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Egypt in the balance: what the blogs are saying 9 - 16 September

This 'You tell us' feature offers some first hand accounts and a range of opinions in blogs, articles and tweets, first and foremost from the people of Egypt.

Rana Magdy
18 September 2013

September 9

In the news…

According to Al-Masry Al-Youm: Justice Minister, Abdel Hamid, grants high officials in the Petroleum Authority the power of arrest in an effort to limit smuggling.

Mada Masr: “Turkish opposition party visits Cairo, seeks better relations”

Carina Kamel (@Carina_bn) 9/9/13, 2:19 PM Good news! #Egypt Environment Ministry re-opens St Catherine's monastery after bankruptcy threat cuz ordered shut for security reasons

The Guardian dig into their archives and find an article that dates back to September 9, 1952 “Egyptian prime minister ousted by army”

Security tightens at the crossing from Sinai into Egypt, after a Sinai Islamist militant group said it tried to kill the Minister of Interior, Mohamed Ibrahim, last week. 

orit perlov ‏@oritperlov 11:45 PM - 9 Sep 13 #Sinai Tribal Leader Rejects  #Gaza Buffer Zone by @khaledkraizim … cc: @Nervana_1

Nervana Mahmoud ‏@Nervana_1 10:40 PM - 9 Sep 13 AFP: #Egypt military seizes #Gaza-linked weapons in Sinai -  via @hany2m

MiddleEast Institute ‏@MiddleEastInst 7:25 PM - 9 Sep 13 Egyptian tanks, helicopters push through #Sinai (from @AP) #Egypt …

Prosecutor orders the arrest of 139 alleged Muslim Brotherhood supporters for the raiding of a police station in Kerdasa, Giza. For a background on what took place there, see “The tale of Kerdasa’s police chief” and “Vicious Backlash Shakes One Egyptian Town”.

Tamarod leader, Mahmoud Badr, is attacked.

Egypt’s next president…

Mubarak’s last PM, Ahmed Shafik, backs Gen. Abdel Fattah El Sisi if he is to run for president.

According to Amr Moussa, head of the 50-member constitutional committee, Gen. Abdel Fattah el Sisi would win upcoming presidential elections if he decides to run.

Clampdown on mosques & Imams…

Endowments Minister, Mohamed Mokhtar, revokes licenses of thousands of Imams.

The constitution…

Mona Eltahawy ‏@monaeltahawy 6:00 AM - 9 Sep 13 RT @HaniShukrallah: Egypt liberals tighten grip on constitution drafting  via @ahramonline

Ahram Online ‏@ahramonline 6:58 PM - 9 Sep 13 Progress on Egypt's constitution pushes up stocks, easing investor fears

Daily News Egypt: “Egypt slides in World Bank competitiveness rankings”:

“The report identified the five most problematic factors for doing business in Egypt as: political instability, government instability, crime and theft, access to financing and corruption.”

The 50-member committee argues whether they are to amend the constitution ratified under deposed President Mohamed Morsi or draft a new one. They also agreed on 5  sub-committees to write recommendations and suggestions.

Salafi Al Nour Party determined to preserve the ‘Islamic identity’ of the new constitution.

Journalists and journalism…

Aswat Masriya: Court approves freezing assets of Mubarak-era journalist

Judith Orr talks about the solidarity campaign with Haitham Mohammedain – the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist who was arrested in Suez. He has now been released but still has charges pending:

“Wassim Wagdy spoke to Socialist Worker from Cairo, “The solidarity Haitham received was stunning. “Many industrial workers came on the protests.” Wassim added, “many different workers have been publishing statements of solidarity with Haitham.” In Egypt, protests at Haitham’s arrest took place in Cairo, Alexandria, Feyoum, Port Said and Suez. Internationally, lawyers and activists signed protest letters and across the region activists in Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco and Syria sent their support.”

Alex Callinicos (@alex_callinicos) 9/9/13, 2:27 PM Solidarity campaign wins release of Revolutionary Socialist in Egypt

David D. Kirkpatrick ‏@ddknyt 9:14 PM - 9 Sep 13 Egyptian journalist imprisoned for his reporting? Protest in Cairo demands release of Sinai-based journalist

Aliaa Elmahdy, an Egyptian activist and women’s rights advocate, recent post on her blog “Echoing Screams” is of pictures of a more ‘open minded’ society, an Egypt many young people would like to see. Elmahdy came into the spotlight in 2011 when she posted nude photos of herself on her blog that went viral. Her life in Egypt became very difficult afterwards and she sought asylum in Sweden in 2013. For more information, click here

Ursula Lindsey reviews a new online comic “Qahera”. Click here to read “Sexual harassment and super-heroines”.

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

The Cairo Institute for Human Rights (CIHRS) plans to present Egypt’s human rights violations at the UN Geneva convention.


September 10

In the news…

Aswat Masriya: “Egypt's justice minister calls for battling human trafficking”

Authorities arrest 15 suspects for the attack on Tamarod leader, Mahmoud Badr.

The Guardian: “Egypt’s footballers hold together improbable dream of World Cup unity - Former US coach Bob Bradley hopes goal of qualification for tournament in Brazil will give a divided nation something to cheer”

Aswat Masriya: “Qatar to convert $2 bln Egypt central bank deposit into bonds – report”

Re - Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections… 

The Big Pharaoh ‏@TheBigPharaoh 10:26 AM - 10 Sep 13 If Sisi didn't run for president, two could be top contenders: Hamdeen Sabahy and Ahmed Shafik. In a face off, I believe Shafik will win. 

Carina Kamel (@Carina_bn) 9/10/13, 5:02 PM Cashing in on 'Brand Sisi' everything from Sisi sandwiches, cookies & dates via @AlArabiya_Eng #Sisi #Egypt

moftasa in his latest blog post, concludes:

“The current political atmosphere appears as if everything between Mubarak's speech in February 2011 promising to step down after finishing his last term in office and today have been folded. Except two thousand people have lost their lives, many more injured and many hopes buried.”


