Can you help fund an editor for OurNHS?

The campaign to restore the NHS is heating up and a number of leading organisations are starting to build a clearer roadmap of how to work together to secure a nationalised health service after the 2015 election. As part of that, OurNHS needs a full time editor. We really need your help to do that.

Oliver Huitson
22 March 2013

We launched this project in late January with Lord Owen's brilliant essay accompanying his NHS reinstatement Bill, along with a very useful explanatory guide from Allyson Pollock, David Price and Louise Harding-Edgar. Since then we have already published:

- Social Investigation's Andrew Robertson on Virgin's mysterious report for New Labour

- Marcus Chown on the great NHS robbery

- Roy Lilley on hospital closures and PFI chaos

- Clive Peedell introducing the NHA Party

- Anna Coote on moving the NHS to a prevention model

- Deborah Colvin on the unfairness of GPs competing against large firms and the troubling way decisions have been made

- Colin Leys, author of The Plot Against the NHS, on why we must look beyond personal failings in the Mid-Staffs fallout

- The superb report on section 75 compulsory competition regulations by Cutcher and Reynolds, outstanding journalism which made real impact

- Linda Kaucher on the threat to the NHS poses by the EU/USA free trade agreement - something largely ignored in the media


But we need to do much more than publish some brilliant journalism.

Firstly, we need to publish much more of it.

Secondly, we need to develop reporting from across the country - reporting has been too London focused and we need to know what's going on around England and what we can learn from international comparisons

Thirdly, and critically, as an open, non-party political, non-affiliated site, a number of senior campaigners and groups appreciate our position as one that can help coordinate the various strands of ongoing NHS action. And they want us to do more of it.

Where do you come in - I have run OurNHS myself so far but I am full time co-editor of OurKingdom, openDemocracy's British politics section, and I am unable to run OurNHS singlehandedly going forward. It needs its own full time, dedicated editor to work with me and other campaigners. We are already in talks with bringing someone into this role, someone who is a great writer and is a recognised and highly respected NHS campaigner - exactly what the role needs.

But we need the funds to make this happen. We have already raised a lot for this project, over £25,000, including many generous reader donations, but we are still around £10,000 short. Please help us raise this sum - we have a fantastic editor in mind and we want to give her a full time role to step up the NHS campaign.

If you'd like to help bring in a full time editor to OurNHS please donate here or contact me directly (see Contact).

Many thanks


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