Power2010's campaign to bring change to UK politics is stepping up a gear.
Pam Giddy
10 March 2010

Power2010's campaign to bring change to UK politics is stepping up a gear.

With just a few weeks left until a general election is announced, it's time to call out those MPs who have consistently stood against reform of our democracy preferring the corrupt, top-down politics of the past.

If we want a reforming Parliament and a new politics out of the next election we need to ensure the people who want to represent us take seriously the need for change.

That means identifying who the main culprits are amongst sitting MPs.

You know the ones. The dinosaurs in Parliament who tell us reform isn't needed, whilst clinging to their perks and privileges; the MPs who never miss a chance to vote away our civil liberties, whilst telling us it's for our own good.

We want to hear about MPs from any party who have stood against reform and the spirit and ideas embodied in the five-point Power Pledge drawn up with the participation of tens thousands of people across the country.

Our aim is for a list of MPs from all major parties who we will then call out for their "crimes against democracy" and launch major campaigns in their constituencies, highlighting their poor record on democratic reform and civil liberties.

Nominate your MP and we may just end up paying them a visit - you can nominate them here or write their name in the comments.

Ex-minister Tony McNulty is first in our sights.

The former minister, who resigned in disgrace last year following allegations over his expenses, is a well-known champion of the government's unpopular ID card scheme and an opponent of a transparent Parliament.

In June 2009 the MP for Harrow East resigned having claimed expenses on a second home, occupied by his parents, just 8 miles away from his primary residence. He had previously supported MPs' bid to keep their expenses secret by exempting Parliament from freedom of information.

Power2010 volunteers and organisers are planning to descend on Harrow East, beginning next week, plastering "Wanted for crimes against democracy" posters across town, whilst thousands of "swing" voters in the constituency will receive targeted campaign literature highlighting his opposition to a cleaned up reformed politics.

You'll be hearing more about the campaign in Harrow East in the days to come, but for now we want to know who should be next after McNulty.

Who are the main roadblocks to reform, from any party, who we should pay a visit to?

Nominate an MP through our website or write their name here in the comments.

Who is bankrolling Britain's democracy? Which groups shape the stories we see in the press; which voices are silenced, and why? Sign up here to find out.


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