The Big Pharaoh ‏@TheBigPharaoh 11:21 AM - 10 Sep 13 Military op in N Sinai is alienating the locals of whom many support the jihadists for various reasons. Military op alone not enough.

Fatima Said ‏@fattysaid 4:23 PM - 10 Sep 13 Absolutely appaling: soldier points a gun at peaceful women protesting in #Sinai & shoots live bullets … #Egypt

Deena ‏@deenahsn 6:37 PM - 10 Sep 13 TT @G4S90 "Two Jordanians sentenced to death by hanging for smuggling drugs into South #Sinai. " #Egypt @meedan

Mostafa El-Hoshy ‏@melhoshy 9:00 PM - 10 Sep 13 Army attacks hideouts of Sinai militants killing 9 & arresting 10, raising militant death toll among to 29 since Sat

Ahmed Ateyya ‏@Ateyya 9:32 PM - 10 Sep 13 This album is making the rounds online, claiming 2 be documenting the casualities of mil. operation in Sinai …

Deena ‏@deenahsn 11:13 PM - 10 Sep 13 TT @alsha3r @LamyaAtef"Breaking:Azza al-Garf (FJP leader)& Abdel-Rahman AlShorbagi (Sinai-based FJP leader)have been arrested"#Egypt @meedan

The constitution…

Mada Masr: “PM appoints roadmap committee”

“The committee is tasked with following up on the implementation of the Constitutional Declaration issued by interim President Adly Mansour in July, following the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi. The committee is also tasked with following up on the Cabinet's efforts to maintain security and combating violence and fostering the work of state-affiliated councils such as the National Council for Human Rights, the National Women Council and the National Council for Justice and Equality.”

According to Al-Ahram: consensus or 75% approval by the 50-member committee will be required for the amendment of constitutional articles. Mada Masr published the bylaws here.

Mada Masr: "Constitution committee meets, discusses military trials":

“Barakat said that while civilians should be tried by civilian courts, just wearing civilian clothes does not mean that defendants will be exempted in all cases from military trial when the military is party to the case.” 

Journalists detained…

Mosa'ab Elshamy (@mosaaberizing) 9/10/13, 9:20 PM My brother @abdallahelshamy's detention renewed for 15 more days in Abu Zaabal. Arrested while reporting from Rabaa since 14th of August.

Writer, Karam Saber’s, appeal to a 5-year prison sentence is postponed. Saber is accused of contempt of religion for a book he wrote in 2010 entitled “Where is Allah”. His appeal was postponed until 22 October. 

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

Amnesty International: Amnesty decries “extreme political violence in Egypt”

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR): EOHR initiated the third training course of how to eliminate the crime of torture in Egypt. 


September 11

In the news…

Mada Masr: “Endowments minister defends ban on small mosques”

Washington Times: Egypt bans 55,000 mosque preachers in crackdown on Islamists

Egypt Independent: “Tamarod members in Upper Egypt submit collective resignations”:

“Ahmed abdel Zaher, member of the executive bureau of Only-Egyptian Tamarod, said 13 leaders and dozens of members in Assiut submitted their resignations from Tamarod. The Only-Egyptian Tamarod had previously split from the main Tamarod campaign in Cairo.”

Reuters: “Egypt's pound strengthened marginally at a central bank foreign currency sale on Wednesday”

Mada Masr: “Stock exchange closes on a rise”

Egyptian Streets: “Copts Unite With Muslims After Islamist Attacks”:

“Determined to defend themselves without violent means, the church fathers applied soap and water on the rocky path leading to Bishop Thomas’ residence. “I saw them coming with their machine guns far down the road. They tried to get to the house, but they slipped and fell. They tried over and over again, without succeeding,” says the Bishop, smiling with grief as he talks about the episode...The first steps towards gradual reconciliation in Al Quosia have already commenced, according to the Bishop. The day the armed Islamists attacked houses and stores in Bishop Thomas’ village, the Coptic Church started to communicate with moderate Muslims.”

Arrests & releases & trials…

Refaa al-Tahtawi, head of the deposed President Mohamed Morsi’s office, is released.

Prosecutor General, Hisham Barakat, refers 29 people to criminal court for alleged attempts to attack a police station in Assuit during the dispersal of the sit-ins in August.

ahramonline: Former supreme guide Mahdy Akef, FJP leader Saad El-Katatni and Mohamed El-Beltagy are referred to the criminal court for inciting, and attempted, murder as well as possession of arms during anti-Morsi 30 June protests

Spokesperson of Muslim Brotherhood, Gehad El Haddad, tweets:

Gehad El-Haddad (@gelhaddad) 9/11/13, 6:49 AM Our cause is not an "individual" but "principle" of adherence 2 mechanisms of peaceful democratic transfer of power

And others respond:

زياد عقل...Z (@ziad_akl1) 9/11/13, 7:29 AM @gelhaddad Seriously! Can u defend peace by threatening with violence? Transfer of power with the man who made his decisions immune? Bgd?!!

Zeyad Salem (@Zeyadsalem) 9/11/13, 7:45 AM @gelhaddad you reap what you sow. #life101

Cairo blogger, activist and journalist Sarah Carr’s two cents on “Egypt after the clampdown” concludes:

“In one of Cairo’s public squares, there are badly produced posters for sale depicting Sisi holding a knife slaughtering a sheep with Morsi’s head. “This is what happens to those that don’t do as the people say,” the poster warns grimly. The general public, in its desire to see the Brotherhood destroyed, agrees with this sentiment, and it is this that is most dangerous about the current state of affairs. The regime has succeeded in hoodwinking citizens into believing that by physically removing the Brotherhood from the picture, it has neutralized the threat, real and imagined, from Islamists. The attack last week on the interior minister’s convoy, and the simmering insurgency in the Sinai, shows that they have failed. What is even more problematic is that the general public has once again accepted, so uncritically, exactly the tactics that it took to the streets to oppose on that dreamy day of January 25, 2011, so long ago.”

hebamorayef (@hebamorayef) 9/11/13, 2:38 PM In intv pub in Masry Youm today PM Beblawy said the deathtoll for the 2 sit-in dispersals was "close to 1000, &this was less than expected" 

Kal ‏@themoornextdoor 5:38 AM - 11 Sep 13 Not enough condemnation for those US members of Congress who went to Egypt and applauded Egyptian human rights abuses, urged more abuses.

