The Demo for Democracy calls out Nick Clegg - and half the population agrees!

The call for fair votes in Britain takes to the streets
Anthony Barnett
Anthony Barnett
8 May 2010

A purple demonstration brought all the democratic reform groups, blogs, campaigns and organisations together today at the instigation of Guy Aitchison, George Gabriel and others in their twenties. It gathered in Trafalgar Square and then marched to Smith Square where the Lib Dems were meeting to decide on their strategy.

A word went out that a delegation could go and meet Clegg to hand in a petition. Over a thousand voice cried 'No' he had to come out. "You serve us", suddenly arose as a chant. "We want Nick". He came. I think it scored a historic first, a major party leader being summonsed by a crowd and speaking to it.

It was both friendly and determined, "No sell out". Many on the left think there is no political basis for the Lib Dems to close a deal with the Tories. But there is: a Freedom Act to roll back the threat to liberty from the database state and a referendum on PR, which the Tories can campaign against. Of course, Labour can offer more, but not with Brown at the helm. The role of the demonstration was both radical and practical. Clegg can't now agree to the mere 'Inquiry' on electoral reform as offered offered by Cameron as his payment for a deal. To do so would ruin him. We don't need another inquiry, we need a referendum.

If you have not signed the petition you can do so now.

PS: Sunday Telegraph poll says half of voters want PR

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