A new left movement?

Anthony Barnett
Anthony Barnett
19 February 2010

Sunny Hundal has just launched his rethink of Liberal Conspiracy as he prepares for life after the election. We're planning something similar at OK. Here is my comment on his first part:

Good start Sunny, spoken like a leader. Here are three immediate responses:

Infrastructure: does LC want to be part of a network of blogs or take over the left's webworld? Yea, yea, I know you'll say the first, but have you / we worked out how websites work together while being different?

Politics: personally I don't want to "destroy" the right, even the ecologist in me knows they are an important seed bank. But on both issues - liberty - and as a democrat the right is an essential part of our society.

The state: what kind of state do we want? You skip this question (it's a weakness of LC). The left's assumption is that the state is benign and that once captured by an election it can be used, bent indeed, for progressive ends. It can't be. A big lesson of the last ten years.

The nation: you say you'll publish Greens, Lib-Dems etc, great, but the most progressive government in the UK at the moment (not saying much) is in Scotland. England has no voice. LC may not be for ordinary punters as you say, but their concerns must be part of the site's concerns, and the national question matters to people. Don't assume (as you do at the moment) that there is only one "national politics" if you want to build a new political infrastructure.

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