a threat from security agencies

آدم مكاري (@adamakary) 9/8/13, 4:35 PM: Having worked w #Sinai journalist Ahmed Abu Deraa several times, I know he doesn't report things unless he sees it himself. #Egypt

Lina Attalah (@Linaattalah) 9/8/13, 2:25 PM: Q and A with Amr Darrag… ([email protected]) by @nadinemarroushi

Syrians refugees in Egypt not having an easy time… 

hossam bahgat (@hossambahgat) 9/8/13, 2:54 AM: Shame on us-- In Egypt, a Welcome for Syrian Refugees Turns Bitter

Nader G. ATTAR (@Nader_G_Attar) 9/8/13, 3:20 PM: #Egypt #humanrights 28 syrians arrested 2day n Alexandria 2 be deported @hebamorayef @amnesty @unhcr @hossambahgat @gamaleid @hrw @UN Actnow

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights: EOHR demands a prompt release of the Journalist, Ahmed Abu Deraa 

EOHR is holding the third training session on “How to eliminate the crime of torture in Egypt” next Tuesday and Wednesday 


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