Update on journalists detained…

Sharif Kouddous (@sharifkouddous) 9/11/13, 5:52 PM Sinai journalist Ahmed Abu Deraa referred to military trial #Egypt @pressfreedom #egypt

Reuters: “An army prosecutor sent an Egyptian journalist to a military court on Wednesday for allegedly publishing false news and tipping Islamist militants to the location of troops in the Sinai region bordering on Israel, an army statement said.”

The Big Pharaoh ‏@TheBigPharaoh 7:34 PM - 11 Sep 13 Abu Draa, ON TV & AMAY journalist in Sinai, will be tried in a military court. Why? Because he double checks army claims, i.e does his job.

Talk about Egypt’s constitution & president to be…

EIPR ‏@EIPR 1:44 PM - 11 Sep 13 The 2012 constitution allowed for the law to put people on trial for defamation of religion constitutional.

Amr Moussa, head of the 50-member constituent committee, announces that journalists will not be allowed to attend sessions of the 5 sub-committees.

Ahram Online ‏@ahramonline 9:03 PM - 11 Sep 13 50-member committee to include January and June revolutions' goals in constitution  #egypt

Voting In Sanity ‏@VotingInSanity 9:38 PM - 11 Sep 13 #Egypt is making the SAME CONSTITUTIONAL MISTAKE! @ahramonline Our letter to Gen al-Sisi:   Can you translate/publish?

H.A. Hellyer د. إتش ‏@hahellyer 12:39 PM - 11 Sep 13 Abul-Fotouh warns against removal of military neutrality from Egypt constitution  via @ahramonline

Yasmeen ‏@Duskypink48 12:56 PM - 11 Sep 13 @hahellyer @ahramonline I hope Abdul-Foutah stands 4 elect2014-if he is allowed?Hamdeen is already lording himself on fb as next president!

Judge Nabil Salib Awadallah, vocal opposer to the Muslim Brotherhood, heads Egypt’s Supreme Electoral Commission. He will supervise upcoming referendums as well as presidential and parliamentary elections. Salib had appointed the judge who investigated the February 2012 Port Said massacre, where security officials were acquitted and football fans were sentenced to death.

Judge Nabil also told Aswat Masriya that the judicial committee will convene for its first session next week to oversee constitutional amendments currently being written by the 50-member committee. 

Nelly Ali (@nellyali) 9/11/13, 7:31 AM I've been asked to write advisory option piece on children's rights for the 50 Committee writing the Constitution in #Egypt (Scary!!)

Salma Elwardany (@S_Elwardany) 9/11/13, 7:59 AM @nellyali Great news! we trust in you :)

Sinai clashes …

Mada Masr: “Military targets attacked in Sinai, 6 dead”

“An attack on a military intelligence building in Rafah, Sinai today has been described by a security source as “a cowardly terrorist attack that is an attempt to respond to the broad Armed Forces military operation that started in North Sinai three days ago.”

Another report says 4 were killed when a bomb exploded at an intelligence facility in Sinai, but it does not specify if they were civilians or conscripts. Another blast takes place at a Northern Sinai checkpoint, leaving 1 dead and 7 injured and the Rafah crossing is closed in both directions. This is considered a lifeline for Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

Sarah El Deeb ‏@seldeeb 5:37 PM - 11 Sep 13 Ansar beit al-Maqdis statement says claims responsibility for attacks against military. Not Today's attacks. #Sinai

Nervana Mahmoud ‏@Nervana_1 7:36 PM - 11 Sep 13 What we know about what is going on in #Sinai is so little. What we do NOT know is a LOT. #Egypt

HA Hellyer’s FaceBook update on terrorism:

“On 9/11, it would be a really good idea if instead of listening to Michelle Bauchmann (Tea Party Queen) about who (didn't) do 9/11, Egyptians would learn from America's bad example on how *not* to react to terrorist acts. 
America's own ultra-nationalism led to bigotry, suspension of legitimate rights, and two wars (the effects of which we're still suffering from). There were good people who refused to accept that frame --- at the time, they were condemned as traitors. Now, they're recognised as heroes who held the line. 
Consider all this, as you live through Egypt's own 'War on Terror'. You're all Egyptians --- pro-Morsi, anti-Morsi. If you want to learn anything from the US, learn this: "Certainly we will continue to disagree, but we must disagree without becoming violently disagreeable. We will still suffer the temptation to bitterness, but we must learn that hate is too great a burden to bear for a people moving on toward their date with destiny." Martin Luther King, on the assassination of Malcolm X.
May God protect Egypt and her glorious people.”

Aswat Masriya: Hamas supposedly seeks to lower tension with Egypt.

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR): EIPR issues report on Defamation of Religion Cases in Two Years of the Revolution

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR): EOHR concludes the third workshop of “ How to combat the crime of torture”



September 12

In the news…

Reuters: Egypt is close to agreeing a schedule for repaying $6 billion in outstanding debt to foreign oil companies, Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi said in a newspaper interview. Whilst Kuwait will deposit $2 billion in aid in Egypt’s central bank.

ahramonline: “Egypt’s court acquits Suez security officials over 2011 uprising killings” - Although leaked documents prove that the Mubarak forces ‘had official approval’ to fire live rounds, according to this article.

Public school students exempted from fees.

Revolutionary Socialists - Egypt: demonstration takes place at the University of Alexandria against the administration.

