Blair, Lauren Booth and political islam

Whilst Tony Blair's book tour is repeatedly disrupted by anti-war protesters, his sister-in-law Lauren Booth has a few words to say on his plans for Iran...
Peyvand Khorsandi
8 September 2010

Tony Blair has had to cancel two events in London today to promote his book due to fears of large-scale disruption from anti-war protesters. In Dublin on Saturday Blair shook off the chants of “war criminal” like dust from his shoulder when he entered the Eason bookshop. Wearing the fixed grin we know so well he shook hands with the bookstore’s staff jokingly apologising for the throng he’d generated outside – of hundreds who remain viscerally upset about the decision to invade Iraq in 2002 (for that surely is when it was made).

Disappointingly, though, Blair remains typically gung-ho about the threat of political Islam and a nuclear Iran. “We have got to be prepared to confront them, if necessary militarily,” he said last week. “I think there is no alternative to that if they continue to develop nuclear weapons. They need to get that message loud and clear."

Ah, but there is an alternative to bombing Tony. Have a word with Cherie about that sister of hers, Daily Mail columnist and Iranian-owned Press TV propagandist Lauren Booth.

On Saturday, Ms Booth issued a public letter to her brother-in-law to mark Al-Quds (Jersusalem) day – from the Islamic Republic of Iran. It’s a day when the rulers of Iran feign concern for the Palestinians

“Dear Tony, congratulations on your political memoir becoming an instant bestseller,” wrote Booth. “I’m in Iran and have the only copy in the country.  I can tell you, it’s so fiercely fought over, it’s worth its weight in WMDs."

In her sneering review she wrote: “Personally I’ve never understood this fear of ‘political Islam’."

It is here that Mr Blair could step in: “Of course you haven’t Lauren, you should visit sunny Evin prison while you’re in Tehran and visit victims of torture there – if you’re lucky you might even be witness to people being beaten and suffering all manner of physical humiliation. Oh, and you might bump into that woman who is due to receive 99 lashes for allegedly sending a picture of herself to the The Times. It turned out to be the wrong picture but they’re going to deliver the lashes regardless. Perhaps you can inspect the raw gashes the lashes leave and her screams. While you’re being lavished with hospitality by your boss the Supreme Leader, you might wish to discuss Carla Bruni, who has been referred to as a “whore” by the press there. Perhaps you could use your influence to have her whipped to."

Of course, Tony doesn’t want ideas, he wants bombs. And Al-Boothy remains blissfully in bed with political Islam, like the rest of the left, from Labour to Stop the War. So the handful of Iranian green protestors I joined in Park Lane to protest the London Al-Quds march of Islamists were reluctantly squeezed in with the voluble boot-boys of the EDL, chanting “Muslim scum off our streets” – menacingly filling the vacuum that exists in the British left between the trigger-happy Blairs and Islamist traitors such as Booth.

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