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For anyone who loves the NHS, it is time to act. We don’t have much time to reverse the destructive reforms already underwayWe urgently need your support.

17 December 2014

We're sure you’re as worried about what’s happening to the NHS as we are. Wheels are already in motion that will affect all of our futures. But if we work together, we can save the NHS we know and love. Support our campaign and we will fight to get it back.  

Pre-election promises to protect NHS funding have been broken.

A&Es, wards and nurses are being cut across the country. NHShospitals are in the red, and turning to private patients to try and fill the financial black hole. Waiting times for everyone else are growing.

NHS nurses, doctors and other healthcare staff —the heart of the NHS—are being demonised by government ministers even as they do a heroic job. Many of the most experienced nurses are leaving. Four out of five GPs don’t believe their practice will survive the next ten years.

Politicians and corporate-financed ‘think tanks’ are more confidently asserting that the only way to solve this crisis is to start charging patients.

None of this is necessary or sensible. The NHS was, until 2010, the most cost-efficient health service in the world.

Rather than preserve this most precious national asset our government is quietly destroying it, handing it over to private healthcare and insurance companies under the guise of the 'NHS' logo.

Private healthcare now has the right to bid for any part of the NHS they fancy. The first fully privatised NHS hospital, Hinchingbroke (majority owned by major Conservative party donors) has been heavily criticised by regulators–but the government is now rolling out similar privatised arrangements across the country.

Privatisation adds hugely to administration costs - at least£5billion a year.

The NHS will not survive this sustained attack much longer. The public should be in no doubt about where we’re being led: an insurance-based system delivered by private companies, for profit: a soft version of the disastrous US system.

For anyone who loves the NHS, it is time to act. We don’t have much time to reverse the destructive reforms already underway.We urgently need your support.

What we do and how you can help

Please donate whatever you can afford - however large or small, a one off or recurring donation really makes a difference. Share our articles, and sign up to our newsletter. Help us publicise what the mainstream media is reluctant to cover. 

We need you to back us all the way. The government has declared war on the NHS. With your support, we will fight back and protect it. Here's what your help would do:

1. You can help us cover what no one else will.

Since January 2013, OurNHS has been the leading publisher campaigning to preserve the NHS as a nationalised service owned for and by the English public but we cannot continue our work without funding support.

2. You can help our work continue to make a difference.

Our work has been picked up by the Guardian, the Independent, the Mail, the Telegraph and the Mirror, and has been cited in Parliament. Our editor, Caroline Molloy, has appeared on local and national BBC TV and radio, independent radio, and in the tabloid and broadsheet media to discuss the NHS reforms. In just 18 months we have published over 360 articles investigating what is being done to the NHS and how we can rescue it.

3. You can help us provide a platform for those who dare to speak out.

We have published many of the leading NHS academics, doctors, campaigners and activists, including leading NHS campaigner Professor Allyson Pollock; former Health Secretary Lord David Owen; Professor Colin Leys, author of ‘Plot Against the NHS’; Deputy Chair of the British Medical Association Kailash Chand OBE; Dr Jonathan Tomlinson of Keep Our NHS Public; Director of War on Want John Hilary; John Lister head of Health Emergency; Dr Jacky Davis, Editor of NHS SOS; leading privatisation critic Dr Lucy Reynolds, former Children’s Commissioner Sir Al Aynsley-Green, and former head of the Royal College of GPs Clare Gerada, 

“OurNHS is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to know what his happening in the NHS. They have regular incisive and authoritative contributors with well-resourced references. I regularly read the articles to get an unbiased view of the disastrous changes occurring to our NHS. I hope they keep up the good work and I fully support all that they do." (Dr David Wrigley, BMA Central Council member)

4. You can help us campaign in the public interest.

OurNHS is not aligned with any political party, and is hosted by the globally recognised, not-for-profit publisher, openDemocracy.net. We work with Keep Our NHS Public, 38 Degrees, NHS Support Federation, SpinWatch and False Economy, among whom we are the only dedicated publisher. We work with campaigners across the country, putting people in touch, producing campaigning guidance, speaking at events and helping campaigners understand the changes being implemented.

5. Help us make an impact now, when it’s most crucial.

The 2015 general election will be critical for the NHS. We want to make the NHS a central issue of the campaign, to pressure all parties to commit to a genuine national health service, and to help the public understand the issues so that they can hold their MPs to account

6. No one else will do what we do. You can help us keep going.

We are currently funded by donations from the public and from a small number of funding bodies but we are struggling to stay afloat. We employ only one member of staff, our superb editor and writer, Caroline Molloy. We need your help to ensure we can employ Caroline at least as far as the vital general election, and hopefully beyond. OurNHS has been a key voice opposing these NHS reforms but it needs your support to continue.

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The NHS is being stolen from the public before our eyes. We want your help to stop that happening. Please make a contribution: donate, share our articles. It's your health service being stolen. A : £5.00 GBP - monthlyB : £10.00 GBP - monthlyC : £20.00 GBP - monthly

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