Egypt Independent: “48 Morsi supporters released, 700 still held over Rabaa violence”

Kareem Fahim ‏@kfahim 5:28 PM - 12 Sep 13 Amnesty: "at least 250 people being held in Cairo’s Al-Salam Central Security Forces camp, an unofficial place of detention"

Egypt Independent: “Gunmen attack patrol car in Qaliubiya, two policemen injured”

Hany Rasmy (@hany2m) 9/12/13, 2:02 PM #Egypt's Salafist Nour Party condemns restrictions on mosques -…

Mada Masr: “Zomor headed back to prison”

“Arrest warrants have been issued for Jama'a al-Islamiya leaders Tarek al-Zomor and Assem Abdel Maged, as well as 133 other members of the hardline Islamist group, the independent newspaper Al-Shorouk reported on Thursday.”

Aswat Masriya: "No to Military Trials" demands hearing sessions for civilians

And journalist, Ahmed Abou Deraa, is tried in a military court…

نشرة القاهرة‎ ‏@cairowire 1:38 PM - 12 Sep 13 TT @ONewsAgency 'Ismailia mil court sets 9/15 for Ahmed Abou-Deraa's trial over publishing false news.' #egypt #NoMilTrials (via @deenahsn)

Deena ‏@deenahsn 1:37 PM - 12 Sep 13 TT @ONewsAgency "Ahram Gate reporter (Emad Abou-Zeid) in Beni Suef detained for publishing false news." #Egypt @meedan

Dalia Ezzat ‏@DaliaEzzat_ 5:34 PM - 12 Sep 13 Al Jazeera opens legal proceeding in international courts and at UN against Egyptian authorities over harassment

Salma Elwardany (@S_Elwardany) 9/12/13, 9:15 AM Al-Jazeera to push for UN, its member states to protect freedom of expression and press in Egypt: Carter-Ruck


Aswat Masriya: “Egypt’s Pope asks constitution amendments to include all non-Muslims”

Dalia Ezzat ‏@DaliaEzzat_ 9:33 PM - 12 Sep 13 RT @hany2m  Tamarod movement suspends membership of leaders in constitution commitee -   #Egypt

MakeEveryWomanCount ‏@MakeWomenCount 9:56 AM - 12 Sep 13 The future for #Egypt’s women is in legislations - We need a law that criminalises violence against women  #VAW #GBV

Al-Arabiya: “Female police to protect Egyptian women against sexual harassment”

Ursula Lindsey writes about “The Cult of Sisi” and sheds light on the campaign gathering signatures to elect Gen. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as Egypt’s next president.

State of emergency is extended for 2 months...

Mohamed El Dahshan (@eldahshan) 9/12/13, 4:35 PM Egypt's puppet president Adly Mansour extends the state of Emergency(ie, curfew) for 2 MONTHS. No justification except "security situation".

Mona Eltahawy ‏@monaeltahawy 1:58 PM - 12 Sep 13 Baba Sissi's revenge continues: State of emergency might be extended for 2 more months … #Egypt #FuckCurfew #FuckFascism

ashraf khalil ‏@ashrafkhalil 5:30 PM - 12 Sep 13 #Egypt presidency extends state of emergency for 2 months. I announce extension of personal state of depression and confusion for 6 months


Maha ElNabawi highlights the links between “Music, crisis and creative spaces in Cairo”:

“For Egyptians, music has always played an essential part of our societal existence and coexistence. If we look at shaabi singer Ahmed Adawiya and shababi singer Mohamed Mounir, for instance, similar societal reflections ring true. Both artists rose against the backdrop of late President Anwar Sadat’s neoliberal policies, which dramatically widened the gap between rich and poor, particularly due to the “open-door” economic policy he introduced in 1973. With songs like “Zahma ya donya Zahma” (“How crowded is the world”) by Adawiya, or the more poetic “Koon Kohol Beydoor” (“The Universe is Turning”), Egyptians at large began consuming songs that mirrored their issues and vernacular versus the abstract nationalistic tunes of the 1950s and 1960s.” 

On Syria…

Dalia Ezzat ‏@DaliaEzzat_ 5:26 PM - 12 Sep 13 Bloody shameful and just sickening. Video: Syrian refugees harassed, beaten in Egypt

sara hashash ‏@sarahashash 5:13 PM - 12 Sep 13 "Rights Groups Face a Withering Assault" @NancyGEO  on difficulties human rights NGOs in #Egypt are facing at moment

Sinai & Gaza…

Egyptian State television claims Hamas is training Egyptian Islamists how to plant bombs in cars.

David D. Kirkpatrick ‏@ddknyt 10:26 AM - 12 Sep 13 Militants Kill Soldiers in Sinai, and Egypt’s Military Broadens Its Crackdown, via @nytimes

The Electronic Intifada: “Israel exploits Egypt turmoil to increase attacks on Gaza farmers”:

“But Israel’s aggression against civilians in the area has escalated since the Egyptian army deposed elected president Muhammad Morsi and installed a new government on 3 July, according to Gaza’s farmers.”

Aswat Masriya: “Gaza Palestinians feel pain of new Egypt border restrictions”

“thousands of Palestinians in Gaza are waiting for the Rafah frontier terminal to resume normal operation. They include people seeking medical treatment unavailable in the enclave, students and stranded visitors.”

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

Amnesty International: Detained Morsi supporters denied their rights

September 13

In the news…

US Embassy in Cairo to change Visa application process.

Former Minister of Tourism (2011) and current Minister of Trade and Industry, Mounir Fakhri Abdul Nour, says “that solving financial problems of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be through preparing proper feasibility studies and successful risk management plans in a bid to find solutions that will be “untraditional”.”

Al Qaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, condemns crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sherine Tadros ‏@SherineT 11:43 AM - 13 Sep 13 #Egypt prosecution extends detention of deposed President #Morsi for another 30 days pending investigation

Ibrahim El-Houdaiby in this article analyzes the poor choices made by the Muslim Brotherhood and price that is being paid for these choices now.

