Was Kelly Killed? A question that may put Chilcott in the shade

Anthony Barnett
Anthony Barnett
6 December 2009

After I read Norman Baker's book on The Strange Death of David Kelly I was convinced that he was probably killed - and not by his own hand. Baker's own theory of who did it struck me as implausable and the book is uneven and frustrating and includes unworthy inuendoes. But the defining and scandalous fact is this: there was no coronor's inquest into what was a highly significant death. We know that Blair took us to war and misled the country to justify his decision. We don't know why and how Kelly, the UK's foremost active weapons inspector in Iraq who hated Saddam and also hated the way the evidence to justify invasion was being tampered with, died. Now there is what seems like a full scale attempt by six medical professionals to demand an inquest. There is a story in The Telegraph here and a stronger one by Tim Shipman of the Mail here. Shipman reports:

in a 13-page dossier prepared as the basis for the legal action, the doctors argue that the bleeding from Dr Kelly's ulnar artery in his left wrist is "highly unlikely" to have caused his death. They say a number of studies have shown that it is unusual for a patient to die from a single deep cut to the wrist.

The Mail also reproduces "six question that have still to be answered". Read them and ask for answers.

The left is often so frightened of being charged with 'conspiracy' theories that it can back away when there is a genuine case for one.

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