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This section of OurNHS's new 'Resource guide' has campaign guides and introductory briefings on the Health & Social Care Act and a bit of history.

10 December 2013

What’s happening to the NHS especially because of the Health & Social Care Act?

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‘NHS Plc’ - a cartoon introduction, great to share.

‘Introduction for NHS Campaigners’ - Frequently Asked Questions on the past, present and future for the NHS, prepared in 2013 for Keep Our NHS Public by Caroline Molloy.

‘Changes to the NHS’ - More Frequently Asked Questions this time from Patients 4 the NHS.

‘Mythbuster: Health Warning’ - Dr Jacky Davis busts the myths on health ‘reform’.

‘Unpicking the spin’ - another slightly older mythbuster by John Lister.

‘Cameron’s betrayal of the NHS’- a Labour party document comparing Cameron’s pre-election promises to what has happened since.

‘How to privatise services the Cameron/Clegg way’ - a useful flowchart.

Which regions are privatising fastest? Interactive map from the Nuffield Trust

 ‘Cataclysm for the NHS?’ Alex Nunns reviews what happened to the NHS in 2012.

‘The Changing NHS - Structure’ - simple diagram from the BBC showing the increased bureaucracy and increased role of private consultancies and lobbyists.

‘The End of the NHS as we know it’ - immediately after the Health & Social Care Act became law in April 2012, Professor Colin Leys looks at how insurance and charging could follow.

‘How MPs voted on the Health & Social Care Bill’ - a compilation by the TUC of the final key vote that passed the Health & Social Care Bill into law in April 2012.

‘Liberating the NHS - source and destination of the Lansley reform’ - Dr Lucy Reynolds, Dr John Lister, Dr Alex Scott-Samuel and Professor Martin McKee dissect the White Paper and the Health & Social Care Bill in August 2011.

‘Privatising Healthcare’ - John Lister’s accessible analysis of the Health & Social Care Bill from January 2011.

‘Death of the NHS as we know it’ - Max Pemberton explains the Act in a Telegraph column in January 2011.


Some history - how did we get to this point?

NHS Privatisation - a video interview with Dr Lucy Reynolds from April 2013 highlighting the corporate interests driving the Act. Full version available here.

‘Marketisation phases and forms in the NHS’ - a detailed academic paper.

‘The Day they signed the death warrant for the NHS’ - Max Pemberton highlights the destruction wreaked by the expansion of the ‘Any Qualified Provider’ policy in July 2011.

‘The Plot Against the NHS’ - in May 2011 Professor Colin Leys summarises for openDemocracy his book explaining how the Blair government paved the way for the coalition’s health ‘reforms’.

‘Review - The Plot Against the NHS’- reviewing Leys’ book, Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet, asks ‘how so many of us were unable to see through the mists’.

Keep OurNHS Public has a comprehensive repository of briefings on many aspects of NHS privatisation going back to 2006 here.

Geoffrey Rivet’s history of the NHS since its inception.

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