Aswat Masriya: Freedom & Justice Party leader, Essam El Erian, of the Muslim Brotherhood urges Egyptians to rally against coup.

The opinion piece by Reza Aslan about “The Christian Exodus” across the Middle East stirs up interesting comments questioning her views.

Friday marches…

State news agency reports hundreds of Maadi residents, a suburb of Cairo, march in support for the police and army. While Muslim Brotherhood supporters block a main road in Cairo.

Abdel-Rahman Hussein (@ElFoulio) 9/13/13, 3:11 PM The MB march currently in Mosadak is absolutely massive, no end in sight.

One person is killed in clashes that erupt in Sidi Gaber, Alexandria.

Deena (@deenahsn) 9/13/13, 3:28 PM TT @Tahrir_News"20 people arrested in Sidi Gaber clashes, security fires tear gas to break up Muslim Brotherhood (protesters)"#Egypt @meedan

رأفت رُحَيّم (@Raafatology) 9/13/13, 4:08 PM AFP: Thousands of #Morsi supporters rally in #Egypt

Khaled Elgindy (@elgindy_) 9/13/13, 3:39 PM [email protected]: Environment of repression not conducive to the kind of soul-searching needed for MB to reform itself #EgyptMEI

The activists of Egypt…

Tarek Shalaby (@tarekshalaby) 9/13/13, 1:24 AM Egypt: Cracking down on labour activists? - interview with me in @AJEnglish by @culturejamming. #RevSoc #Jan25

Hossam عمو حسام (@3arabawy) 9/13/13, 3:45 PM Video: Haitham Mohamedain speaks out about his arrest…

MiddleEast Institute ‏@MiddleEastInst 8:19 PM - 13 Sep 13 Wright: With gov't unable to provide services and many being privatized, do you have to 'buy' human rights in Egypt? #EgyptMEI

maha azzam ‏@mahalondon 9:14 AM - 13 Sep 13 Not looking good 4 #Egypt's generals: Inflation, no investments, no tourism,  problems in Sinai. + #CivilDisobedience will bring them down.


MiddleEast Institute ‏@MiddleEastInst 9:12 AM - 13 Sep 13 #Sinai jihadists say they killed Egyptian soldiers

السيد مانكي (@Sandmonkey) 9/13/13, 3:07 PM A simple table highlighting the differences in the three models used in combating terrorism.....


Sonja Jo ‏@Sonja_Jo 3:52 PM - 13 Sep 13 National Council for Women collects citizen suggestions on new constitution … #Egypt #EgyConstitution

Ramy Yaacoub ‏@RamyYaacoub 2:41 PM - 13 Sep 13 Reports of @PopeTawadros asking to amend article 3, published by @MiddleEastInst are being denied by @amremoussa


Amro Ali (@_amroali) 9/13/13, 4:08 PM Given the reprehensible treatment of Syrians in #Egypt, don't be expecting a United Arab Republic sequel in the near future.

fustat (@fustat) 9/13/13, 4:11 PM Thousands of Syrians flee Egypt for Italy: UNHCR (AFP) #Syria #RefugeeRights #Egypt #Italy

Zeinobia (@Zeinobia) 9/13/13, 4:07 PM Do not believe the UNCHR or UN or any international organization coz you know we are not racists and they all got plots against Egypt !!


September 14

In the news…


EGYAC (@TheEGYAC) 9/14/13, 3:01 AM Chinese media demand answers on girl's disappearance in Sinai | Egypt Independent 

Reuters: Egypt pursues crackdown on Sinai militants as protests held

MiddleEast Institute ‏@MiddleEastInst 8:30 PM - 14 Sep 13 #Sinai: Tipping Point or Pretext for Ouster?  in-depth #Egypt analysis by @saharazizlaw

Aswat Masriya: Egypt govt agrees on law to extend detention period

“The amendment applies to defendants sentenced to death or life imprisonment and authorizes the Cassation Court to extend the temporary detention period by 45 days and renews it when necessary. Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawi justified the amendment saying that some crimes that harmed national security require an intensive investigation for the facts to be revealed.”

Muslim Brotherhood protests...

Asawt Masriya: Mursi supporters march to Rabaa Square

The Daily News Egypt ‏@DailyNewsEgypt Muslim Brotherhood supporters take to the streets again …

Deena ‏@deenahsn 4:18 PM - 14 Sep 13 Video said to be of armed clashes btw Muslim Brotherhood & residents in Beni Suef (No date, prob y'day)  @ElBadilNews

Egyptian Women ‏@EgyptWomen2011 8:24 AM - 14 Sep 13  MT @DaliaEzzat_ :Brotherhood accuses human rights organisations of ignoring violations against Islamist women   #Egypt


An interview with Hoda Elsadda, member of the constituent assembly tasked with drafting Egypt’s new constitution:

“They always say that when you are writing a constitution, there should be a national consensus. I do not know how such a thing will happen, [since there is currently a great deal of conflict in] society. The biggest conflict that faces the assembly is the violent rivalry in the streets, on TV and the sharp division of society. The hate speech is on all levels, and between all people. I have seen people talking in a way I have never imagined. We are passing through a difficult situation, our nerves are tired, and the people have strong fears, to the point that they talk out of instinct, not reason, and this is a huge problem.”

When asked about trying civilians in military courts…

“My personal opinion is that no civilian should be tried in front of a military court.”

Mina Fayek ‏@minafayek 3:01 AM - 14 Sep 13 #EgyConstitution assembly started this new account @Doustor2013 to listen to people's feedback on articles. I hope they take it seriously.

