Appeal: donate to Scotland's conversation with the world

Today we launch an appeal to fund our Scottish referendum series – because the indendence debate needs independent journalism.

ourKingdom editors
6 April 2014

The decision people in Scotland will be making come September will be one of the most important in their lives. It will impact on all of us. If it's a yes, everyone in the UK will be affected, and the changes will resonate across the planet. It's getting closer every day. Opinion polls this weekend put the yes campaign only six points behind no, with fifteen percent still to make up their minds. Everything is to play for.

In this context, it couldn't be more important that there is serious independent journalism, space for expert opinion from everywhere, and analysis which takes the debate seriously rather then sneering. Yet with a few exceptions, the mainstream media has failed to deliver. And so today we are launching a fundraising appeal, asking for contributions from readers to ensure that we can continue and expand our Scottish work in the run up to the referendum. We need £5698. Just £3 each from 1,899 people would do the trick.

As with our current debate, we will help the world to hear what's being talked about in Scotland, and provide a platform for people around everywhere to talk with Scots. We will seek to counterbalance the mainstream media, who are lined up behind a No vote, and while our co-editors hope for a yes, we will never be anyone's cheerleader and believe the best ideas should never be afraid of serious debate.

You can find out more and chip in here, and please do help us spread the word. Because the debate that's going on in Scotland right now is thrilling, and it's time to take that conversation global.

Who is bankrolling Britain's democracy? Which groups shape the stories we see in the press; which voices are silenced, and why? Sign up here to find out.


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