Crowdfunder: Transformation needs your help

If you care about the possibilities for radical change in society, please join our campaign.

Ray Filar Michael Edwards
25 April 2016

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Transformation is a unique global niche for journalism about the possibilities for radical change in society. We launched it as a new section of openDemocracy three years ago. Since then a community has begun to flourish around our debates.

By examining hot-button issues through the frame of the ‘personal and the political’—or ‘where love meets social justice’ as our strap-line puts it—we’ve been able to offer a fresh perspective on politics, economics, culture and social activism.

This has taken us to some fascinating places. We've taken on the ‘sharing economy’ and new forms of political participation. We've exposed the creeping corporatization of social movements. Our writers have reported from the front lines of intersectional, grassroots activism. And we’ve also explored the underpinnings of personal change from a critical perspective—things like mindfulness, empathy, happiness, mental health, wellbeing, yoga and meditation.

Our coverage seems to have struck a chord with readers and writers who want to explore the radical potential of love, art and spirit as forces for social change: our audience has grown from zero to over a million people in the last three years; we have readers in over 200 countries; and our articles are regularly republished and translated by other media outlets—over 70 times in 2015 alone.

More than half our contributors are women, 30 per cent self-identify as LGBTQ, a third are people of color, and 54 per cent are 39 years young or younger. We’re committed to platforming the voices of contributors who are often marginalised elsewhere.

Now we’re asking for your help. We must raise at least $18,000 over the next four weeks to continue our work through the end of 2016. With these funds we’ll be able to keep publishing four brilliant pieces every week and complete the work that’s required to raise money from our foundation partners for the following two years—so whatever you can give us now will be rewarded many times over in the future.

With the money we raise we’ll be able to extend our path-breaking coverage of topics that the mainstream media simplifies, sensationalizes or ignores—like mental health and the economy or the role of spirituality in social movements. And we can reach out to new writers, readers and partners. If you have ideas on who we should commission or what we should cover in the future, please let us know.

How you can help

Transformation is not another good news magazine, but a place to engage with each other about the realities and struggles of the radical imagination. Since we are not bankrolled by corporate funders or advertising we rely on the support of our community of active, visionary readers, partners and contributors. This is where you come in.

We’ve set up a special donation page where you can give whatever you like in whichever currency is most convenient. Click here if you want to give in UK£ and here if you prefer to give in US$. You can also use other currencies by inserting the amount you want to give in the “other amount” box on either of these pages and then clicking “confirm contribution,” which will convert your donation into Pounds.

You can also help us by sharing this appeal with others—on Twitter, Facebook and other social media, by email and word of mouth. We know that times are tough, so if you can’t make a financial contribution it would be great if you could help us with publicity. And if you can do both, then that’s the best of all.

If you enjoy reading Transformation and think that our work is important, we hope that you’ll lend us a hand.

Please give generously. Thank you for your support.

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