@SultanAlQassemi 4:25 PM - 14 Sep 13 Future of Political Islam in Egypt  PBS with @Gelhaddad @naderbakkar @WaelNawara @Ziadbahaa @hebamorayef @amr_darrag 

Nervana Mahmoud ‏@Nervana_1 4:09 PM - 14 Sep 13 A building collapsed in #Cairo's Hadaiq el-Qoba,one girl is missing. A reminder of the pressing domestic issues that is facing Egypt's gov't

Mubarak in the twitter feed…

Rawya Rageh ‏@RawyaRageh 12:49 PM - 14 Sep 13 #Mubarak trial adjourned to Oct 19, gag order imposed #Egypt 

Dahlia Khalifa داليا ‏@JustDahlia 4:18 PM - 14 Sep 13 #Egypt: Prominent diplomat Osama El-Baz & former Mubarak advisor dies at 82  via @ahramonline

Aswat Masriya: Update l Court adjourns Mubarak trial to Oct 19

Twitter ‘talk’ about Turkey…

Nervana Mahmoud ‏@Nervana_1 4:12 PM - 14 Sep 13 Blood-stained tear gas canister delivered to investigation into protester's death in #Antakya  #Turkey

Reuters: Egypt detains Turkish citizen on charges of espionage - report

Sherifa Zuhur ‏@SherifaZuhur 4:26 PM - 14 Sep 13 Erdogan, you are neither the Sultan nor the Khedive of #Egypt.


September 15

In the news…

Aswat Masriya: Egypt cancels flights to Japan

Main suspects in Giza government HQ fires on August 15th are arrested.

General Prosecutor, Hisham Barakat, refers 62 Islamists to criminal court for violent clashes that took place in Ramsis Square in August. 

Nervana Mahmoud (@Nervana_1) 9/15/13, 5:46 PM #Egypt former menoufiya governor arrested, ikhwanonline reports: #egypt #MB via @cairowire

Wael Nawara (@WaelNawara) tweeted at 8:36 PM on Sun, Sep 15, 2013:
Many wonder about the Muslim #Brotherhood’s plan: the Plan is to encourage these cracks & push them wide open

Nervana Mahmoud ‏@Nervana_1 5:59 PM - 15 Sep 13 #Egypt:  Abu Ismail trial adjourned to October …

20 protestors are arrested after an attempt to stage an anti-military protest in two metro stations. Policewomen present in women-only metro carriages due to the call for demonstrations in the metro stations.

Zeinobia (@Zeinobia) 9/15/13, 10:57 AM Occupying metro stations not the smartest idea to win the public support or its sympathy on Sunday in the early morning

Egypt’s interim President, Adli Mansour, will meet with leading politicians, including the heads of the Dostour, the Nasserist and Nour Party. They are expected to discuss issues related to the transition period, the country’s security status and the latest political developments.

Zeinobia (@Zeinobia) 9/15/13, 10:10 AM And #ElBaradei has become the enemy of #Jan25 and #June30 | #Egypt #MB #Egymedia Revolutionaries need hope in #Cairo

Deena (@deenahsn) 9/15/13, 1:54 PM Egyptian CSF officer died today in a London hospital. He was shot in the chest during Nahda sit-in dispersal. #Egypt 

ahramonline: “Majority Egyptians want 'modern democratic state': British ambassador”

The Daily News Egypt ‏@DailyNewsEgypt 5:41 PM - 15 Sep 13 Bayt: 45% of Egypt residents expect progress in personal finances soon …

The Daily News Egypt (@DailyNewsEgypt) tweeted at 9:30 PM on Sun, Sep 15, 2013: Ziad Akl writes: Sisi come, Sisi go!


Aswat Masriya: Egypt's army arrests 309 militants in Sinai - spokesman

The Daily News Egypt (@DailyNewsEgypt) 9/15/13, 5:34 PM "What is happening in Sinai is the product of the negligence of the state" Army spokesman…

Mada Masr: “Armed Forces defends its Sinai operation” as well as the trial of journalist Abu Deraa in military courts:

“The military spokesperson also addressed the military trial of Al-Masry Al-Youm correspondent in North Sinai governorate Ahmed Abu Deraa, saying he had falsely claimed that the Armed Forces destroyed mosques in Rafah and targeted women and children, as well as other misleading news about the military operations in Sinai.”

Rana (@RanaGaza) tweeted at 8:29 PM on Sun, Sep 15, 2013: I need to get the hell out of Gaza. Fuck Sisi.

Reuters: The Egyptian army is clearing buildings deemed a security threat at a distance of up to one km (0.6 miles) from the Gaza border, an army spokesman said on Sunday, accusing groups in the Hamas-run territory of mounting joint attacks with Sinai militants. 

Nervana Mahmoud (@Nervana_1) 9/15/13, 12:09 PM Live press conference of the Egyptian army spokesman. Main message, there is a real war in #Sinai. #Egypt 

Galal ‏@GalalAmrG 5:58 PM - 15 Sep 13 Hamas deny any connection between them and the weapons seized by Egyptian army in Sinai. #Egypt

Fatima Said ‏@fattysaid 11:15 PM - 15 Sep 13 Just read a horrific eyewitness account about military's attacks on #Sinai. Military is committing grave human rights abuses there. #Egypt

رأفت رُحَيّم (@Raafatology) 9/15/13, 4:10 PM BBC News - #Hamas denies training #Egypt militant groups

Mai Shams El-Din (@maishams) tweeted at 9:37 PM on Sun, Sep 15, 2013: #Egypt military court acquits a group of medics in #Sinai who were falsely accused of terrorism via @Monasosh

Journalist Abu Deraa’s military trial begins…

Omnia Al Desoukie (@Omniaaldesoukie) tweeted at 2:53 PM on Sun, Sep 15, 2013: Military court begins trying Egyptian freelance journalist Ahmed Abu-Deraa

David D. Kirkpatrick ‏@ddknyt 2:00 PM - 15 Sep 13 Egypt military spot: journalist Abu Deraa jailed for reporting collateral damage in Sinai, contradicting military, cites "information war"

The Daily News Egypt (@DailyNewsEgypt) 9/15/13, 5:47 PM Abu Deraa military trial postponed…

Mada Masr: “Journalists trial adjourned to September 18”

“On Sunday, the Association for Freedom of Thought an Expression (AFTE) issued a statement condemning the decision by military prosecution to refer Abu Deraa to military court, describing it as a violation of freedom of expression “that reflects negatively on the democratic process in Egypt after 30th of June” because a free press “is the most important monitor of the integrity and credibility of a democratic transition.” 

