OurKingdom is dead. Long live openDemocracyUK!

We've changed our name.

13 October 2015

“It is a fucking Kingdom and it should be ours”.

That's how Anthony Barnett, founder of both OurKingdom and openDemocracy, explained the name. We sometimes considered making that our strap-line.

But without such an explanation, and unless people know Anthony and his sense of humour, there was often confusion around the name. And so we decided to change it.

We considered various options. We asked our readers for suggestions a while back. We kicked "Archipelago” or "OurIslands" about for a while, before chucking them off the pitch. We talked about openDemocracyBritain. But “Britain” feels more loaded than “UK” for some reason.

We had reservations about “openDemocracyUK” too. Anthony reported that the late, great Raymond Williams once said “what kind of country calls itself uck?”. But perhaps that lack of pomp appealed a little.

So, welcome to our little corner of the internet, now with a new signpost over the door: openDemocracyUK. Have a look around. Pour yourself a large drink. Put your feet up, get stuck into the conversation and, when you have to go, make sure you remember to come back often.

And please donate to openDemocracyUK to help keep us producing independent journalism. Thank you.

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