"Conspiracy to commit a public nuisance", the pre-crime of choice for today's police

More disturbing videos have emerged showing pre-crime arrests ahead of the royal wedding.
Guy Aitchison
1 May 2011
More disturbing videos have emerged showing pre-crime arrests ahead of the royal wedding. In the first, veteran activists Chris Knight and Camilla Power are arrested for conspiracy to "commit a breach of the peace". The couple had been planning an elaborate piece of street theater using a fake guillotine to stage a mock execution. In this video TSG officers are dispatched to arrest the pensioners in an operation as farcical as it is disturbing. A third man is arrested at 4 minutes whilst wearing a fancy dress costume for "breach of the peace".

Charlie Veitch, of the Love Police activist group, was also paid a visit by police at his Cambridge home in a pre-crime arrest ahead of the big day. Veitch was apparently in contact with police before the arrest, reassuring them that his plans were completely peaceful and merely centered around voicing his free speech. These reassurances, however, weren't sufficient to prevent the former banker's arrest for the non-crime of “conspiracy to cause a public nuisance”. Watch and weep.

Update: Read this piece by Shiv Malik on the disturbing rise of the "pre-crime" arrest.

Update II: The young man in this video is apparently being arrested for the crime of having a pen during the royal wedding.

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