Wael Nawara (@WaelNawara) tweeted at 8:45 PM on Sun, Sep 15, 2013: Advice given by activist @NawaraNegm in a series of articles may perhaps hold valuable lessons for the government

Other detained journalists…

Jano Charbel (@JanoCharbel) 9/15/13, 5:36 PM Two Canadians jailed in Egypt to be held for at least another 10 days… #Egypt #PoliceState #Canada #Gaza #HumanRights

Jano Charbel (@JanoCharbel) 9/15/13, 5:31 PM #Egypt: Military court starts trial against journalist… #Journalism #PressFreedom #Censorship #NoMilTrials #NoSCAF

Talk about the constitution…

Mina Fayek ‏@minafayek 4:49 PM - 15 Sep 13 #EgyConstitution assembly added the provisions of the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights as "basic rules that shall not be violated".

Mada Masr (@MadaMasr) 9/15/13, 5:44 PM Tamarod establishes committee to work on 'Tamarod constitution'…

Paul Sedra (@sedgate) 9/15/13, 5:45 PM Islam to remain state religion in #Egypt's new constitution: Spokesperson - Ahram Online

Galal ‏@GalalAmrG 5:59 PM - 15 Sep 13 Presidency: Referendum will take place 30 days after Committee of 50 are done. #Egypt

Zaid Al-Ali (@zalali) tweeted at 8:39 PM on Sun, Sep 15, 2013: Does anyone have the official and final version of the 50 member committee's internal rules or bylaws?

Here, Omar Halawa discusses “The return of the state – the unfolding constitution restores the grip of the state, but grapples with its political identity”.

The Daily News Egypt (@DailyNewsEgypt) 9/15/13, 5:38 PM Businessmen criticise government stance on minimum wage…

Wael Nawara (@WaelNawara) tweeted at 8:27 PM on Sun, Sep 15, 2013: Majority of #Jan25 revolutionaries respect the Egyptian state, but vocally call for reform its institutions.

Truck drivers unable to work under the curfew…

Samer Al-Atrush ‏@SameralAtrush 10:40 AM - 15 Sep 13 Interior ministry says will crack down on transport trucks on the  corniche. this is good news

Rana Allam ‏@Run_Rana 5:48 PM - 15 Sep 13 MOI "to crackdown on trucks on corniche"..Instead of this, cancel curfew so they go back to driving during the night: ease traffic!!

Former President Hosni Mubarak back in the news…

Nervana Mahmoud (@Nervana_1) tweeted at 9:39 PM on Sun, Sep 15, 2013: #Egypt: Hosni #Mubarak says US plotted to overthrow him in Egypt from 2005 bia @TelegraphNews

Nervana Mahmoud (@Nervana_1) tweeted at 9:40 PM on Sun, Sep 15, 2013: RT @TheBigPharaoh: Mubarak in the leaked Youm 7 recording: Saudi offered Tantawi $6 billion to release me.

Delga, the Upper Egyptian village in Minya, remains out of government control…

Rena Netjes ‏@RenaNetjes 7:19 AM - 15 Sep 13 Ishaq Ibrahim, Coptic human rights researcher abt Delga (near ELMinya): "The authorities aren't moving, no word abt Delga" #Egypt #ONtv

Nervana Mahmoud ‏@Nervana_1 2:41 PM - 15 Sep 13 A Priest from the #Egypt's south village of #Delga on the phone: "We are struggling and asking 4 help since 74 days; we got nothing." #Copts

إشهد | Eshhad  (@SectarianAttack) tweeted at 9:25 PM on Sun, Sep 15, 2013: #Jizya now being implemented by radicals in Minya | Across #Egypt, piles of ash where church pews once stood (+video)

aRzo fadaal ‏@ButWhyAlwaysMe 4:42 PM - 15 Sep 13 @RenaNetjes authorities love to entertain the attacks on Copts in media only to strengthen junta rule, but couldn't care less about Copts!

Salama Moussa latest blog post on “The Dilemma of American Copts” is definitely worth a read.

Press releases and reports by human rights organizations:

Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR): Sectarian incitement and attacks, 30 June to 9 July, 2013 


September 16

In the news…

Mada Masr: “Rafah Bombing injures 9”

Nervana Mahmoud ‏@Nervana_1 6:53 PM - 16 Sep 13 RT @robertdanin: Remember the #Egypt-IMF loan? Cairo says forget it for now, Gulf assistance is doin the job: …

According to this article, illiteracy in Egypt exceeded 16 million in 2012 for those aged 10 and above, with more than half being women.

Daily News Egypt: “Curfew will not affect tourism industry: tourism officials”

The National Coalition to Support Legitimacy (NCSL) holds a press conference, announcing that they will hold protests on Tuesday and release the following  statement: “that the fire of the peaceful protests will not be put out.” The coalition, warning against “future bloodshed,” called on “the Egyptian people to continue loyalty to ‘martyrs week’ through setting out in protest while also ’denouncing’ the raid of the village of Delga, stating that the siege on the village was after a rumor that Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya leader, Assem Abdel Maged, was taking refuge within.”

H.A. Hellyer writes about “The American Tea Party of Egypt” commenting on the recent visit by 3 members of US congress, Michele Bachmann, Steve King and Louie Gohmert declaring their support for Egypt’s military and all those that rallied against the Mulsim Brotherhood in the fight against “terrorism”. And concludes:

“There is this trend in Egypt for those with justifiable disagreements with the Muslim Brotherhood, to find common cause with those outside of Egypt who share that enmity. They might want to reconsider that sort of alliance – because very often, the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. He just happens to hate my enemy more than he hates me – at the moment, anyway. But hey, don’t let facts get in the way. Pesky little things.”

And Jon Stewart, embarrassed, brings it up on “The Daily Show” 

Talk about the constitution…

Aswat Masriya: Constituent assembly discusses rights of disabled persons

ahramonline: Salafi Al-Nour party representative, Al-Zarka, withdraws from constitution drafting session in a dispute over ‘Islamic identity’ articles.

Zaid Al-Ali ‏@zalali 9:32 AM - 16 Sep 13 Menoufia judges submit proposals for new constitution | Egypt Independent … via @egyindependent

نشرة القاهرة‎ ‏@cairowire 7:38 PM - 16 Sep 13 new #egypt constitution should allow freedom of worship for all religions, says committee spox:  #dostor #humanrights

Egyptian state-run women’s council calls for quota of women MPs:

“A quota of 12 percent was adopted for the first time in the 2010 parliamentary elections. Sixty-four seats that could be only contested by women were added to the 454 seats of the People’s Assembly. The provision was seen by many as an attempt to strengthen the power of the regime. The quota was removed after the 2011 revolution.”


Security forces enter the Upper Egyptian village of Delga…

Aswat Masriya: Firmer curfew imposed in Upper Egypt village following sectarian violenc

Mada Masr: “Security forces regain control of Minya village”:

“Since former President Mohamed Morsi was forced out of power, individuals believed to belong to hardline Islamist groups have violently targeted Delga’s Christian residents, attacking their homes and churches in addition to state institutions. Atef Shawky, a community leader in the neighboring village of Deir al-Barsha, told Mada Masr that Monday's security crackdown began at dawn. Four helicopters still continue to fly over the village, which is currently surrounded by around 70 armored vehicles, he said. The Islamist insurgents who had seized the village did not offer much resistance to security forces, Shawky asserted, claiming that they surrendered after a brief exchange of gunfire with security forces, who then assumed control of the town.”

mia ‏@amiramikhail 7:05 AM - 16 Sep 13 Reports of tear gas and military presence in #Delga by anti coup groups. #PT #دلجا_الحرة …

Fatima Said ‏@fattysaid Yesterday, there were pro-democracy protests in #Delga . Now, military tanks are attacking the village. #Egypt

mia ‏@amiramikhail 7:24 AM - 16 Sep 13 Most recently in #Delga reports of the jizya tax being forced on Christian families under threats of death if not paid.

H.A. Hellyer د. إتش ‏@hahellyer 9:04 AM - 16 Sep 13 #Delga residents have been pleading for the police forces to return to #Delga: there needs to be an explanation as to why it took 10 weeks.

Ikhwanweb ‏@Ikhwanweb 12:30 PM - 16 Sep 13 MT "@mariaamtaher: Fascist regime is punishing #Delga for being #AntiCoup.Helicopters, teargas & live bullets against unarmed civilians 

إشهد | Eshhad ‏@SectarianAttack 2:45 PM - 16 Sep 13 English news report on #Delga | Egyptian authorities recapture Islamist-held town

Fatima Said ‏@fattysaid 2:52 PM - 16 Sep 13 #Delga now. Children hold tear gas canisters that were fired by the military at peaceful protesters. #Egypt

NusaibaHamsawiyyah ‏@NusaibaTheReal 3:41 PM - 16 Sep 13 #Sisi forces use  Ibad Ar-Rahman mosque as a prison in #Delga #Minya #Egypt #SaveEgypt #دلجا #دلجا_الحرة

Timothy E Kaldas ‏@tekaldas 7:54 PM - 16 Sep 13 U kno u're doing a good job when both MB & #June30 supporters hate u & think u're unfair. Means u're criticizing where they kno u can & shld

Minoush Abdel-Meguid ‏@minoushy 7:50 PM - 16 Sep 13 Moral and MB don’t mix “@Nervana_1: By backing radicals in #Delga, MB is losing last straw of moral high-ground in its battle against coup”

The Big Pharaoh ‏@TheBigPharaoh 4:22 PM - 16 Sep 13 Nahda sit-in and Delga were full of weapons. Controlling both sites happened with very little bloodshed. Why did police go crazy in Rabaa?

Marwa Farid ‏@MarwaMfarid 6:58 PM - 16 Sep 13 Now #FJP openly promotes persecution of Copts by condemning the military operation agnst Jihadist who killed & terrorized Copts in #Delga

Clashes erupt in Tahrir Square in Cairo…

Deena ‏@deenahsn 7:59 PM - 16 Sep 13 TT @Tahrir_News "Clashes between army supporters and activists in Talaat Harb. " #Egypt @meedan

Canadian journalists go on hunger strike…

Alex Ballingall reports “Canadian doctor and filmmaker have been jailed without charge since Aug. 16, when supporters say they were arrested while seeking directions at a police station.” For detailed report, click here.

Ali Mustafa ‏@_fbtm 6:54 PM - 16 Sep 13 Canadians jailed in Egypt, Tarek Loubani and John Greyson, announce hunger strike:  #Egypt #Canada #freetarekandjohn

Tweets about Safwat Hegaazy, former Muslim Brotherhood leader…

Galal ‏@GalalAmrG 6:57 PM - 16 Sep 13 AMAY: Safwat Hegazi during investigation said 'Army started shooting after prayers (Republican Guards clashes), I hid inside Rabaa Mosque'.

Menna منّة ‏@TheMiinz 6:54 PM - 16 Sep 13 Safwat Hegazi tells prosecution rep guards didn't shoot people while praying in Salah Salem, insists he has nothing to do with violence.

Press releases and reports by human rights organisations:

Amnesty International: Authorities preparing to deport refugee children

Ahram Online ‏@ahramonline 5:59 PM - 16 Sep 13 Human rights council condemns attacks on Christians in Upper Egypt

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